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  1. 😍 glad I’m reading this sat on the toilet
  2. Our Hyundai Kona has now been highlighted for recall. As an interim the batteries should only be charged to 90% so we need to change a setting on the dash. sometime soonish - the car needs to go to Hyundai uk to have the entire battery pack replaced. we’ve had absolutely no issues with it, range is great, apparently a couple have caught fire when charging. i think what we all must accept as a race is there’s no silver bullet - we simply all need to live more sustainable lives and just using a different car ain’t gonna cut it. my first covid jab tonight - I’ll take the espr
  3. If that’s the same as the esprit - it’s pressed in. Took about 20 tons on the press to get em out. No hammer will succeed I’m afraid.
  4. Calling @stephenwhyte - so I hear he’s about to sell his. Also a kidney available if required.
  5. Don’t start Dna swabbing the seats ffs.
  6. It’s worth peanuts chap - £20k and thank me later 🤣
  7. Emmisions uk lab for cars 👍👍
  8. Some folks were far too busy waxing dolphins to spank a monkey
  9. Yes it would be - I’ll txt a buddy of mine the no plate and see what flags up
  10. It says Vic marker set. The only way you will find out what it’s been set as is HPI.
  11. You need to do an HPI check chap - that will tell you of the loss marker
  12. That’s tosh @Bibs - I’ve got a mate down the pub who’s sisters husbands cousin knows an Amazon guy who’s brother spoke to a source who has a direct link into the factory. It’s gonna be a tesla motor 👍
  13. Fingers crossed the French will do exactly that. The damage that will be done to them and the wider EU will be massive.
  14. Footer has now vanished 🤪
  15. @ClubLotusNEScotland think John’s on about this
  16. A fantastic idea - I should get the missus one - really easy to colour match when them pesky posts sneak out in car parks
  17. Looks smart that @C8RKH - heres another pic from a different angle
  18. That’s gonna be worth some money when vw release the electric bora 👍
  19. Two offences ? if you had one bald tyre - one offence. two bald tyres - two offences. same with rape apparently
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