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  1. This forum also has a really useful search function... You can download it from the issuu link. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure that Googoo will find it easily enough.
  2. ISTR that lots of owners were scuffing them getting in & out of their cars. This resulted in lots of warranty claims so the plates were removed or changed (I can’t remember which).
  3. There are quite a few MY11 cars which weren’t registered until 2012 or even 2013. Don’t confuse these cars with actual MY12 cars.
  4. I was at Lotus Silverstone a couple of months ago and remember seeing a white Evora. Wasn't it claimed to be putting out 300bhp (due to engine mods)? Anyway, if it is the same car that you are referring to, then yes, I'm pretty sure that I've seen it on here somewhere. But you might have to do some sleuthing through the 'Evora Picture' thread (and elsewhere) in order to find it. Otherwise, why not just call Silverstone and ask them what happened to the car? If you can get a reg number, it could help to speed up your search.
  5. You’ll need to PM the OP. He hasn’t been around for a bit (ISTR that he sold his Evora) but if you’re lucky, he’ll respond to your PM. Otherwise, maybe try and contact him via Flickr?[email protected]/
  6. Theoretically, yes, you could. But it would be expensive beyond your craziest dreams. As you can see from the car above, the issue is the rollover structure/bar (which sits just behind line of the front seats). If you remove this, you have 2 major problems. Firstly, structural rigidity. The original Evora tub could probably cope without this bar. However, due to its smaller sills, the updated 400 tub probably couldn’t. (So you would fall into the same trap as many other convertibles - the body/tub would have to be strengthened elsewhere, hence adding lots of weight). Secondly, the rollover protection itself would have to be replaced. To keep the lines from the concept, that would probably have to be some sort of automatic ‘pop up’ system (a la Gallardo etc). How much would that cost to design and build? Well, start with a blank cheque and work up from there. So, this starts to give you an idea why the Evora roadster never really made it off the drawing board.
  7. Nope. The project is deader than an dead thing. There is someone in the USA who tried to chop the roof off his Evora and it looks... ...terrible. The crash structure/roll bar is slightly too far forward (just behind the front seats), unfortunately. Edited to add pictures of the ‘finished’ car:
  8. Unfortunately, you can’t. What part of ‘going for a drive’ could be defined as ‘essential travel’? Stay at home. Save lives.
  9. New series starts this Thursday at 8pm with an.... S1 Esprit!
  10. See the end of this thread:
  11. Ben/DBG’s car is in Australia. You only seem to have UK regs on your list.
  12. Which, ironically, wasn’t going to be a Lotus at all. It was meant to be a Proton.
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