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  1. And normal practice is that they don’t allow ex soldiers whom are trained to kill use a gun in the police force. Looks like the MET and government are panicking
  2. if ever I needed more reason to dislike the police - yup the met does it again. stringing up one of their own officers from lawless london - the fall out is going to be massive - the CPS will also be put under extreme scrutiny I hope. Nice to see officers in their droves handing back weapons.
  3. How long until the first sub £50k one appears on autotrader I wonder.
  4. Sad to say they were hopeless when my esprit blew its head gasket. The issue is they third party contract out recovery of these cars.
  5. Volvo now sold and the figaro running and at the Mot place. I’ve now full videos of my outbuildings at the farm and it’s apparent that my late fathers snap on roller cab that was full of snap on tools is no longer in my garage. Along with multiple other things. Police have been informed and it’s off back to court shortly. I’ll almost certainly have to taken separate legal action for the value via the small claims court.
  6. So I now have two vehicles on the drive. 17 emails back and forth for such a simple thing. Daisy ended up having to use a different third party since her mum disagreed in the morning with who was proposed. Wendy was absolutely pissed at 3pm when that person attended. the whole episode was a cluster - but it’s sorted now
  7. Back and forth with this utter cockwomble of a solicitor this week. They have now agreed at 4pm my vehicle and Daisy’s vehicle can be removed from the farm by a third party. Mum had blocked Daisy and was refusing to allow her to have her third party collect possessions. We’ve now managed to get agreement from another mutual friend to collect. this morning Danny has driven past the farm and the gate is chained shut. 4pm can’t come soon enough - I’m sure she will have opened a bottle or two by then as well 🤪
  8. Thanks @C8RKH @Kimbers. Sadly this is the sort of thing that’s just normal from her. The eldest is done I believe - she is very clear about what her mum is and isn’t. She has spent some time researching her mums issues in a medical setting and is more adamant than even me that her mum will never change. It’s an utter shitshow mess. The solicitors emailed me yesterday to inform me not to contact their client and to only go via them. They has a sharp rebuttal addressing the matter.
  9. The mum is one seriously deranged individual. I had my daughter on the phone in tears Saturday about her stuff and not wanting to go back there. I sent this to mum and her solicitors after advice from the police. A response was sent to my daughter and frankly the abuse towards her is vile. Full of guilt, DARVO, victim blaming etc. I am utterly repulsed.
  10. Insurance…… Looking for both me and my youngest for her car. the Evora well - the price I’m sure was about £450 last year - this year it’s over £500. The youngests price range now starts at £1500 🤪 And my Evora isn’t a sports racer 🤨
  11. So this week I have seen an adult safeguarding report that has been lodged with my eldests doctors. In that it Cites mum as the victim and daughter as the offender. Also highlights mum as intoxicated and arrested. I am disgusted and disappointed that the police have done this @Kimbers any idea why such a thing would have been done ?
  12. The first run out of the Acton Beauchamp car club last night. took the esprit since the Evora ripped a front wheel well lining round and I need to fit the stainless brackets I have in the shed. I’m really annoyed about that since it’s damaged the clam paintwork in the process.
  13. Easy to stop all this nonsense. The Australians had no issues at all. you arrive on the shores of the uk by illegal means - then you are already a criminal. forget other countries uproar - the French are certainly not bothered about us being upset. we do have a duty to assist some. But not all fighting age men by the boat load - these are not vulnerable people - these are dirty cowards.
  14. Is that the connector for the vac solenoid for the throttle jack?? If so - it will throw a light if it’s not seeing about 20ohms across it
  15. Sorry @Clarky5150 - I was referring to the pic. That pic is normal for S4 and S4s cars - glad you got her sorted 👏
  16. Yep - that’s normal. as per the workshop manual. 1 bar per 1000rpm is typical
  17. @C8RKH the trouble is with so many things like teaching and healthcare are the people whom enter it based not on wishing to make a difference. I was a director of an academy for a while and a governor also and interviewed probably over 100 teachers for various roles. Of those I would say 3 or 4 were inspirational teachers and absolutely amazing. The rest - yep they could probably do the job but without the magic. It really is a calling rather than a career. The paperwork the government drown these sectors in is disgusting.
  18. My kids school had a maths teacher just the same. Lady just under 5ft - she was Iranian and amazing at her job. Bad kids were terrified of her - good kids loved her. She got amazing results out of all of them and really was superb. She left a couple of years ago - but I’ve used her for private tuition when mine have struggled as she’s inspiring.
  19. He’s likely to get fisted by the courts. funny what our police are good at enforcing and just what they turn a blind eye to.
  20. Love the fact the second time round the neighbours came out to cheer them on and watch ❤️
  21. A quick chat with a divorce solicitor might be sensible
  22. I’ve just clicked the link and tbh Colin Rudd looks like a right miserable old cun£. Maybe they need a good old happy ending massage parlour round there to cheer him up.
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