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  1. I’ve no idea @windymiller - but - I’m more of a classic motor fan and I had a fantastic 18months gently driving it with an immaculately clean dog as company 🤔🤥
  2. @C8RKH them banham kit cars are indeed ugly
  3. Rather depends on the braking system on the car. If it’s servo - it’s warped discs as a first thing to check. If it’s delco - it’s the unit is knackered
  4. Did you swipe left ? Never miss an opportunity 🤣 Trouble with today’s political world - where the Labour Party use it as a ballot box tool
  5. Have a chat with turbo technics and consider the S181
  6. Wonder how the pop up headlights are gonna look.
  7. looks like there’s 63 out of 72 S4s left in the uk - so that’s only 9 ever smashed up. Not a bad attrition rate in 25 years. who’s gonna do the rest of the models
  8. Absolutely love the patterned concrete floor - that’s awesome
  9. But built yourself @RobinB5 it’s a lot more solid with better materials and will last a whole lot longer.
  10. Pah that’s what pcp is for 🤭
  11. Porsche have been doing it for years with the 911 - as soon as you add option on such as say seats - up goes the list price That poor kid at school - he’s gonna fail his art exams if he uses that
  12. Anyone told them Greta will be dead long before then - get it released
  13. At least Dany and his hair showed some cars even if they never got released There is a difference between foreplay and being a prick tease 👍
  14. Pictures.... come on - they must surely know we need pictures. Real dirty money shot ones - not some poncy photo looking through a special lens at the shadow of a rear view mirror.
  15. Is it just me - or was the reveal simply a business plan and a name?
  16. There’s some lovely places about in Herefordshire - how about this as a backdrop
  17. I absolutely love building things before after
  18. Apparently so chap - there’s even a dedicated channel on some ip tv providers streams - so a mate tells me
  19. Come on @Bibs fess up - what did it drive like??
  20. Are we allowed to post pictures of undressed midgets on here now??
  21. Nope - that’s Egyptian hyroglifics for “esprit”
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