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  1. I’m not allowed to use it - that’s what my cars are for apparently
  2. I’m more concerned with the lack of Costa cup holders.
  3. Woah - down boy @eeyoreish - my wife’s had her car nearly 2 years now. Looks like it’s been lived in by swampy for a decade - smells much the same also.
  4. Not exactly @yeller77 - if lotus were like porsche we would all be drooling over the latest lotus 7 gtx rxtsd
  5. Barrykearley


    I agree with you @C8RKH - you have to base value on fundamentals. Otherwise houses in moss side liverpool should be advertised at £2M
  6. Much prefer a nice run in model - one you can thrash hard.
  7. It’s ok @LotusLeftLotusRight dogging is still allowed 🙌 but only with one other person
  8. Yet more evidence if ever you needed it of our woke society. ** I dedicate this post to @C8RKH
  9. Coronavirus has caused havoc with my work schedule. My work mate - his missus is a covid nurse - and the school cannot seem to stop other key workers kids being complete arseholes to his daughter because of her mums work. im now sat in the caravan after another 12 hours solid physical graft - throwing as much cider down my neck before I start all over again in the morning. 32000 hens arriving 03/03/21 - the sheds not even got any bloody doors on it yet. Stressed - yeah just a bit - still got another one to start next week 🤪
  10. Finally some good news
  11. He looks ace - I do hope you’ve got him a covid mask 😂
  12. Or just someone with half an idea about cars.....
  13. You really do have. Try ringing each one and offering the ££££. If there’s multiple sellers then one will want the car off their books for sure.
  14. and the march towards yet more criminalisation of the public continue. Yet carry a knife round london and you’ll get a counselling session and funding to stop you reoffending. All the while - footballers paid millions a week will continue to virtue signal and take the knee.
  15. It definitely changed from glass and a half.
  16. Absolutely. Their behaviour with the lock downs especially the first has been awful. imagine nurses just refusing to go to work?? The unions are a disgrace also. some teachers have been inspiring - but they really are in the minority. Our two at home are having zoom lessons - and frankly - it shows just how inflexible and poor our education provision is in the uk. Why the bbc and government didn’t put up lessons online at the very first lockdown using some of the best teachers I will never know.
  17. I’m pretty sure it’s aluminium.
  18. That’s a lie. I’ve had 4 folks and a dog in an evora.
  19. High airflow?. That’s usually a leak due to failed pipe or gasket. Time to get a competent person on the job.
  20. Funny how the bbc seem to be very thin reporting the situation in the EU now. I’m sure they have been told to remain silent on the matter.
  21. Time to take an angle grinder with a nice thin cutting disc to the plate and relieve it 😂
  22. That’s why seals had it for longer than youd have thought.
  23. I simply couldn’t imagine an English nationalist party as being referred to as anything other than a far right racist organisation by the BBC - what’s so different about Scotland? When it’s cold and wet do folks stop being racist ?
  24. Evoras at £25k don’t tend to hang about. Folks shouldn’t be picky and dwell when one is in front of them.
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