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  1. And the political elite were shocked when the brexit vote went the way it did. Just shows how disconnected they all are. I do sit and wonder why the working class are of such irrelevance to politicians
  2. Not a single uk political party represent the average working person. Maybe folks when listening to these political elites realise that the exact opposite of anything they say is actually what’s best for them. In the mean time - Scottish drug addicts are dying in droves - all while Queen Nicola blames the English for everything even though addict care falls firmly at her feet.
  3. I thought towing capacity was based on weight of the vehicle alone ?
  4. Im not giving you the panties back 🤭
  5. I still can’t get the vision of the baby oil footprints on the rear spoiler of your car out my mind @obione
  6. I’ll keep my eyes open for the next application on the site chap. Onwards and upwards 👍 just awaiting architects drawings and our next project can be applied for. That’s a whole heap of cash they have tied up on that site though - on a bit of a punt. If they need to sell that on again after the covid boom it could be tricky
  7. I do hope @windymiller takes note and gets on board with the lotus dog scene.
  8. On the positive side though - we are sat on two just like it at home 😬
  9. It’s really not - that’s gone for a very high price indeed. It’s in open countryside with a real uphill battle to gain any form of building consent.
  10. Auction today for a 4 acre plot with a nice brick stable block on it. Local to me and guided at £80-£100k. it looked great for us with some future potential. We ducked out at £150K and it hammmered down at £186K - I was absolutely stunned at that 🤪
  11. Yup - I’ll be there 👍 I’m liking the gulf colour scheme 💪
  12. House sale completed today 🎉🎉🎉
  13. Auction terms completion was supposed to be today. buyer hasn’t completed 🤬- I need to issue a 10 working day demand and wait it out until his deposit is ours - gladly we can charge interest in the mean time. All very annoying since his funds had been proven and it would now seem he is seeking mortgage finance. This was an unconditional sale with tenants insitu. why are folks such dicks.
  14. I think the demand for the product is exciting and well beyond expectations. Maybe some reflection on just how great this is for Lotus and UK manufacturing would be in order 👍
  15. Should have had a nice cute fluffy dog 😬
  16. Not once in the last 5 years have I seen a single bbc article that has “kicked” the EU. Most are simply articles of lavishing affection and ass kissing.
  17. But then don’t forget to factor in the “safety” magic feather belief of the vaccine which is clearly affecting folks behaviours. either way - many folks are well and truly fed up of living in a vacuum - the impacts on mental health and the knock on physical lack of treatments will be the biggest true killer.
  18. It’s all contained within the service manual section for the delco brakes.
  19. @windymiller that’s fantastic news 😀 - this popped up as a memory on FB today - made me smile. I do miss that car - but the esprit is getting used again.
  20. Just don’t let the cat out the bag just yet though @Dan E - the i4 emira will have more bhp than any V6 version🤫
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