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  1. I do not recall when I started wanting one, but it goes way back. The Bond film might have been an influence. I remember seeing Stacy Caplan's dad dropping her off in a white Pantera (had a crush on that girl), and another child getting driven to school in white Bradley GT (kit car) and remember being drawn irresistably to the 1970s wedge shape. When my business started to take shape, I wanted a 1970's vintage wedge car, an extreme example unfettered by modern design comittees. Flash forward.........the kid I knew that had been driven to school in the Bradley said that his father owned a Lo
  2. I kinda feel bad for the "Enzo" guy. He obviously spent a ton of time and money on that eyesore. He could have purchased something real and put effort into it. There are crazy people with money, that is proof positive. Poor guy. "Featured in the movie 13 Million", let me belongs to the Ninja hero or the villian terrorist/drugdealer/warlord/all of the above in some grade B flick. Must rent. 10 bids? Buddies or drunks? maybe both?
  3. Thanks- My block number is 003. Did your sump have steel windage plates set up like fish scales secured via 5mm fasteners, if it did what was your counterweight clearance? 3-5 mm? This block is a bit oddball, and might have been modded at the factory. ?????
  4. Anybody know the specs for the dry sump turbo crank bearings? Are the bottom bearings grooved or plain?
  5. I was driving through Alaska in the middle of nowhere in my FJ40 and spotted a Ferrari 250 with faded paint next to some shack about a 1/4 mile off the road parked on a grassy flat amongst some trees. My pulse was racing, as I knew the tales of finding gems owned by clueless folks who needed money desperately. I pull in slowly as to not act excited, and casually walk up to my prize.................. As soon as I got within about 10 feet........................... Kit car on a 240Z platform. Middle of nowhere Alaska again, waaay off the road sits a 356 Porsche, no paint, but rust
  6. I am going through the transaxle, and internally she looks brand new. Tapered bearings, synchros etc. are spot on............but. The fasteners are marked 8.8, is this factory or are they supposed to be 10.9? The PO might have done a swap. I assumed that the fasteners would be 10.9s for sure. There are also no washers under the fasteners, is this correct? After inspecting the PO's handiwork.............I have to question everything. These are the external 7 and 9 mm fasteners. 1979 S2 Just drove to JAE (about a mile from my shop) and checked out a torn down transaxle. To
  7. I am in the process of a rebuild. I am not cutting any corners, and it is expensive. There are different opinions on this. You could just put it back together with minimum cost by replacing gaskets etc. But...........There are other factors to consider. Let's say you get the valves all nice and tight, but still use your old pistons in worn bores. Now that the head is tight, you are getting excessive blow-by because the rings are tired. The engine wore evenly, so as the pistons let more stuff by, the valves (due to wear etc.) kept pace. New bearings would be a must in my book, eve
  8. Are you guys doing a re-torque after break-in on a build/rebuild?
  9. Even though she resides on jackstands--------- The Giugiaro Esprit is the ONLY way to fly. Falling in love all over again. :happy:
  10. I didn't really consider piston slap, that would be one slappy piston. It might very well be. From the info- the noise is more pronounced under load, which might go hand in hand with piston slap. Stethoscope time. Keep us posted.
  11. It has a "tinny" sound, that sounds like cam cover harmonics, as Tony was saying, a main is deeper and "thuddy". You were stating that the valves were re-seated? Lapped/ground existing seats, or an actual re-seat? The sound leads me to believe it to be an internal top end problem.
  12. You would be surprised where knocks come from...........but that doesn't sound too healthy. Changing the oil will have a 99% chance of failure of eliminating that knock I fear. I have listened to the video about 20 times, and do not get a good feeling. There is a click and a slap sound, if all the external rotational stuff checks out (pulleys, belts etc.) then it is probably internal. I do not like the fact that the knock gets louder towards the rear of the engine. About halfway through the video there is a distinct double knock. I have my fingers crossed for you............plea
  13. If it is an exhaust related issue, usually the fasteners are the source of the problem at the start. Once the gasket has been banged around by a loose connection, then change out the gasket (cheap insurance), but the nuts on the studs are the usual culprit. Thread compounds (Loc-Tite etc.) are not the real solution, I would advise that bona-fide mechanical locking nuts are in order. I have seen people utilize lock nuts with the nylon element and kind of survive, but there are aircraft application suitable nuts that are constructed entirely from heat resistant alloys. I will not build
  14. Yikes! I had a cold knocking once that was due to a loose header flange, it would knock until it warmed up enough for things to expand a bit, and make a solid connection. was more of a click/knock sound. Hope it's an easy fix.
  15. You would have to implement a pump (electric), setting it up would be easy, but determining the flow might be difficult, you could easily over pump it and lose the capacity for the oil to transmit the heat at peak efficiency. Somebody somewhere was talking about some plumbing trick with the S1/S2 gearbox that would not require the use of a pump to circulate oil, but it was a passing conversation involving beer.............
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