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  1. I’m sure they can arrange locks if that’s what floats yer boat.
  2. It’s now sat with a boot full of kit I need to move. Superb practicality and shocking mpg 👍
  3. Anyone fancy a trip to China ?
  4. Got home tonight after successful commissioning of the hen sheds. Took the v70r out for a blast - few niggles to address - but have to say I’m very impressed. It pulls like a train and handles surprisingly well for a massive old hearse.
  5. Check the tps is set correctly and when you press the pedal to the floor you see 100% WOT. reset the iac - start the car and do a relearn cycle. If you haven’t changed the iac - they really are a service item.
  6. @stephenwhyte it’s sapphire black with cream leather and alcantara interior. I’ll be busy with the carpet cleaner when I get back as the interior is grubby apparently. @Escape the jaag boxed will be ticked at some point for sure chap. I’ve been hunting for all sorts - but prices in the uk seem to be mental on some stuff. 850 T5r - they seem to start at £8k and rise to £20k. I might finally get back onto the tvr this month.
  7. Phew - thankfully it’s not the same car - not sure I could handle the attention from the old bill
  8. I’m away on a hen shed - should be finished and fully commissioned tomorrow - can’t wait to get home as the new motor has arrived. It’s a 1998 Volvo v70r awd - can’t wait to have a blast out
  9. No - that doesn’t look anywhere near what mine was churning out.
  10. I’m not so sure I would trust anything those lovely folks in China say @Buddsy Folks arrive in the uk all the time with absolutely no identification paperwork.
  11. Maybe not but apparently you can ride one.... me thinks there’s some backlash on it’s way
  12. They have no trouble providing little cards preloaded with free cash 🤔
  13. the government has trouble tracing thousands of illegals every year. Yet strangely they know where every single cow is in the country 🤔. Maybe @march should be put in charge.
  14. I’ve already looked at it - took a sharp intake of breath and laughed long and hard at the price he’s asking.
  15. That’s a layer of dust to be proud of chap. Fret not - it washes off super easy with a pressure washer
  16. It’s had its suspension bolts torqued while it’s been off the ground. For a full rebuild - you would have thought the seats would match and the headlights sit correctly.
  17. It won’t be expensive @johnpwalsh - I had my van back a few years ago with a graphic image and see through window pics on the side crew glass. Get a decent vehicle place to sort it for you
  18. Ensure you have the latest type of master socket. And do not have any extensions whatsoever. Old masters and multiple sockets reduce line speeds dramatically.
  19. It’s alright - there’s still the Lib Dem’s whom you can vote for at the next election - they wish to rejoin. Oh hang on - no even they have smelt the coffee.
  20. So the big test is going to be the longevity of individuals immune response. I’m not feeling as confident about Boris’s timelines now.
  21. She’s on a medical course which means she is routinely tested twice a week.
  22. Old news - it’s only a few cars they are looking for. Worse case the car catches fire while being charged. Nothing to see here 😂
  23. I’m confused. It would appear it’s is being suggested that antibodies don’t last very long - if that’s the case - then how in gods name does this vaccine work and how is it the solution??
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