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  1. That sounds effing daft to me. I wonder why the cars can’t be inspected at the factory. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Hang on. Some of the cars will be built in Hethel, transported to Oxford and then transported back to Hethel, for handover. Really??!?
  3. Bravo73


    Yep, they still have a busy helicopter company. Partly in charters but mainly in sales and maintenance. Not so much filming these days.
  4. Bravo73


    That’s Castle, isn’t it?
  5. ☝️ That was the same car that Andrew Frankel was driving: Expect all of the reviews on 7th June.
  6. Like any other clutch, it will start slipping when it is showing signs of excessive wear.
  7. Bravo73


    Hubba hubba. (I’ve not tasted it yet but it smells amazing. 🥰)
  8. Brilliant. Lotus give you 3 options & you ask for option 4. 😂
  9. The video is in the Emira Picture & Video thread:
  10. @LOTUSMAN33, this NA claims to be an LE:
  11. "epic mid-engine comes with spatula as it’s glued to the road!" 🤮
  12. FYI, putting ‘EV02A LE’ into the TLF search function brings up a few previous/current owner(s) of this car.
  13. “Posted 3 hours ago”. Jeez, give the OP a break. 🤦‍♂️
  14. Elise-spares are ES! 🤣 Also FWIW, @windymiller, your car is an NA. The OP is asking about an S. They obviously use different belts.
  15. I’m really, really surprised that ES couldn’t find you an alternative. If anyone could, I would’ve bet on them. I imagine that @Bruss feels the same.
  16. Be very careful with the v belt length as well. ISTR that this 2GR-FE & SC combo are unique to Lotus.
  17. “COLLISION INVESTIGATION” 🤣 Getting right to the heart of the matter.
  18. It isn’t. To the OP, please don’t start spamming the forum with multiple topics about your search. There aren’t many Evoras in existence so the more fussy you are with your price/spec combo, the more patient you will have to be.
  19. £69k for a 400? Isn't that slightly, erm, 'ambitious' pricing (even considering the mileage and the current market)?
  20. I’ve not driven a ‘modern’ Morgan yet but, ironically, I imagine that they are more BMW than Lotus, really. I’ve got a lot of experience driving an older +4 and 4/4. They aren’t very ‘Lotus’ at all really. Much more MG TA-D, really.
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