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  1. A fantastic looking motor that chap. You are simply going to love driving it.
  2. Fuel a bit sparse everywhere by the looks today. Came back from B&Q last night on fumes in the van - managed to fill up at a rural garage with no waiting at all.
  3. van has 50 miles in it. Volvo had about 120 miles. Esprit tank is full from last weekend I think. looks like it’s going to be an interesting week working.
  4. The rear tub simply bolts on the chassis and bolts to the bulkhead in front of the drivers seat. A true modular built car. It was very common place back then to drop a convertible rear tub on a saloon - a fair few of them still exist now and it’s key you check the CV code is present at the end of the chassis no.
  5. I find it a shame the cars never reached more and shocked at the fact some didn’t. Ive just reread the posts on here - and there’s some healthy debate about the cars - any negative issues are largely down to the details which the Market published and some of those have used poetic license to its max. The huge amount of pictures really helped to focus people on the cars that they were actually bidding on. I can see why you feel there’s been some negativity - but that’s more to do with the representation of the vehicles condition by the auction company rather than you personally. I really do wish you all the very best in rehoming the remaining cars.
  6. I’ve a real love for Heralds - had 4 drop top ones and a hardtop one - also had a 1600 vitesse drop top which I had to sell to fund my first esprit. Only had that a very short time and really miss the thing - so had to jump at this one when it was offered to me.
  7. she’s arrived this evening - just been out for a blast - she’s lovely. a small list of jobs to do - clutch hydraulic system being the first on the list.
  8. Yup - even lotus are taking note of this tip
  9. Barrykearley


    Made me smile to see this today - versarien is the company - one I have one shares in.
  10. Just wait til the GT550 i4 is released
  11. Fret not - they probably got the written cancellation notice from your missus
  12. Probably a mistake - they will knock off £10k when they see it’s missing the rear seats
  13. If they get their production flow correct - all will be built down the same production track - even the 4pot.
  14. why are the uk government not calling the scottish witch out on this. Having to deploy UK forces due to her mismanagement of the devolved service.
  15. Just think how @RobinB5 and myself feel.
  16. Shock horror 🙄 I’m sure no one expected that. now it’s about time sanctions are levied on the Chinese and assets frozen.
  17. What colour McLaren you going for @C8RKH?
  18. Wow - that’s fantastic value for someone
  19. They do indeed knock em unconscious with CO2 - not halal ones though - they just get slaughtered the barbaric way. The CO2 is just in the wrong place that’s all - a bit like the BBCs priorities.
  20. Is all the sheered off nuts from old Lotus cars you keep lobbing out the garage in temper?
  21. You drove the mower into the front door 😱
  22. Jumping out of gear is rarely a linkage issue - and more likely a gearbox fault I’m afraid to say.
  23. The French are bitching and moaning again I see. Oh well. in other news M&S have closed branches in France due to lack of food caused by brexit according to the bbc - so it looks like the Eu must also have run out of food.
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