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  1. Hmmm, probably best that you give them the call, eh? "Track rental"? As in renting the whole of Spa for the day? Well, no wonder that you've been quoted $15k.
  2. You need to look in the right place: "a race weekend can start from as little as £2000."
  3. Why not just fly over and hire a car(s) over here? That must surely be a cheaper option?
  4. Ooops. You’re absolutely right. I had managed to copy the advice for outdoor covers. As you were.
  5. They are made by Specialised Covers, aren’t they? If so, THIS IS FOR THE OUTDOOR COVERS: CLEANING GUIDANCE We advise, for best results and for the long term benefit of the product, that you use a damp cloth in warm water. See label on the cover for instructions. Allow to dry naturally. DO NOT CLEAN IN ANY WASHING MACHINE OR DRY CLEAN.
  6. If you want to take your Ohlins suspension to 'the next level', you could think about getting the Mechatronics system installed (so it is selectable from inside the car): Ask @TheKevlarKidabout the details. That photo above is from his car (a GTE, but the same suspension).
  7. Welcome to TLF. What a great entry into (proper) Lotus ownership. Regarding the number of olive green GT430s, the Certificate of Provenance for your car will confirm it. Lotus recently upgraded this package but I think the most cost effective method of getting one would be to upgrade your Forum Membership to Gold level. Have a word [email protected] you’re interested in this.
  8. Have you got the stock/OEM exhaust? If so, then you’ll be absolutely fine. It’ll be a lot less than 97dB.
  9. Oh, pur-lease. Enough of this scintillating chat. Please take it elsewhere. I’m sure that there are plenty of corners of the internet that cater for your sort of clientele.
  10. “Recaro cs from a lotus evora, had them in my old polo” Not sure if I should or .
  11. What a great story. Welcome to TLF.
  12. Hehe. You don’t say! I was referring to your subject of the thread, the ‘analogue’ Evora. This refers to the perception that there are very few computers diluting the feedback that the driver receives from an Evora. A ‘digital’ car would have considerably more - electronic steering, electronic suspension, FBW throttle, now FBW brakes etc etc. (BTW, in the case of the PSX controllers, they worked like you described. Analogue mode used the full range of the sticks. Digital mode turned the sticks into a d-pad. Left was left, rather than degrees of left).
  13. In this case, ‘digital = with computers’, ‘analogue = without computers”.
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