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  1. Courtesy of Komo-Tec: Gangübersetzung Serie Gang Geschwindigkeit km/hbei 7200U/min 1 65,65 2 121,65 3 164,79 4 213,17 5 279,47 6 315,21 And Se loc-Wiki: (I’m pretty sure that the 4XX cars use the same ratios as the ‘close ratio’ ‘box).
  2. I’ve got a feeling that it is a factory issue, when the VIN is allocated to the chassis. Maybe it’s a case of whichever YTS/work experience/apprentice bod is allocated the job isn’t paying attention on the day? 🤷‍♂️
  3. You might be better off starting your own thread, outlining exactly what you’re after (colour, age, gearbox, budget etc).
  4. It might be the equivalent. It might be worth a quick email to their customer service number.
  5. The last tracker tag that I had to use worked on Bluetooth. So you could also use your ‘phone to mimic it. Does the Scorpion work in the same way?
  6. Please list it (for free) on Thanks.
  7. “Looks stunning in the plastic” would be more accurate. 😉
  8. Most OAPs seem to drive one of these:
  9. I don't want to ruin anything for you but are you aware of what the body panels are made out of?
  10. I reckon that you can find something better than a red rose: 😉
  11. I don’t want to knock them but to be ‘Manufacturer of the Year’, don’t they actually have to manufacture something? 🤷‍♂️
  12. Just try nipping it up with the correct sized spanner. They often aren’t done up tight enough.
  13. Hello Bruce. Welcome to Evoraland. 👋 If it’s not the a/c dripping (TADTS), then how is your coolant level? The OEM radiator has plastic end caps and these are prone to split, unfortunately. However, if it was your rad, I’d expect that the drip would be nearer to the front of the car. Incidentally, how long are you leaving your car to ‘warm up’ on the drive? Modern cars don’t really like to be warmed up unless they are under load (ie moving).
  14. Bravo73

    Passenger seat

    Or ES could probably help too.
  15. I would personally put that in the ‘no chance’ list. The AMG i4 isn’t going to be here for another couple of years, let alone an AMG V8.
  16. uses different accounts to the main forum. Therefore, you might need to register again (it’s still free).
  17. Ah, yes. It would appear that he lives in N’Yoik.
  18. There might be a Radium available here:
  19. More importantly, go Norris, Russell and the other Brit in the top 4!
  20. You managed to get a typo in your first sentence. 😂 The grammar police obviously weren’t on duty that day… 👮‍♂️ Still, from tiny acorns…
  21. Bravo73

    Wanted Evora 400

    It’s not mine, btw. It appeared today on Now that you’ve found one, I’ll lock this thread.
  22. Bravo73

    Wanted Evora 400

    @a7esk, are you still looking?
  23. Any £20 OBDII scanner will be able to read EML fault codes and clear the light. However, for the Evora, it’s worth spending a little bit more and getting this reader: It allows you to interrogate the airbag module and clear the airbag light. Otherwise, this is a £50-60 trip to a dealer.
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