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  2. Nice one, looked real moody as the light was starting to fade. I was in my rep mobile and the Evora was tucked up at home.
  3. Looked like they were together until the Evora pulled off at Junc 15 (Swindon).
  4. Valid MOT Castle Combe hire out helmets I use Morris Track Day Insurance (about £200 but optional if you are a mad risk taker) Valid license! We deffo need some non yellow Evora's!
  5. Just wondered if any Evora's are going - might take the family down and have a look.
  6. I feel for you Richard, I think given the age and mileage of the car, you should be able to reasonably expect longer life in the components of the transmission than this, warranty or not. Crikey, the transmission lasted 20 years in my Ferrari before giving up! I agree that Lotus are under no legal obligation to help, but I do think that they should offer some kind of goodwill though. I've had a couple of issues over my car history - an out of warranty gearbox whine on a 964 - Porsche stepped up and provided the part FOC and the labour at 50%. A number of my friends had the dreaded 996 IMS and engine issues - 1 in warranty and 2 out of warranty - all were repaired either FOC or with a considerable goodwill gesture from Porsche. A work colleague has a Toyota Avensis, 76,000 miles, 2 years outside of warranty and the engine blew up. Toyota replaced FOC (new engine and labour) – fair play to Toyota for this. Toyota's feedback was that their reputation for having strong reliability was extremely important to them. This all points to manufacturers who understand their position in the market place and have an understanding of the impact these issues can have on brand and reputation. Surely Lotus have a test transmission or a used one lying around somewhere they could donate? It wouldn’t cover all of the costs, but it would go a long way to ensuring our Richard here feels good about the brand and tells all his mates and friends what a great customer focused company Lotus are….even a small gesture would go a long way. Good luck with finding a solution.
  7. Bit of spring love following the winter.....
  8. aquajim

    Lotus Evora 400

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I just don't want a Cayman, Boxster or 911 anymore because when you are sitting at the traffic lights 30% of the time another mass produced Porsche will be sitting next to you. Additionally when the balding, fat guy sitting in his mass produced Porsche smiles and gives you the thumbs up, it turns my stomach. In 6 months of owning an Evora I've never seen another. Some may argue that this proves the Porsche is better, but having owned both I'd never go back again. The Evora is the best kept secret. It's just not a special event to drive a Porsche. My everyday Merc feels too close. I also make a point of parking my Evora right next to any Porsche model in a car park when I can and then watch as people completely ignore the Porsche and gape open mouthed at the Evora! Anyone else do this?
  9. aquajim

    Lotus Evora 400

    Not sure, first views I thought "wow". Then had another look and felt disappointed. A few more days on and I'm working out how I find the money and which body parts I can sell. I think the issue for me is the large sections of black plastic on the front... Maybe it's thhe way its photographed? Ultimately can't wait to see it in the flesh. I also see the design similarities to other marques with the interior like others have mentioned. Any bets on who the first on this forum will be to put down a deposit?
  10. HI folks, made this today to give you an idea of the sound of a Lotus sports exhaust, Radium intake and a de-cat. Enjoy!
  11. I was already a massive Esprit fan but the S4 made my hairs stand on end. It had some fabulous exhaust system and the driver was a Motorsport instructer.
  12. Thanks for the welcome. An S4 is in my 10 car fantasy garage (in red). Someone gave me a 10 min ride in one about 5 years ago and I remember how excited I was even now.
  13. I must admit, I would like a set of the 19/20s visually, but having been out in an Evora S with these on, I didnt think it felt as nice. I think the ideal situation would be 4 x sets. Satin black and silver in both 18/19's and 19/20's! Mileage is now 29,022 and you would hardly know it wasnt brand new. I have a rolling road print out that came with it showing very healthy BHP figures with the mods. I would like to find out if it was baselined before the mods at the same rolling road?
  14. Wow thanks for the feedback guys - loving the Evora, I really am. Allan, thanks for the early life pictures - great to see it in the early days. Aquamarine is the first time I have bought a "sunny days only" car in anything other than standard colours. I've done red, black blue and silver. Glad I made the decision to try something different as everyone who sees it says - "what a lovely Lamborghini you have" and then "what an amazing colour". I politely tell them its a Lotus of course....
  15. Hi all, I've been lurking on here a while now but thought it was about time to contribute! I picked up my Evora last year and I'm very pleased with her. No issues other than a waterlogged boot which I've now fixed. I think some of you may recognise her? It's got the following upgrades: Barge boards Forged alloys Radium Intake Shiny gear knob! Decat Lotus sports exhaust I have a good car history to compare the Evora to, so if anyone wants me to give some thoughts - happy to do so. I love the mix of performance and refinement, it's plenty quick enough for any of the roads near me. It's capable of deceptively fast cornering speeds with a huge amount of grip and feel. More importantly it's a lot of fun... Hopefully see some of you very soon.
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