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  1. 3 hours ago, jep said:

    Perhaps......but car dealers are not formally regulated. A solicitor or RICS surveyor will have a 'client account' - that is a legally protected bank account which the liquidator would not be allowed to take money from to satisfying other debts within a bankrupt organisation

    Sadly even with a client account you are not protected if the operator uses it how they please. Our old solicitor paid wages and vat from it and ended up in prison.

  2. I know of a few others @RobinB5 - sadly the S1 started and was returned to the barn when it started raining. 

    I’m sure we can get the numbers up a bit in future. There’s a white S4 in the Bonhams sale - otherwise i could have tempted him out. There’s an Elise owner and an Elan owner local to me as well.

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  3. 5 hours ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    Mr/Little Miss LGBTQ+. Not really sure what this would be about.


    this load of bollocks came through this morning from Apparently there’s a training course to help me....... ummmm.....

    im beyond help on this matter frankly - I simply couldn’t care less where folks stick their tongues, willys or fannies, be them real or reconstructed, in the privacy of their own bedroom.


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