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  1. Damn right - a massive parliamentary majority and still they faff about with economic migrants, rubber boats and 4/5star hotels. Ship illegals straight back no question - we do not need any further criminals with scant regard for the law. Only need to look at the headlines and everyday there’s a serious crime committed by such folks.
  2. Sadly water companies have been taking liberties for far too long and have indeed been discharging massive quantities of raw effluent into rivers for years and it’s only been getting worse. frankly nothing to do with Brexit.
  3. Looks stunning with the black pack 😍 - @C8RKH will love that God only knows what the PO was thinking sticking the S badge on.
  4. Fantastic choice of car. The early NA evoras are really engaging and super capable cars. Most folks will run out of talent before they find HP lacking. whack up some pictures - we all love pics 👍👍
  5. If the appliances are less than a year old they don’t need to be Pat tested the plug top on 4mm - yup that’s crap - but doesn’t necessarily make it dangerous. The plug top will be providing 13a protection to the cable which is far less than the rating of that cable. It’ll be wrong if in the manufacturers instructions it says the cooker is to be fed by a 16a supply or higher.
  6. Tell me about it @johnpwalsh - he’s paying half the insurance though - but at £789.55 fully comp with a black box - frankly that’s great value. Living in a rural location it’s great that he can have some freedom.
  7. @Kevin Wheeler he would love that - doubt it’s even possible. Looking like just under £900 for him to insure his polo - which frankly seems good value.
  8. Danny passed his driving test 🎉
  9. Wouldn’t know how to use a brush @johnpwalsh - I’m a sparks after all.
  10. Back home after 3 days in darkest Wales.
  11. If I were to hazard a guess - this is down to building regs and flue costs. Like for like swap out shouldn’t be an issue.
  12. New application submitted 03/09/21 and validated 24/09/21. Consultation started 05/10/21 - with a target decision of 19/11/21 - as yet the case has still yet to be allocated to a planning officer. From casual chats I’ve had with some folks in the know - it would seem that Herefordshire are shipping out en-mass planning case loads to Telford council to deal with. It’s gonna be a very interesting wait.
  13. Sadly many are indeed lazy. Brexit is now highlighting the issue. Fingers crossed the country grinds to a halt and the political shiterati get a grip of this and force folks in this country to get back to work and off the freeloading.
  14. All back together tonight - shimmed bearing - shimmed pivot bush - missing spigot bearing fitted I now have a usable clutch 👍
  15. The lsd will almost certainly stop the traction loss chap. Get one 👍
  16. @C8RKH yup - they are having issues getting folks in the country. It’s not a high skilled job frankly - but you do need a work ethic - something which actually needs to be defined as highly skilled with the current crop of uk job seekers.
  17. Had to drop my caravan onto a site in Wales today for the next chicken shed. It’s all a bit last minute - sheds up - equipment is in the field. All of my material dropped off by my suppliers yesterday and today for the hen areas. Control panel on site - hens due in only a month - no fitters available due to brexit so that’s a challenge. Control panel is 3ph - I’ve bought cable to suit. Power into shed is single phase 🤬 - ummm that’s one almighty feckin cock up - every single motor on-site is wrong 😑 New panel being built in the next week - I’ve now got to get the lights up and swap several thousand meters of cable for single phase stuff.
  18. They are without doubt the worst of the lot
  19. Well - there was no shortage of the lack of prosecution of certain groups in relation to sexual abuse. The police and politicians sure can be picky about who to persue when they feel like it. don’t even start me on Jimmy Saville and the bbc.
  20. That would be repaired by any turbo rebuild company. They wouldn’t use that as it is. It’s definitely not going to get any better on it’s own - only worse.
  21. So I’ve shimmed the bearing off the carrier by 3mm and shimmed the pivot bush out a couple of mm. Travel now looks like it should be good. Me thinks I’ll just rip off the brand new clucth just to have a looksee. Glad I did - missing the pilot spigot bush out the end of the crankshaft 🙄. The garage professional that did this car needs a firm kick in the plums. job stopped again pending parts.
  22. @Gareth44 just pull the wire off the sensor and ground it out against the engine with the ignition on and watch the guage. if the gauges and wiring are good - you will see them move 👍
  23. Followed the lotus manual which is torque then angle tighten. Fecking tight as well it was.
  24. After a run to Exeter to collect my eldest from A&E on Saturday morning - another admission into Worcester hospital on Saturday evening - she was discharged last night with the appropriate meds and is now back in Exeter at her digs. What a feckin weekend that was. Don’t even mention the wife - that’s not for this thread 🤬
  25. Gotta be good - they don’t mention the need for hard wax
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