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  1. Immeasurably cheaper than buying any of the alternative cars currently on the market. An absolute no brainer.
  2. Ummm have you ever been to a weatherspoons in Whitley Bay ??
  3. I’ll let you know what they look like in the flesh in due course. I’m taking my best hairbrush with me and I’ll see how good they are as a mirror 🙌 No backlash chap - that’s a gearbox thing that some don’t bother setting properly 😜
  4. I’m sure I washed it twice - it definately cleaned up nice 😀
  5. If it’s that car - I’ve seen it at Brooklands - it looks mean as hell
  6. Half arsed or not - that’s a keen price. Be interesting to see if those talking about looking actually take a look.
  7. last of the planting up for now done - the odd pole and wire arrangement is an electric fence to discourage the dogs 😬. Next job is the decking side rail and then I can get onto the near side of the path which is going to be the site of a summerhouse/gin shed
  8. currently not running though sadly.
  9. What makes me laugh more @Kimbers is the folks whom sit on fence providing a running commentary on why their arms are short and their pockets deep. Fine - wait forever - miss out. But ffs - stop moaning about it. glad I owned one - I’m sure I’ll bag a 400 at some point. In fact - I’ll probably go for one of those GT ones - since when @C8RKH retires and his wife smashes him over the head with a frying pan - I’ll be buying it off her 😂 But for now - I’m down to 6 cars.....
  10. Cocos cafe - top of Frome’s hill is fairly good with a decent car parking area. plenty of spots in Hereford area as well
  11. I know of a fair few esprits round here including an S1,x180, S, 2x S4 and 2 x s4s
  12. That’s stunning - off to find the tissues and draw the curtains
  13. I will reiterate - this idiot sold one below that - and still had folks sucking through their teeth uncertain. Oh well...
  14. Absolutely. Bought mine with a cheeky telephone conversation. I was firm and fixed on what I was willing to pay at the time. Car was up at £28995 - I bid £24k on a simple sale I’ll come and get it now and the dosh will be in your bank in an hour. sadly - many folks will overthink things and dilly dally. I’m fairly certain the Evora bargain days are probably over for now.
  15. Never had a problem with any esprit. They are absolutely faultless and utterly reliable.
  16. I genuinely think you are incorrect here. Lotus announcing the phasing out of the Evora has whipped up a fury and folks are hunting out cars. Wish I’d kept mine - but it was 18 months of free motoring and I loved every minute.
  17. You could wait forever. Only live once chap. What’s the worst you’ll take a bath for - £5k - there’s a whole lot of fun to be had. Even at £25k I had people hesitant and price dubious
  18. How very sensible - finally you’ve realised the error of your ways👍
  19. You are forgetting the 2 clutches I needed to put in mine 🤥 and the messy incident with the milkshake due to the well known cup holder incident
  20. Cracks appearing in places on the body they shouldn’t - very poor paint indeed - electrical faults and engines burning oil and exploding. All in all - fantastic German engineering.
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