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  1. Sounds just like you are describing the UK...
  2. Sadly even with a client account you are not protected if the operator uses it how they please. Our old solicitor paid wages and vat from it and ended up in prison.
  3. Yeah - no lotus dealer has ever gone bust....... oh....
  4. To be fair - I’d upgrade the Audi TT as well.
  5. I know of a few others @RobinB5 - sadly the S1 started and was returned to the barn when it started raining. I’m sure we can get the numbers up a bit in future. There’s a white S4 in the Bonhams sale - otherwise i could have tempted him out. There’s an Elise owner and an Elan owner local to me as well.
  6. Immob is a twin cut. one cut does stuff like fuel pumps and spark other cut does electrics and ignition doesnt sound like an immobiliser issue.
  7. Nope - it’s genuinely nice here - even the birds are a singing There’s even chance an S1 I know of might rock up Confirmed - S1 is coming as long as it starts 😬
  8. Sadly @ramjetits the ridiculous state the UK has found itself in pandering to the fantasy’s of the liberal left wing loonies.
  9. this load of bollocks came through this morning from Apparently there’s a training course to help me....... ummmm..... im beyond help on this matter frankly - I simply couldn’t care less where folks stick their tongues, willys or fannies, be them real or reconstructed, in the privacy of their own bedroom.
  10. Will there be enough space for the pinball machine and pool table ?
  11. Nice easy fix 😬 - told you they are simple to fix and cheap to look after 🤭
  12. Electric heating 😳 - christ on a bike - that’s the best way of burning cash to run. airsource heating - with wet underfloor is the way imho 👍 - but you will want a mesh strengthened pour.
  13. Celotex doesn’t collapse in the same way as polystyrene. There are structural loading effects to consider. Then add in stuff like jacking weights etc. Be careful with garage floors folks 👍
  14. I saw one of these Nios in the flesh at an EV thing at Oxford a couple of years ago - this is exactly what they were trying to achieve then 👍
  15. on days when she had to be collected from the pond up the road - I nearly always used the van 🤪
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