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  1. Evora GT430

    Ah, gotcha. I’m presuming/hoping that your Elise is red (not grey with an orange stripe...)
  2. Evora GT430

    Huh? Please tell.
  3. Evora GT430

    Scratch that. The dealer has it listed for sale. 167,000SFr = £128,000. Good luck with that!
  4. Evora GT430

    I really, really hope that that is a customer specced car. If the dealer specced it, I suspect that it might be hanging around their inventory for some time.
  5. New F1 Logos Proposed

    Hehehe. It’s to replace this (current) logo:
  6. Isn’t that Hethel? If so, maybe they are learning after all.
  7. Watch Collectors/Fanatics

    Well, if we’re talking Bremonts...
  8. Ouch. Have you seen this, @rallyesax?
  9. Evora Sport 410 Parts for Evora 400

    The ‘410’ geometry can be applied to a 400. The ECUs are indentical between the two models, contrary to what the marketing department might want you to think.
  10. Evora Sport 410 Parts for Evora 400

    Ah, sorry. I read your post wrong. I suspect that you could try to order a 410 in 2+2 but you would have to have the Sparco seats (for rear access) and the 400 wheels. So, what would be the point? You might as well order a 400 with the 410 bootlid.
  11. Continental Conti Winter Contact TS 830. They are the same sizes as the Avon ZZRs. They scored very highly in the various German winter tyre tests when I got them back in 2015.
  12. Evora Sport 410 Parts for Evora 400

    You can. But you just can’t use that particular style of lighterweight wheels.
  13. Watch Collectors/Fanatics

    What have you got against Mexicans?
  14. Any tread will be better than no tread, obviously. But if you’re seriously considering driving it regularly through a Scottish winter, a few hundred £ spent on a set of winter tyres would be a sound investment. My old tyre place used to store the summer tyres for free (and vice versa during the winter, obviously). If you want a second opinion, ask @JAWS. He came out with me on a winter’s morning a couple of years ago (temps around freezing, you could see the frost on the road) and he couldn’t believe the difference that a set of winter tyres made. The other upside is that the winter tyres help your (decent) summer tyres to last longer.
  15. You won’t notice a difference unless you’re on track or ‘near the ragged’ edge, ie hardly ever. If anything, the car will tend towards oversteer (because you’ll have more grip on the front axle). But if you’re planning on driving it through the winter, any summer tyre is going to be pretty rubbish (regardless of brand or axle).