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  1. Bravo73

    Future of Lotus

    Nope, not tongue in cheek at all. Those numbers demonstrate that the market for lightweight, 2 seater, track focused sports cars is very, very limited. Even worldwide. Even with a decent marketing budget. (Look at how many cars McLaren sold last year). As has already been discussed ad finitum in this thread already, Porsche came to this conclusion in the 1990s. Hence the Cayenne and diesels. And then untold profits (which help to subsidise the various GT2/3/4s). The market has spoken. High power GT cars and SUVs with plenty of gizmos and cupholders is the future. If we’re lucky, there will still be a place for an Elise. But it just won’t be the core business.
  2. Hmmm, if something looks too good to be true etc etc... Tread very carefully.
  3. Bravo73

    Future of Lotus

    Lotus only managed to sell 1,600 cars last year. In the entire world. The market has spoken, unfortunately.
  4. He meant this one: 👨‍🍳 or even 👩‍🍳
  5. Bravo73

    V6 Exige forged wheels

    Every time that I have seen that page, they have been ‘on sale’.
  6. Bravo73

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Great choice, lovely colour.
  7. Erm, the wheels/tyres don’t have to be on the car when you do it.
  8. Out of (mild) interest, why couldn’t you have done that once the tyres had already been fitted to the wheels?
  9. Bravo73

    Evora C service, how much?

    ISTR (from a previous thread) that the Lotus plugs are actually a different spec to the standard Toyota ones. (Rather than just charging more for printing Lotus, rather than Toyota, on the box). Same, same but different.
  10. Bravo73

    Evora C service, how much?

    It sounds like Central Lotus haven’t found out about the new 4 year interval for the belt yet.
  11. Bravo73

    Lotus Elise Cup PB-R @ Dubai 24h 2019

    They are certainly thinking about it. The GT4-30 ‘proof of concept’ was shown at the recent 70th birthday party: