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  1. Theres no pleasing some. if you sold the Evora - you wouldn’t be happy - buy that camper - she would find something else to drone about - she’s not happy. Moral - keep the Evora - there’s no point in both of you being unhappy 👍👍
  2. More smoke and mirrors probably - just get on with it ffs
  3. I doubt it @exeterjeep - there’s no way he would have been lucky enough to drive the 130 after they saw him thrashing the 131 around.
  4. I told you 62 minutes in to get a bet on @RobinB5 oh well.
  5. Apparently so @Giniw - the different measurements within the book are for different wheel and tyre sizes. This chap really seems to know his stuff since it’s his passion. He actually said he didn’t need the set dimensions in the book since it’s defined by a few things geometrically on the chassis, hub and balljoints in relation to each other - but he did confirm the numbers in the printout I gave him to be correct.
  6. That is an assumption.
  8. Yes - without question the government should use the criminal legislation it’s put into effect to criminalise people for going about their normal daily lives. Hilter would never have allowed it to happen.
  9. If you are really serious - then I know of a chap looking for a nice S3 - but I’m sure he could be tempted with a turbo.
  10. It says “ S U V” dunno what that means
  11. That’s the pop up headlights not being in sync
  12. I’d simply sell a kidney instead. Don’t do it - you will regret it.
  13. Won’t happen chap - you can apply some white grease to the cable and latch mechanism at the boot end - simulate shutting the boot latch with a screwdriver. Get it freed up and working again - they do stick
  14. Air con regas this morning. I’m not sure if it has enough gas filled - we did 1kg since I’m sure that was what’s in the manual - it blows cold - but not sure if it’s cold enough. here’s an underside shot showing just how level she now sits - and oh my it’s been a delight to hoon about today
  15. Get another person - one of you jiggle the release under the rear seats - the other wobble at the boot lid.
  16. If only Dominic Cummings had a picture of it - we would have all seen it by now.
  17. Planning inspector date now booked. Fingers crossed this time. The LPA in their written representation have lied on multiple counts this time - all of which we can prove and nail down. If there’s any justice we will get the costs award on this now. How it’s even possible to have planning consent to do something and then have it effectively removed a couple of years later is simply beyond me. this is probably the one that makes me chuckle the most. Image from early 2020 apparently. It’s most definitely not - there’s a clue to that with the esprit sitting there. The image is m
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