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  1. I defo relate to this working away 😎
  2. Good choice sir 👍 there’s no shortage of lotus owners round these parts
  3. Some more progress today now the weathers a bit better with the help of my buddy Ross and his chainsaw.
  4. Maybe that explains that copper then ?
  5. Not my fool @Bibs - I can go away for weeks and as soon as I rock up back home he’s completely mental for love and fusses
  6. Even fully trained police officers have form for that given recent events round the Clapham area
  7. this is an example of one such dog. He loved to chase our sheep and was a complete knightmare. This is easily, and I mean easily, remedied - I loosed him out into a small paddock with our ram. He chased that for a while - until the ram decided that he didn’t want to run anymore. One almighty ram headbutt later and one almost knocked out dog - he now won’t go near any such animal. It is all about training - woolly is an amazing dog that I would trust implicitly. I absolutely agree - same should be true for labour voters.
  8. We still ok to go out rioting though? And this whole vaccination passport caper just seems like a back door way to track and trace peoples movements all the more - remember the national identity card idea? Hmmm all the while rubber boats will keep arriving at Dover and we won’t deport foreign born criminals. the whole world is bloody screwed.
  9. I see the Hungarian FM is giving the EU unelected elite some real grief over the lack of approving the Russian vaccine. Putin is also being very vocal. All the while the EU are effectively blaming the UK? couldn’t make it up.
  10. Apples 👍 cider ones 😎 We got sooo many apples @RobinB5 is building a whole warehouse for them 😍
  11. No restaurants open @Bibs - very little langoustines being cooked.
  12. They’ve slumped in value chap - markets taken a right downward spiral 😎
  13. Too expensive? Wrong colour? Bad examples ??
  14. You will love it chap - it’s a fantastic machine. make sure you drive it as it should be driven - if you don’t see the magic rings then you are missing out on where the fun is
  15. Yes - she’s been at Westpoint again today - she did 66 today apparently.
  16. The times are reporting this morning that the EU commission are positioning to take control of vaccine production factories 🤪 oh my word - if that’s true it’s beyond belief
  17. If you find one - I’d suggest once you are satisfied with the car - then make your mind up quickly and get it bought.
  18. The wheels are becoming increasingly wobbly for the EU commission. They have been hugely inefficient and utterly inept at their United approach to this. So much so countries are pulling away and doing their own thing. This pandemic could well become the downfall for the fourth reich EU project. every cloud I suppose 👍
  19. HAHAHA - EU really are up shit creak without a paddle! Come on Boris!!! Pfizer has warned the EU to back down from its threat to block vaccines to the UK because the firm needs crucial ingredients shipped from Yorkshire, The Telegraph has learned.
  20. It’s 12v dc across there chap. Unless you hold the capacitor on with your tongue - you won’t feel anything
  21. Bloody hell - that’s strong money 🤑 Take note @johnpwalsh
  22. @stephenwhyte come on - what did it fetch??
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