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  1. @stephenwhyte it’s sapphire black with cream leather and alcantara interior. I’ll be busy with the carpet cleaner when I get back as the interior is grubby apparently.

    @Escape the jaag boxed will be ticked at some point for sure chap. I’ve been hunting for all sorts - but prices in the uk seem to be mental on some stuff. 850 T5r - they seem to start at £8k and rise to £20k. I might finally get back onto the tvr this month.

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  2. I’m not so sure I would trust anything those lovely folks in China say @Buddsy

    5 hours ago, 910Esprit said:

    I'd be a little worried if people can arrive on international flights without an identity!

    Folks arrive in the uk all the time with absolutely no identification paperwork.

  3. 2 hours ago, 910Esprit said:

    So this person that cannot be found that arrived from Brazil - Why not simply pubish their name?  Pretty sure they could then be tracked down in 20 mins....   

    the government has trouble tracing thousands of illegals every year. Yet strangely they know where every single cow is in the country 🤔. Maybe @march should be put in charge.

  4. 14 hours ago, march said:

    I haven't done yet as I will be rewiring the internal phone wiring later this year

    Ensure you have the latest type of master socket. And do not have any extensions whatsoever. Old masters and multiple sockets reduce line speeds dramatically.

  5. It’s alright - there’s still the Lib Dem’s whom you can vote for at the next election - they wish to rejoin. Oh hang on - no even they have smelt the coffee.

  6. 56 minutes ago, yeller77 said:

    no symptoms, why is she being tested? Sometimes it's just best not to look.

    She’s on a medical course which means she is routinely tested twice a week.

  7. I’m confused. It would appear it’s is being suggested that antibodies don’t last very long - if that’s the case - then how in gods name does this vaccine work and how is it the solution??

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