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  1. Most likely the Exige 410 (seeing as he has posted in the V6 Exige section).
  2. You still can. It’s just easier for them if it involves an aftermarket ECU. ES Motorsports & Hangar111 both offer their own versions.
  3. re the seats, it would be easier & quicker to buy these brackets: (Jon is a 410 owner who posts on here). re the ECU, Lotus started encrypting their ECU code a few years ago. Komotec seem to be the only people who have bothered to crack the encryption. So, unfortunately, it isn’t really possible to livemap the OEM ECU in the UK. UK specialists will tend to offer a custom ECU instead.
  4. It will be F/BHP. The WHP is 423. The torque curve is also on the graph (CEngTq):
  5. The subwoofer isn’t necessarily wired up to the subwoofer channel (believe or not!). You might need to play around with the balance and fader to work out exactly which channel that it has been wired to.
  6. FYI, the S never actually got the lightened flywheel in the end (regardless of what some publications/manuals might state). The 400 flywheel is the lightened flywheel, originally intended for the S.
  7. Maybe just wait until @Hangar 111 is slightly less busy at work. I'm sure that he will be happy to confirm. (But the answer is 'yes').
  8. Don't forget that Geely are already heavily involved in motorsports via Cyan Racing and WTCC. (Cyan also campaigned an older Evora GT4 last year in Sweden). Any future Lotus involvement might not necessarily directly include Hethel.
  9. Yes, see my previous post about ES! They don’t list their entire stock on their website or on eBay. For something specific, you’re always better off calling: 01508 498899.
  10. As far as I know, yes. I’m certainly planning on going down a similar route once mine goes ‘pop’. I’m sure that @Hangar 111 would be happy to confirm. ”Forgive my ignorance, but does the gearbox need to be opened up to replace the clutch?” No, but the gearbox needs to be removed from the engine (hence the high cost of labour). Once the gearbox has been removed, I understand that it is then relatively straight forward to open. (Not that I’ve ever done it myself, mind!)
  11. The 4X0 cars have got a succession of uprated clutches so any of those would be an upgrade. There is also a lightened flywheel, which will improve engine response. If you want to start spending a few £s once the gearbox is open, it’s a good opportunity to install an LSD or the closer gear ratios from the later cars.
  12. Bravo73

    Evora 400

    Already posted here:
  13. Do they? First that I’ve heard that.
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