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  1. It'll be fixed and back where she should be ......on the road!! Might re bush if I find they need doing - certainly won't be doing it for fun..... If I was even tempted to do that much to her...... She'd be off and the v8 would be replacing her....... And whys Gerrard gone and got sent off
  2. Ahhh - I will endeavour to have a look see - that sounds very plausible thanks for that
  3. Bibs She was off the road for 8 years or so....... I got her from stocks It's all stuff that's to be expected really - even if I paid a lot more to get into one of these I'd still have gremlins lurking. Simple fact is cars just don't get maintained as they should do - and that's pretty much the case across all marques - unless your lucky enough to pry one from an anal owner. Unfortunately they normally want top dollar plus a pile more....
  4. No busted spring - but a bit of misting on that shocker - and some slight play on one of the bushes..... Next on the list I suppose......... Along with the connection between the bottom of the cat and down pipe - which dropped a fixing today and has now started to blow Sounds a bit mean now
  5. Here's one side And here's the other - it's miles too low
  6. It's a nice car - shame about the reply. I love my silkaflexed red lovely
  7. It's gone from really tired, shabby and cracked to showroom lovely. The pics really don't show how much it's transformed. KIt's £100 - and a few hours of love!!! You can get any colour mixed you want. Bit of a plug - but Chris is a really helpful chap local to me
  8. All back in late last night Here's some pics - I've got to clean some bleed off the air vents for the eagle eyed Before After
  9. Hmm ladyboy midgets indeed...... Not sure about that However - this is funny.
  10. My gosh - that's too low paid up numbers The benefits on here far far far out weigh the small fee requested. Is there any benefit in limiting non member access in some way to forum posting? Not sure it's the best way - but everyone needs this site to continue and pay its way. On here there is tons of knowledge, huge support and events etc - if we all want that to continue - dig in and cough up ! You know it makes sense........ This is the nhs service for lotus!!!!
  11. Yes - but which car would you rather drive round that circuit in. A horrible shopping trolley thing or a class act lotus esprit se.......... That's a no brainers. It also depends on the real bhp output of that 20yr old car, ability of driver etc etc. on a simple straight line race the lotus would wipe the floor with the Suzuki - so what's that telling you??
  12. It's £20 that's all...... About the cost of a decent steak at somewhere half about. For all the effort the guys put in on this site - it's well worth chucking a steak their way
  13. Love the triumphs - 95% of all bad things about stags are due to the 5% of numpty owners whom just don't look after them. Sound familiar?????
  14. No stuck cat this morning Ripped the tunnel bit off and have done that. Seat bases having bolts welded in - pick them up in the morning. Will colour the rest of the dash tomorrow and get on with the refit - pics to follow....
  15. Graham I look forward to seeing a picture of your new buy - the v8 WILL be my next trade up. I'm envious,,,,,,, Hope you enjoy her when you do take delivery - let me know how you think the drive compares to the 911. The rush is simply better for me - I considered long and hard an older 911 - some of the newer stuff is just too refined and looses the driver responsibility to control the car
  16. That's the flash - it's satin finish. You can get a Matt - or mix 50-50 to dull down between the two. It's simple and easy to do, you can take as long as you want to do it. Spray with airbrush and do a seat I a couple of days - or sponge and hairdryer and do the same in a couple of hours ...... Should I tidy this before bed?? ......
  17. A 911 is more refined as a drive - yes it's a drivers car....but not as much as the lotus. The lotus gives you that seat of your pants, I could kill you, excitement and sheer rush. For me the first drive of the esprit was like sex for the first time all over agin!!!!
  18. My 25 year old esprit flashes the cel light. It seems it's a common fault looking at the threads on here. Any chance of a warranty claim lotus???
  19. Not at all. Add the £20 to cost of ownership and it gets lost in the noise. I don't care it burns £40 of fuel in 180 miles frankly - membership here is 90 miles worth on that basis!!! The forum is full of info - the workshop manuals are a superb addition- eBay and they cost a lot more....... On top of that there's some really genuine helpful people on here If you own a lotus - frankly you would be a fool not to join and enjoy the benefits. See you at an event soon!
  20. No chap it's in the pool room the pool tables got all the prep kit on it...... The missus is being really understanding ...... There must be some bad news on the way
  21. Thanks Mike Seats needed cutting out - frames having some new bolts welded in tomorrow. Both seats, door cards, glove box done - rest of the trim will be done in situ the weekend. Refit Sunday - and take for a drive......
  22. Even if you are thinking of buying a lotus - upgrade and enjoy
  23. This ol sites great - a fountain of information for these cars. You can save yourself hours of work figuring something out, save £££££s on bits, insurance etc etc etc. For the membership sum - it's a no brainier. If you've got a lotus and aren't a full member - upgrade..... Thanks bibs for all you efforts here - it helps folks out tremendously.
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