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  1. How about the Adidas or Puma driving ‘trainers’? Otherwise, Sparco do a range of ‘formal(ish)’ driving shoes: And then, of course, there are Piloti:
  2. Now, if only there was an insurance specialist on the forum who could comment...
  3. The kind of cover (ie comprehensive/TPFT/3rdP) is different to the use of the vehicle. Once again, from
  4. My experience is the opposite. The usual ‘SDP’ cover specifically does not cover commuting. You’ll need ‘Social & Commuting’ for that. Here are’s criteria:
  5. Any pink/red coolant will do. It certainly does in mine!
  6. The article in question: “With the car having been on sale for so long now, and with as many derivatives launched as there has been, it can be difficult to recall what an impact the Evora had 13 years ago. And yes, it really was that far in the past, Lotus pulling the wraps off its latest sports car at the 2008 British Motor Show. Come the 2009 launch, our excitement hadn't dimmed one bit. Here was a Lotus with more than four cylinders for the first time since the Esprit, boasting a han
  7. IIRC, the Evora uses Suedetex (another brand). Isn’t the Exige the same?
  8. I sold a V8 Vantage to buy my Evora. I don’t regret it for a second. 😉
  9. sell the same fitting kit: However, bear in mind that a) I’m not sure if they keep them in stock so they might have the same Lotus-orientated stocking issues and b) it’s much cheaper to order all of the separate parts from Lotus directly. If it’s just the Tower Clips (3 x A132W6019F Tower Clip) that you are after, have you tried calling some of the larger Lotus dealers to see if they might have them on a shelf somewhere? B&C, Stratton & Silverstone would be where I starte
  10. FWIW, it was also bundled with Octane (same publisher as Evo, obvs).
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