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  1. I’ve split all of those recent posts into their own topic: Please continue your discussions over there. Because they’ve got naff all to do with the Evora market...
  2. Be aware that there are some stolen sets of 400 wheels floating around. If the price of this set is ‘too good to be true’, they could well be one of them:
  3. Bravo73

    It started with a JPS Lotus F1 pedal car

    What a great intro. Welcome, Andreas.
  4. Looks like a nice car for a sensible price. I can’t imagine that there are many white, S SRs around. Maybe it was @Stuno1‘s car once?
  5. Bravo73

    Classic Tours

  6. Bravo73

    Harrop TVS1900 video

    Nope. Just don’t have to follow the rest of the sheep when it comes to ‘internet truths’... 😂
  7. Bravo73

    Harrop TVS1900 video

    They’re not that restrictive (contrary to popular, ‘internet belief’). Lotus can obviously manage to get 430bhp using them...
  8. Bravo73

    Gear change question

    No. The original Exige V6 has the same gearbox (and linkage) as the Evora S. The Sport 350 has the newer linkage from the 400.
  9. Bravo73

    Chasing Classic Cars

    I’ve not watched it yet but I’ve had it set to record. Looking forward to it now.
  10. Bravo73

    Evora TVS1900

    They chose to go with an Edlebrock option for the 4X0 cars. This Harrop TVS1900 wasn’t available at the time.
  11. Bravo73

    Evora TVS1900

    The video in this link is definitely worth watching: 🥰
  12. Bravo73

    Harrop TVS1900 video

    Hoffman are the UK supplier. @Randy is who you’ll want to speak to.
  13. Bravo73

    BHP. Evora 400 v Evora 410...

    Like I’ve said already (repeatedly, over months/years), they are lying to you. The 410 ECU & map are identical to the 400 one. That information comes from 2 separate, and very reliable, sources.
  14. @Spinney, have you asked your supplying dealer if they would be willing to ‘back date’ this deal for you? Was it even mentioned that it might be available in the future, when you bought your car? This is the sort of thing that ‘old’ Lotus used to do repeatedly when releasing new models and it p1ssed off some buyers no end.