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  1. I’m not so sure @Francisco Franco this car could just need a head gasket, head skim and a clutch kit. That’s not a massive amount of work really. Dont make a knee jerk decision @Stimpy - be informed and have a clear methodology going forwards
  2. Dunno if it’s the unhappy or happy thread - my eldest is 18 today. She’s grown into an amazing young lady with an incredible future ahead of her - makes me feel profoundly proud. Where has the time gone though.... feeling old. These young uns - she was already slumped by the downstairs toilet after a run in with shots when I got in this afternoon. She’s now back up and eating - and refusing my suggestions of a drinking session to round the day off.
  3. That water is going somewhere. either - falling on the floor, into the oil or straight out the exhaust. either way you need someone to look at the vehicle whom isn’t going to just pull it to bits in critical way whilst easing your pants down.
  4. looks like they are consolidating operations. Makes sense.
  5. That’s so sad to watch. There’s the very real fact of why you should check the fuel lines on the carb cars and not ignore the flex loops on the injected cars.
  6. Sadly - it’s probably a very loved car - but it goes completely against the Dna of the brand. best thing he could do is rip off the wellies, remove the stripes and take off the fake v8 badge. There’s a nice car under there.
  7. It’s been for sale for a very very long time. Dunno why
  8. Yeah but it does have go faster stripes.....
  9. I got some old wellies here if you fancy making some scoops
  10. My next hen shed which is almost finished commissions on 10 August - other than a few odds and sods I do actually have space in my diary to do something.
  11. That’s an ace garage - defo chuck a couple of two posters in there @C8RKH
  12. Yup - seen that - hence my post. Id love to know what’s actually wrong with this car.
  13. In be investing in some steelwork, some acroprops and a massive hammer.
  14. Unless you filled that car with stone cold water whilst it was glowing red - it’s more likely to be a head gasket failure. Given the age of your ownership and the extended off road before your ownership- it’s very possible it has been previously fitted with an incorrect gasket on previous remedial works. You need that head off.
  16. Just saying that these days is offensive
  17. You need to pull the head off that engine to find out what the problem is. Could just be a simple head gasket that needs changing. Until you do - frankly you are guessing. budget for a new clutch kit as well - you might as well pull the whole engine out to find out exactly where you are at. the trouble you will have with any garage is this car will be an utter pain in the ass ramp blocker if you and they are not very careful.
  18. Stay well clean of any bodying sealer stuff
  19. It’s already pissing me off - a lot @Spinney. Ive now been presented with a million pictures and links of summer houses and different furniture. And a question this morning - is the path to wide ? Ffs - all I want is the plan - stop chopping and changing and let me get the f££k on with it. when this is all done - I’m buying another car.
  20. I’d poke it up in the air and look at the advisory. Sometimes an over keen tester is looking for work - it might just be some surface rust that can be cleaned, treated and repainted. Could be a mess though and it’s a real advisory. I’ve had some cars where these advisories have been present for 3or 4 years - then on year 5 it isn’t advised !
  21. Not sure massage parlours count
  22. Had a day and a half with the digger man and me running the dumper truck round. drains now relocated, new drain for surface water for the patio area, hot tub area dug, 40 oak sleepers coming Wednesday and 70m2 of sandstone paving enroute. It’s a right feckin mess outside. Oh and the missus still isn’t sure what she wants we do have some painted lines out there now though - so the path and patio area is defined. Let’s see what some of these sleepers look like stood up in the trench - see if she likes that - we have to somehow bring some cosiness to the garden area
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