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  1. FYI, they are the same thing. They are produced by Win-Ace in Malaysia. (Hethelsport are the US agents & Eliseshop are the European agents).
  2. If he did, I think that @Kimbers still owns the car.
  3. That’s the first time that I’ve heard someone complaining about the seats (and ride) in an NA Evora. Have you not got the standard Recaro seats fitted?
  4. I think that was the hammer price. Auctioneers fees etc need to be added for the final, actual price.
  5. It is, isn’t it? (And not many F1 cars are!) It looks a lot like the first Jordan car:
  6. To @Sparky, need a new car?
  7. Maybe have a word directly with @alias23?
  8. ^^^^This^^^^ The spanner code is a minor issue that can only be read by Lotus Techcentre. Any serious OBDII readable faults will put in the engine light. If the car is running fine, I wouldn’t worry about the spanner. It was probably a sensor hiccup. It will probably clear itself after a certain number of starts. (5?)
  9. Have a word with our own @alias23: (These are proper carbon, not just skinned GRP).
  10. Very local. Our kids used to go to the same playgroups. (I thought that there is another vid where Jake is ‘scared sensible’ by Mr Donnelly. But I can’t find it).
  11. There's a silver car in the picture?
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