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  1. The cam towers are sealed on with zero thickness sealant. You should be doing the shimming with no sealant on the tower and sealing on once shimming has been set.
  2. Rolled. Ffs - is it even possible to roll an esprit 😳 engine definitely sounded better once it had run for a few seconds.
  3. It broke on me at some point sadly - never got round to swapping it over. They really are fantastic cars.
  4. Wasn’t that long ago me and the missus were sat laughing at the claims made by these individuals. What an utterly stupid business model full stop.
  5. You have closed cell foam underneath those tanks. Both tanks were pressure tested and then powder coated. They won’t be the source of the whiff.
  6. An absolute steal irrespective of cat marker
  7. Just give up and cut it off. It’s a lotus chap - they used to always do things the hard way.
  8. Not a hope of the sort of thing @thebartman - frankly just wouldn’t make any business sense whatsoever. Maybe lotus should start rebuilding some original classics like Aston does.
  9. sorry. let’s just say the S cars have better clutches 👍
  10. Not at all. It’s a free market. They are trying it on and will know it. Make a sensible offer and move onto the next if they don’t like it. That’s exactly how I bought my Evora - if someone wants to cash out then there’s always a deal to be done. Trouble with the S is the tax bracket - and the appeal of a 400 ..... it’s very tricky
  11. Don’t buy it then. Cars are about for sensible money if you look.
  12. @Mark Blanchard they couldn’t resist this one though “Normally Aspirated ( more reliable than turbo ) ” which does make me chuckle as it’s a carb unit and far more hassle than fuel injected 😎
  13. Looks like a bargain that - especially one without the troublesome turbo 😂
  14. Assuming rear Best with the driveshaft removed - then just drift it out from behind with a hammer and wooden block.
  15. Sound like you need a different building control guy. Never ever use the LA ones.
  16. I’m confused here. The pistons are the same size ? Or has the piston swap effectively increased the cc of the engine ?
  17. Think of the weight saving not having them heating 💪 Get one of these - you get a centrally heated tunnel to keep you warm.
  18. Fit the universal end on that come with it onto the old loom - then when it breaks again it’s even easier to change 👍. I seriously doubt you will find one with the connectors on you seek.
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