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  1. Maybe so @v8vantage but it takes a few hours to pop out the lump - and then saves that multiple times over with the ease of working on the engine on the bench.
  2. You will smash the gearbox - I’d suggest before even considering this you upgrade the box internals. I have an old smash CWP set from my v8 if that helps.
  3. Well - house sale completed today - now just have 30 days to settle the tax bill
  4. Which helps to destroy the CWP when changing gear and snap the first motion shaft
  5. Sadly @kimbers - probably 99% of the individuals claiming asylum are not genuine. That’s the very problem we have.
  6. @C8RKH can I have that knackered worn out old 410 you’ve got when you take delivery of the Evija - I promise to extol the sheer brilliance of the 2+0 config
  7. She needs to just admit the fourth reich has fallen
  8. Ever tried that in an esprit @Giniw? Give us all a good chuckle and bang up a video of that please
  9. Thanks @Mysterae that’s defo on the cards - but agreeing anything in this house takes time - and often lots of it. I find decisions are far quicker in the garage department
  10. This covid isolation period has resulted in a heap of jobs done round the house, loads of stuff work related completely avoided and plenty of alcohol drunk. Yesterday I started having a bit of a clear up and sort out - one huge bonfire lit. This morning it carried on and through most of the day - it’s incredible just how much stuff was stacked and piled here and there. The newly sowed grass had its first hard cut - I will reseed it a bit more - it’s not the best time of year but I’ll whack some more on anyway. my buddy is lined up to do a load more post and rail fencing which will de
  11. @fflyingdog I spoke with many many esprit/Evora owners - most once they have the Evora very rarely drive the Esprit. It’s a completely different car though - but the Evora is just so easy.
  12. Any decent leather treatment works lovely - the maguirres one is great.
  13. Mine actually doesn’t mind the Evora at all. More than happy to go out in it. As for the esprit - she just won’t consider it - she hates it This covid situation has only galvanised my opinion- as soon as this is over - and road trips are on - then I’ll be off like a rocket and leave her at home
  14. It’s a V8 chap - I’m the wrong man to ask. I’d be too afraid of the collection of parts and oil on the road when it goes wrong. @mike_sekinger is your man
  15. Good point @gregs24 - sadly also need to charge in the winter though - and they certainly won’t output 4kw then. That said we have two 4kw sets installed at home - it does make a nice difference.
  16. No - you won’t normally see any boost in neutral
  17. Dunno - seems very strange to me. I reckon it’s a bit of sneaky opportunistic hopefulness that folks will use google and make a link.
  18. Not so sure that’s the same bloke unless his dads also called “Peter” @ChrisJ this does look to be the same bloke
  19. Just remember the car tax jump between an S and an NA
  20. This advert is a bit better than the previous one. The previous one was written almost like it was selling on behalf of the owner. This one is a bit less disingenuous. nowt wrong with making a buck - but there’s absolutely no margin in that car to return it to the road without sinking a stupid amount of cash into it. I’d bet he’s given the old bloke £5k for it. Which frankly is a bargain and leaves the money in the deal to finish the car.
  21. My word - just looked - there are 2 on eBay - no 22 and 48.....
  22. Sounds like the night of the walking dead there @ChrisJ it’s very possibly the most dangerous place on earth. I bet it’s just like the set of “outbreak” with helicopters and the army in bio suits
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