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  1. The police were here last week - their faces said it all when I said “this is only going to stop when someone dies”

    today she has reshared her calendar with me over iCloud. That’s a clear beach of the court papers I have in hand. It’s really starting to effect me in ways I’m not happy with.

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  2. Well the Kona EV was Cat B listed following its untimely impact with a tree. Blood results still awaited - Danny saw her driving the other night and he was convinced of her “status” at that time shall we say. 

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  3. 6 hours ago, C8RKH said:

    Er, the North Sea and the Irish Sea. Where did you think it came from?

    Well we didn’t need to remove it if we didn’t need to use it and had no place to store it.

    spot the bad planning and blatant profiteering of resources.

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  4. The issue is @MPx - when they have pulled someone out of a car who’s completely fecking rat arsed and stinks of booze - if they are medically unable to blow in the bag - then they have to wait for a blood test. That’s potentially 8 weeks of waiting. If they then plead not guilty - they can drag it out longer in the back logged courts.


    that’s not right - a car is a lethal weapon. Take for example you own firearms - one wrong word - and without any court process they weapons are removed pending formal investigations. That’s the point.

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  5. The energy crisis is what is driving most of this inflationary pressures imho. 

    The cost of generation on renewables simply has not changed - yes gas has - but then a lot of our power is nuclear.

    The government now needs to fix this market to make it work for the people and the country.

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  6. Police have been this morning.

    They have taken a second complaint against her and will talk/warn her. Danny does not wish to file a prosecution against his mum and rightly so tbh.
    The police are firm now though - one more incident and they will prosecute without consent now based on risk.

    My mates ex wife is now up there - I can almost here the vipers nest from here 🤪

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  7. Staying well clear @Frickin_idiot.


    one thing I have done today is inform her solicitors that I will be representing myself and communicating with them directly over civil matters and the finances will be via my solicitor. It’s a joke that I need to run up my solicitors bill dealing with making an appointment for a third party to collect my kids belongings. On top of that - her solicitors have asked for a itemised list of things the kids want. Ummm - open bedroom door - pack up everything that isn’t furniture you complete feckin alcoholic bitch.

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  8. @Bibs I’m so sorry to read this. 
    keep reporting him - put a very detailed report on crime stoppers as well.

    everytime you see him go near that vehicle and you suspect drink - 999 - it’s the only way.

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  9. Reported to the police today. We have a home visit booked tomorrow.

    She has been told not very long ago by the police to leave us alone. I have a court order against her.
    Looks like the police might push this further. Let’s see tomorrow.

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  10. @C8RKH I’ve frankly no idea. She is not my concern any longer and should I try and become involved then all i will be doing is opening myself to criticism.

    This is going down hill fast and is following the path mapped out by west Mercias Womens aid almost exactly.

    anyway the show was brilliant Saturday night - both on stage and at the hotel 😆

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  11. Tonight should have been a peaceful one. Daisy had popped down earlier to get some post - she’s absolutely fine with me - and I’m sure she sat in with her mum at the solicitors last Monday as there’s a complete change in her attitude towards me. I’m very happy about that.

    Danny is at his girlfriends. Alice is at her friends for a sleepover as well. Me - home alone - some nice chill out time.

    until 1930 - when Danny rings to say his mum has left him a voicemail and she’s pissed as a rat. Ffs 

  12. This morning I come back down to Earth with a crash. I’ve got the task now of going through the last solicitors letter to pull the last bits of information together for the first divorce hearing information exchange.

    The weekend was incredible. Life really has taken the most amazing turn around since leaving in Feb. I might not have the “stability” of married life - but oh my god the life experiences since leaving have been incredible. I’m sat thinking - there hasn’t been a single day that’s been anywhere near as awful as when we were living in the same house. In fact not one single day has been any less than great.

    My body does ache a bit though 🤣

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