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  1. Some new(ish) Aussie YouTube Exige S240 content: Including an appearance from the SSC guys in Ep2:
  2. I'm not sure that he did. It seems to have been posted by an account called 'Crimewatch UK'. Maybe the Police impounded his camera once they had found it...?
  3. I think that the previous owner is/was also a regular over on S ELOC. His username escapes me as well though, unfortunately.
  4. It’s possible to source them for much cheaper prices than those above. ^^^^ Once again, this has come up lots of times before so I suggest running a search.
  5. They are a Saab/GM part so they are reasonably easy to get hold of. The USA seems to be the cheapest source. I suggest a search on here for the part number.
  6. Ah, that’s a shame. You’ve been one of the Evora stalwarts over the past few years. Dare we ask what you are replacing it with?
  7. This one:
  8. Bravo73


    There’s only one flying Catalina in the UK so if it was on the G reg, it’s the same one.
  9. Nope. They seem to be readily available:
  10. The easiest way to get his attention is to tag him: @Techyd (BTW, the car does seem suspiciously cheap. Even if it is an IPS).
  11. PSS/PS4S is the recommended combo from ‘our’ resident tyre expert, @rallyesax.
  12. An ODB reader won’t read the spanner codes. That’s a Lotus Techcentre only thing. But spanner codes are minor issues (which will probably disappear after a certain number of starts). The best combo for the 18/19” wheels are PSS on the front and PS4S on the rears. Otherwise, get yourself a set of 19/20”s. They look better, weigh about the same and you can have PS4S all around.
  13. Dan at Divine Handicrafts might be able to help you out:
  14. It's only just occurred to me but Goodwood's Speed'week' is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Errrr....
  15. So, I’ve had another look and still can’t find it. Has anyone got the direct link, please?
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