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  1. Yes defiantly, weather is actually improving so will aim to be there 10.30ish I guess
  2. Im going, looking at the weather though I may leave Bristol a little later in the morning & hope to miss the 'heavy stormy showers'.
  3. Splodge s4

    castle combe

    Hoping to but wont be first thing, probably around lunch time, if you see a mustard S4 hunting for a parking space please be kind
  4. I was just thinking the same, then i posted then read the second page of this thread!
  5. Splodge s4


    Very nice mate, look forward to seeing it sometime, hope your well!
  6. Yes mate, its exactly as the pic at Kemble above, that was taken this Tuesday. But does yours have a centre exhaust?!?
  7. Ah! Yes, I started that thread ages ago, its second sunday of the month, def going this month, didnt go last time as my car was at Esprit Eng, be good to park both ours together & have a kind of Topgear survey 'with spoiler or with out' debate 8-)
  8. When is it? Is it at Gaydon? Not been to a car meet for a couple of years as we have 2 kids now
  9. Hey Paul, hope your well, not see ya for ages, looks like we have the same car now mate except mine has that lovely S4 spoiler that you love! Hope to see you soon mate
  10. Well I have just been reminded by my dear wife that as our youngest is to be christened the following week we have to attend church this Sunday so from 09.30 to 11.30 i'll be praising the good lord when this is on. Frustratingly its at St Mary Redcliffe which is a stones throw from Queen sq, looks like I'll e in the estate car with family & not the Esprit, gutted.
  11. Good meet, 4 esprits there, maybe 5 next month? A mate also turned up in his one month old Lambo LP560, very nice The silver se is lovely, all original
  12. Good morning chatting cars, good we all got together in the end, I was going to post my pics but they look the same as above. Cant believe there was a type 35 Bugatti, value??? 500k, 1 mil? Looked like it had just been dragged out a barn, amazing piece of history.
  13. Just a heads up, its happening this Sunday & the weather is supposed to be fine & dry but clouding over later, should be a good turnout.
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