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  1. Yes it's not cheap - but it is nice. It's over 30 years old so would expect it to have had some changes in its life...... You'd moan if it had the original filters!!!! If you want to buy it as an investment - get a heritage cert from lotus before you take the dive. I'm sure that will help with some of the finer details. So many parts bins were used to make these cars - so differences do appear and do seem to be random at times. There are lots of rare investment opportunities everywhere ....... Just a terminology thing these days..... Stay away from the wine ones - they never are!!!' In al
  2. Go get one James -soooo much more style that the run of the mill bmws
  3. Don't do it The only solid bit at the front is the chassis - and that's well back from the nose - and the rad pack is in the way. Drag it on backwards - puts the weight in the right place on the transporter. It defo will not fit on an A-frame!!! If you've already been recovered a couple of times - it's bedded in nice and should start to play nice soon - give her some love
  4. Liking that a lot - I must say I like the wheels in the top picture!! Oh and I love that black esprit hiding in the background
  5. Have a local chippy build you one and clad it Should be able to do all the work bar concrete for less that £2k. A slab will be about £400 plus the ground works You just bolt through the sole plate to the concrete slab about every 2ft - it won't move!!!!
  6. That's the fault the po had on my car - but it's now doing the cel sillys - last niggle that I want gone.... However - there is a growing list of new niggles........but Rome wasn't built in a day
  7. There's a breakfast club in Worcestershire on Sunday 12th April Free to get in - and some nice motors present - could do with a few real nice ones ( lotus! ) if anyone fancies it - log in and pop along
  8. Simon As a little thanks to bibs for raising this opportunity - go on spoil yourself to ffm - it's a bargain at £20
  9. That's great Just don't want to be buying the wrong thing - will see what this week brings
  10. Thanks travis Cable bought - will find out in the week if I can get any comms and some useful data that might point me in the direction of a fix The drop down compatibility boxes show it as not fitting? Is this wrong??
  11. Sorry travis it's the ecu that's expensive in uk - not the cable Unless I'm looking in the wrong places for one
  12. Im going for the d9 option - no usb issues then......this cel light on and off is annoying me now. Still no codes flagged - have taken out the iac tested the coils in the motor, new o ring and back on - but still having niggles. It doesn't seem to affect performance at all - but it's now becoming the last niggle left Oh other than the play on the arm that does the Los pop up light - motor fine - but the flange that goes on the motor is rocking and had enough play to lock it up........ T
  13. Cheers travis The ecus seem rare over here - and ££££££ Over with you guys cheap as chips ....... Ordering a cable this week - if no comms I'm after another ecu. Do you know of any shops over there that will ship to uk - the ones on the net do not....
  14. Oh no - thankfully you got the car out....... It's been silly windy here as well - not a nice day......... I'd have that garage unit back to the suppliers for a full refund - it's clearly not fit for purpose ( not now anyway )
  15. I'm afraid that's what years of socialist drivel does to the far left lazy......... It'll only be a matter of time before ed milliband will be digging in his pocket and donating!!'
  16. That's the trouble when comparing ....... Never do it with the wife/girlfriend !!!! Grab a nice esprit - you know you want to!!!
  17. Yep - it's mad what you can get for the money......shhh it's a secret
  18. Mark Block off the vacuum hose feeding the solonoids - or change the tee piece for a joiner further back in the engine bay. The relays need to be kept in place - but the rest doesnt matter Regards Barry Scrap that last post!! Having finger trouble Interesting the Ecu was the fault - where did you source the replacement from and was it dear?
  19. Nice mg - I'm a triumph man through and through - so can't get too excited........ Lovely looking order will sure be fun....... Tax free soon as well
  20. Yippee - that's a bargain - more money left for the tyre fund
  21. What a lovely car that was Cars are replaceable and people are not - so glad you guys got out. Go for a lotus next as a change - it's well worth a punt....
  22. I mean how cheap was this - matching colour as well
  23. Hmmm ringing true I've got mine stuck in the garage - but I'm feeling it's lonely and wanting a stable mate...... Knocking a wall down soon and making the garage bigger, two post lift in - then there's room for four......
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