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    Lotus and James Bond

    Hi guys, I'm new here and am doing a bit of research on the relationship of Lotus and James Bond (The Spy Who Loved Me, For Your Eyes Only). This includes behind the scenes information. Stuff such as how many Esprits were actually used. I know that The Spy Who Loved Me had 9 (2 production cars, and six underwater body shells plus one submarine.) Where I get greatly confused is when it comes to how many were used in For Your Eyes Only. Some websites say 2 (both Monaco White at first, with one being repainted Copper Fire Metallic) some say 4. Some say there was only one (started white, ended up being Copper Fire). Some say that two cars were Essex Spec. Some say they were built exclusively for the film. Other's still say that an Essex car (Reg. MPW 71V) was used as a testbed for the Copper Fire paint scheme. I figure that you guys might know the true story. The contradictions go on. So does anyone know who's correct?