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  1. Deroure doesn’t have any listings for the Exige 430 (yet) but the Evora 400 uses the same system:
  2. Bravo73

    TLF Trackday?

    It might be worth looking at the Members Map for all of the interested TLFers. I suspect that there will be far more members based in south than the very few who are based in Northern Jockland. Any potential track choices should probably be weighted accordingly. Edited to add: Ah, I should’ve probably read Chris’s post before posting mine.
  3. Bravo73

    TLF Trackday?

    Could I suggest Donny Park then, please? A great, great track and you can’t really get more central, being in the Midlands and all.
  4. Bravo73

    TLF Trackday?

    I like LoT days and have never had any issues (apart from the very occasional Elise who refuses to move out of the way of a faster car). However, I would love to do a TLF day, even if it was only very occasionally.
  5. Bravo73

    Temperature in traffic jams

    No, that’s not normal. Sounds like your thermostat is goosed.
  6. Bravo73

    TLF Trackday?

    @Bruss and @Paul Butler might also be interested.
  7. Bravo73

    Lotus Driving Academy Write Up

    Are you sure that you’re not thinking about Evo? With this on the cover: ...and this on the contents page: ...I thought that this was a particularly fine edition (and I’ve not even had a chance to read it properly yet). Some editions I read cover to cover whilst others certainly only merit a quick ‘flick through’. However, I still look forward to receiving Octane every month. I would recommend it to anyone with even the smallest drop of petrol running through their veins.
  8. Bravo73

    Hi Dears

  9. From the Service Notes (section VE): The door trim panel is secured to the door shell by the door pull handle fixings, five screws along the bot- tom shutface, a single screw at the top front corner, and three location pegs along the top edge. Note that the door speaker grille is fixed to the door panel, but the speaker itself is mounted to the door shell. To remove/refit door trim panel 1. Prise out the window and mirror switches and unplug the harness connector. 2. Remove the door front top corner closing panel: - Prise out the two fir tree fasteners. - Remove the two screws in the flange of the air duct connector. Remove the single fixing screw securing the panel to the door shell. 3. Prise out the finisher plate from the door pull handle (4 spring clips), and remove the two fixings securing the handle and trim panel to the door. 4. Remove the five screws in the underside of the door securing the panel. Pull out the bottom of the door panel and lift the top edge location pegs from their slots in the door shell. Unhook the door release cable from the handle, and disconnect the door harness from the window/mirror switchgear and mood lighting strip. Refit in reverse order to removal. (I suggest that you get yourself a copy of the Service Notes. They are very useful in these sort of situations).
  10. Bravo73

    Hello from Fife

  11. Bravo73

    TLF Trackday?

    I’m definitely interested in TLF trackdays but, unfortunately, can’t make the 29th. ☹️ I think that @alias23 is keen (and it’s his local track). (I’ve also taken the liberty of amending the thread title. I hope that you don’t mind. )
  12. Bravo73

    Peoples’ reaction to your Evora

    AKA ‘the coffee beans’.