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  1. Hello from Switzerland

    Welcome I’m sure that you’ll have a load of fun in the car. Especially once you’ve got it on track.
  2. I said ‘a bit more palatable’, not ‘the same price’!
  3. Lotus Exige Cup 380

    I suspect it was down to whichever panel/button that was available when your car went down the line.
  4. Looking through the brochure, that price isn’t ‘just’ for the silencer/backbox. That price includes the equivalent of the y-pipe, cat delete pipe AND the silencer. That makes the price (and the weight) a bit more palatable.
  5. Because he left an ‘8’ out of the mileage. eBay says 118,000!
  6. Lotus 15 & Lotus 16 for sale

    Here’s looking at you, Stu. They would make worthy additions to your collection.
  7. I’m still struggling to understand that if you’ve got a non or partly operational handbrake, why are you insisting on using it?
  8. At last a targa Evora is here

    Bring it around. It won’t take long.
  9. Performance exhaust

    This should give you a reasonable starting point: Good luck.
  10. At last a targa Evora is here

    Some of the other shots: Well, I suppose that is one way of getting around the positioning of the rollover hoop. But it’s still a bit 💩, isn’t it?
  11. Performance exhaust

    ‘Search is your friend’. This topic has been covered plenty of times before.
  12. Before everyone starts rushing for the pitchforks, it might be worth pointing out that every story always has two sides. And we have currently only heard one side of it.
  13. Apologies, I didn’t mean permanently. I just meant until it is fixed. Why bother applying it when you are in traffic, for example? It sounds like the dealer is trying to get it fixed anyway.
  14. If the handbrake is intermittent, why are you even bothering to use it? If parked, leave the car in gear. Try and avoid hill starts. If you can’t, either use a heel & toe technique (or hammer the clutch a bit).
  15. Future of Lotus

    Will they have anything left to present at Geneva? We’ve still got plenty of time for a further 14 special editions before then.