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  1. The blue Evora that was sent back recently. It seemed like very small niggles that simply pissed off the buyer. Probably more the selling dealers response that soured the deal rather than the car itself. Who knows. I’m used to cars that need work so never bothers me. They are for driving after all. This one
  2. Fair play - you’ve done a fantastic job right there. Round 2 will be quicker and better for sure 💪👍
  3. The BBC in England simply need to stop giving the witch a platform here. They have BBC Scotland for that. I’ve no desire whatsoever to see a vile and divisive politician whom wishes to rip apart Great Britain.
  4. Someone’s bagged a fine car there. Sort the niggles and it’s some proper fun motoring
  5. That’s just made me leak 🥰
  6. Largely because they believe it’s upto the individual to consider what is in their best interest rather than a government. That’s conservatism rather than just vested interest. No shortage of utter rank hypocrisy on the labour benches. this country badly needs a political reset. No party is interested in the working person anymore.
  7. It could well be they are allowed to discard the fixed term offer contract if in doing so it doesn’t make the borrower worse off.
  8. That seems completely wrong.
  9. Mandatory option 😂 love that. How very EU .
  10. The silhouettes are a bit reminiscent of his era to me. The aspirations much the same so as well. Many folks thought he was crazy at the time. Such a shame the cars he presided over were shitcanned.
  11. Looks more like a Dany line up to me.
  12. It’s amazing some of the comments on values. if a car sells quick - then it’s priced right. Sat for months on end - and it’s clearly overpriced. Without doubt it can be a buyers market - but if the cars priced correctly there are buyers whom will queue up to complete the deal and you could argue it’s a sellers market.
  13. You could always buy the cheaper ones without the rear seats 🎣
  14. I’ve not long sold mine @Cdm2018 - you can reassure yourself that values will rocket almost immediately now.
  15. Really sad news just popped up. Sir Tom was a true Great British Gentleman and the world is a better place for him having been in it. Rest in peace.
  16. The second it becomes a China built product - I’m afraid my interest drops completely. Buy British 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  17. On the bright side @C8RKH you’ll get some back seats free
  18. You will notice a little bit extra bhp, better throttle response - and if you decat and open up the exhaust a bit it’ll spool sooner as well. It’s a sum of small things - but you should also consider improving the air intake as well.
  19. Might is the key word there. However being free from the EU shackles opens us upto a market many times bigger than that of the insular EU commission. As a firm believer in democracy - I’d respect any choice another country might make via the electorate - the EU commission sure isn’t worried about that though as they never ever face them.
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