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  1. Nice mg - I'm a triumph man through and through - so can't get too excited........ Lovely looking order will sure be fun....... Tax free soon as well
  2. Yippee - that's a bargain - more money left for the tyre fund
  3. What a lovely car that was Cars are replaceable and people are not - so glad you guys got out. Go for a lotus next as a change - it's well worth a punt....
  4. I mean how cheap was this - matching colour as well
  5. Hmmm ringing true I've got mine stuck in the garage - but I'm feeling it's lonely and wanting a stable mate...... Knocking a wall down soon and making the garage bigger, two post lift in - then there's room for four......
  6. I could not agree more with the above When are they going to start bringing to account the leftie libereral folks that were complicit in the covering up of such events. Frankly they are almost as much to blame for the whole sorry period in history. How ester rantzen sleeps at night whilst she's so publicaly stated how strange it all was at the time and what she clearly knew - I will never know. The bbc have played into clarkesons hands here - he was more than happy to report himself - cause a media windstorm - get the exit he clearly wanted and then line up what will probably be a better
  7. Agree buddsy - carb strip down always the last try!!
  8. Have you changed the filters? Blown the fuel lines through ? First two I'd try. Then as a real quick try - pour some redex cleaner through the carbs whilst gently keeping the revs up. Itll smoke like hell as it burns - but does unstick carbs very effectively Quick and easy fix for my old classic carb based cars that tended to sit in the winter - this newer unleaded fuel seems to gum up very easily in a stored vehicle.
  9. New tyres fitted...... Oh my gosh now she really sticks to the road..... Happy bunny
  10. Daniel Being a child of the thatcher years I shouldn't miss out on the fact you are a beardy lefty. If you are true to that statement - you should redistribute the wealth to those poorer than you - if you like just give me the s2!! That'll balance it up all nicely......
  11. Yes - an hour or so to fit and about £50 to buy at most - around the £100 all in at a local garage
  12. Eds the closest thing to kinnock in years Talks rubbish, has no persona and will ruin the country if elected.......... The biggest risk is ed looses and gets replaced after the election with Harriet harman
  13. If she's getting it £25k..... If your keeping it £1500 Simple Honestly - just let her have the car and move on
  14. Ed milliband is getting ripped to shreds !! I wouldn't trust ed and ed to look after a dung heap Maybe we should have a JC and JP swap !!!
  15. My new rear tyres have arrived. Mental note to self - "do not draw lines on the road"
  16. Use cable ties - it's fine then
  17. No comments about under the hood or similar
  18. It's all a lie......... I never ever believed it either - it's a conspiracy....... Buy the cars quick while you can and try and hold onto them!!!
  19. I'd love to know as well. I'm considering one as a family extra!!!!
  20. Aspiration and dream robbing life sucking monsters!!!
  21. Maybe the takeouts were shut This place looks good!!!
  22. What if you were offered only a Waldorf salad????
  23. Shame the police didn't take such an interest in all the complaints re sex abuse in the last 30 years or so. Hundreds of teenage girls abused and dozens and dozens of people who the police know are guilty are walking the streets. British justice - is there really such a thing? JC got his comeuppance but I'm sure he'll ultimately end up better off. Strange old world
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