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  1. Is the A pillar trim itself still straight? Or, has it warped slightly?
  2. Here you go: Enter your VIN, pay for the cheapest subscription then download all of the various manuals for your particular model.
  3. Ah but, just as importantly, how many anti-drone systems have been sold to airports since the Gatwick episode, eh?
  4. “It’s actually only partly accurate to say Lotus will be using Volvo engines. The plan really calls for Volvo Cars and Geely to merge their internal combustion engine operations into one unit, then Lotus will draw off those combined resources.” ie old news.
  5. The last price that I paid for a CoP was £75. However, if you spend £100 on a Gold Forum Membership, not only do you get a CoP but also another bag of goodies (courtesy of @Bibs) :
  6. Send a message to @TBD. It was his project.
  7. So, how did you sort it, please? That sort of info will be useful if anyone else has the issue in the future.
  8. There isn’t one. The PS4S is currently the best UHP summer tyre on the market. And they’re not a bad price really.
  9. I’ve split all of the posts about MadMick’s new toy into their own thread:
  10. Worldwide, I imagine.
  11. Don’t bother fitting a dedicated DAB aerial. Just fit an FM aerial splitter.
  12. If you want to drive the car ‘properly’ during the winter, only a dedicated set of UHP winter tyres will do. The Continentals are the best: If it’s cold and/or wet, the Cups can be like ‘driving tea trays on ice’. Just ask @bosshog.
  13. You’ve bought yourself a great car. Saj did lots of things to turn an already great car into an awesome car. ISTR that the next owner(s) were planning on turning it into a dedicated track car. Maybe their plans changed? re the airbag - @Bruss is your man. He managed to track down a scanner which connect to, and clear the light, for the airbag module. See here: re winter tyres - are you looking for a set of dedicated winter tyres for the 19/20” wheels? Or have you got a second set of wheels?
  14. If you ask @alias23 nicely, he might be able to investigate producing some sets for Evoras.
  15. I think that you and ‘Steff’ need to go back to school.
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