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  1. Loverly juberlee! Welcome to TLF. 👋
  2. You are probably best off asking the previous owner, @SCMTBCOACH.
  3. There is a harness option which doesn’t require a bar. Details in this thread here:
  4. How old is the battery? (Not the fob battery, the main 12V battery).
  5. Asking price of £105k (just in case the ad is changed or removed).
  6. ‘Yes, Prime Minister’ was pretty good at soothsaying.
  7. You’re at it again! 🤣
  8. Welcome to TLF. 👋 You’ve made one heck of a start to your Lotus ownership. Congrats! (In a few months time, your Emira will look quite smart parked next to EX18 ERS). 😉
  9. @AndyH, more importantly, I suspect that the OP would like to know if your car is for sale or not? 😉
  10. IIRC, that was is/was subsequently owned by @Stuart Monument.
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