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  1. It’s about time we ceased being reliant on the Chinese. Nothing xenophobia about that statement. The PRC and their humanitarian breaches are vile. Call me racist all you like - if you can support the Chinese actions with regards to that - then frankly you need to give your head a shake.
  2. Damage will only be short term. Short term it has huge impacts on values of companies and fixed assets - as can be seen by many firms going under. It’s a real opportunity to swoop in and buy.
  3. That @exeterjeep will cost an absolute fortune to put right - I considered the silver one a couple of years ago that’s now being broken in Germany. onwards with the tvr. Lower dash panel offered up and bolted in today. The old immobilisers removed and wiring reinstated. Dash panel stripped down and Sticky carbon fibre junk removed. Panel whizzed over with the DA - just need some primer now and it’ll get a coat of black paint. Slow progress - but progress none the less
  4. Many are very quick to brand Trump responsible for those whom died in the recent events at Capitol Hill. What’s the difference ??
  5. You need to consider the wider implications of Mandela and his family activities during what would be referred to as “the troubles” in the Northern Irish context. One mans freedom fighter is another mans terrorist. Martin Maginiss is a prime example and frankly a white Mandela. Just cos he won a peace prize really means nothing to the families of those affected by his actions.
  6. Tonight was have a wee clean up of filthy oily bits. ive now identified the brake discs and pads I need - and have ordered those along with a set of braided flexis. a quick look at the cabin wiring and my first task will be to eliminate this cluster mess of old immobiliser which I defo do not have the fobs for.
  7. Please say you are dumping that boat anchor where it belongs and fitting an alunox
  8. Yeah sorry about that - can’t comment on how a tvr drives - I’ve never driven one defo drive the Evora again - and again. It really will get under your skin. Ensure the sport button is pressed
  9. Least it’s a lotus. At this rate you may have to just buy a Renault instead. I wonder if this is going to be a two way thing with a vehicle or just be a tesla roadster type thing.
  10. Save yourself the wait
  11. Yup - I’ve seen that particular car in the flesh. A nice thing. I will try and get this one looking as nice - but usable is more important to me.
  12. Oooh here comes type 131....... what was the drive like @Bibs ?
  13. The esprit is a different animal and driving one is always an event. The Evora you can enjoy and use daily. I felt very meh after my first drive. The capabilities of the car on normal roads aren’t blatantly obvious and do take a few drives and some hours to sink in. Once you are used to the vehicle - they are sublime pieces of engineering - handle in a way the esprit with its 30 plus year chassis technology simply can’t. One thing is for sure - I will be back in Evora ownership in the future - but currently in need of a change for my own sanity. one day chap - you’ll be dead - go and
  14. @Escape you need to own one chap - they are superb things - definitely one to be able to say you’ve had.
  15. So started with the 4x4 look and then up up and away
  16. Welcome to socialism @Jacques thank you for your contribution to those less fortunate
  17. Clean faces up - measure shims - bolt back together - measure clearances and adjust shims. Simples
  18. Fantastic job - covid risk minimised
  19. Is that reminance of an old paper gasket Chuck that throttle Jack in the bin while you are there
  20. I need some concrete blocks to lift the tub off - and I just ain’t got none - should be passing a merchants tomorrow. in the mean time - the interior is filthy - so - kitchen sink time it is. all the bits have grime and mould on them like this. On the whole though they just ain’t bad. So it’s worth some time and see what they come up like with some Daz, hot water and elbow grease. id say they came up looking damn fine. Going to try doing something small almost every day if I can while I can.
  21. I’m sure there’s certain plant based “foods” you ain’t allowed to bring back from that general area.
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