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  1. Buy one quick - once brexits done and sorted they are gonna rocket
  2. And she’s gone. let’s hope tomorrow’s delivery is a goodun
  3. Yup @eeyoreish - wife’s less than amused
  4. It’ll fetch strong money - and be very desirable. Deposit down on another - it’s being picked up Wednesday by Arek - so that should give me something to do the weekend. Just needs the interior putting back together - it’s actually already got an mot this one and lots of history
  5. Currently working on another deal - so another maybe arriving this week. Nice GT6 - that’s gonna be worth a fortune
  6. If you have a decent and wide ranging socket set - then pretty much all you will ever need is contained within that
  7. Now that’s simply lovely - I’ve never owned a gt6
  8. Well that didn’t last long - sold today to the first chap who viewed her
  9. well these carbs might look lovely and shiney - but the cars running and idling like a dog. wd40 shows a leak on the inlet manifold and on the butterfly pins. Inlet stripped off - sealant applied to the face of the manifold as the gasket has dimples in it which appear not to be sealing after the units clearly been media cleaned. the butterfly has the little spring bobbin on it which they fitted for emmisions on later car. The butterfly pins were very worn. new rebuild kit with butterflies and pins picked up this morning. all rebuilt and back together - carbs set up and now runs like a treat and isles correctly
  10. @Mark Blanchard frankly they are all shite - but amazing quintessentially British 1970s shite and I absolutely love em. The vitesse is amazing - I had a 1600 which I bought whilst ratted and had to dump quick after 4 days to buy an Esprit..... that was a beautiful car and I very much regret that sale
  11. That makes two of us - there’s a reason I’ve never had an MG before - and I don’t think I’ll be rushing out to buy another one. @oilmagnet477 I’ve had two kids out in one of the old spits - missus wasn’t amused - kids loved it. In fact the kids love it when I get another jalopy to run them about in until it gets flogged on. when I was 18 - that was my first affair with a triumph - my main car was £635 to insure - the herald - £150 as a second car on a classic policy not sure how many I’ve had over the years - 4 heralds, 1 vitesse - and must be nearly 15 spitfires
  12. All home - 12 months mot, insured and taxation class changed to “historic” down the post office so I can also have 12months free tax a few fettling bits and she can be up for sale
  13. Need to see if a panel has been delivered at the current shed I’m working on - if not I’ll strip the carbs down and clean them up. I need to get this car back to my place as it’s down Nobbys at the minute. Should please the wife no end when it’s back home
  14. Mot test passed this morning - no advisories. the underneath is like new. Under the bonnet itself - that was scruffy as it had been prepped for paint. Some nice black stone chip on that has made a world of difference Just need to strip down the carbs and clean them up - clearly lack of use since 2013 has done them no favours
  15. You will need to get rid of that fault I suspect
  16. Arek delivered the car today. I am simply stunned and blown away - this was a blind purchase - just gone through the works and invoices. unleaded head, complete engine rebuild, new bearings everywhere, gaskets, cam followers. New clutch, new clutch hydraulics, all new brakes. All bushes and rubbers changed. New suspension. All new lines everywhere. Carbs rebuilt - new su chrome filters. Recon rear diff - new steering rack. new tyres, new wheel bearings, trunnions, New full width rad. It goes on and on - totalling over £3200 and there’s defo invoices missing for other items I’ve seen on the car. paint isn’t perfect - but when under the bonnet and underneath looks like this I’m simply not bothered
  17. We all know the Chinese preside over making the best cars
  18. Yep you are spot on. I have driveway challenges which ruin front lips with regularity. It’s on the to do list - but that bloody Evora is distracting me I will state that there’s a huge improvement with these dampers - but I’ve literally chucked em on and that’s as far as it’s gone. There’s a small list of other items to attend to before the full set up and yes there are very few places that offer corner weighting as part of any setup - and that is absolutely critical in getting it right
  19. Man maths at its best - just remember you only live once and some things you’ve just gotta have. very very nice looking motor - I bet it’s an absolute hoot to thrash
  20. If you are planning on keeping the car long term - go Lotac all round. Theres really nothing wrong with the standard rubber bushes - but the polys do have a longer lifespan. i stuck a set of gaz shocks all round on the S4s - they seem ok - but I need to raise them a bit and fiddle again - bloody adjustable things always make you wonder
  21. Powder coating is a pain in the ass with the bushes. I would never do that again. It also causes issue with shimming and reassembly. Acid etch prime, paint would be my preferred method although it’s not as long lasting. The other choice you have is acid dip and replating
  22. You mucky old pup - I was on about painting not panting
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