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  1. The rear tub simply bolts on the chassis and bolts to the bulkhead in front of the drivers seat. A true modular built car. It was very common place back then to drop a convertible rear tub on a saloon - a fair few of them still exist now and it’s key you check the CV code is present at the end of the chassis no.

  2. I find it a shame the cars never reached more and shocked at the fact some didn’t.

    Ive just reread the posts on here - and there’s some healthy debate about the cars - any negative issues are largely down to the details which the Market published and some of those have used poetic license to its max. The huge amount of pictures really helped to focus people on the cars that they were actually bidding on. I can see why you feel there’s been some negativity - but that’s more to do with the representation of the vehicles condition by the auction company rather than you personally.

    I really do wish you all the very best in rehoming the remaining cars.

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