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  1. Nope. Only Lotus OEM/GM. Still rubbish though. I could go into the detail of why the TPMS is on the car and who it is really aimed at. But I won’t.
  2. It’s a very good idea. The system is so unreliable and inaccurate that I’ve had it turned off for years.
  3. Selectable FW/RW/4W drive vs FW only? I think that the GRrrrrr would leave the Fiat for dead in the fun stakes.
  4. I think that @Peters4 is asking how to disable/disconnect the TPMS system. ISTR that the ‘unplug module’ method never worked for me. (I suspect that the ‘missing’ module would also produce the warning light). The only way that I could disable the TPMS was via Lotus Techcentre (at a dealer).
  5. We all know how this is going to end. With an Evora. Win, win, win. (PS Welcome to TLF. You’ve come to the right place).
  6. Welcome to TLf. If I was to ever get an Esprit, I reckon that it would have to be a World Champ one.
  7. Welcome to TLF. Good luck with the project and I love your username!
  8. Actually, I take it back regarding Yamaha. I’ve just had a look at the Which review scores and no Yamaha soundbar scores particularly well. The Sonos ones do okay though.
  9. Hello Kerr, Welcome to TLF. I’ve moved your post to a more relevant section. But I’m guessing that you’ve got a GT4 project on the go. We would love to hear more about it. Maybe over here?
  10. If you pay for membership, you will be allocated more space to store, then upload, images. I can’t remember the mechanics of it or timings but you might need to log out then log back in for the changes to take effect. (If in doubt, check with @Bibs).
  11. If you buy a ‘Full Forum Membership’, you’ll get more storage space than you’ll know what to do with:
  12. Any owner with a CoP should be able to give you a pretty good idea re V6 Cup numbers. For Cup Rs, I’d ask @Jack.
  13. Pewter grey (AKA primer grey). To @Messer, please advertise your car on Otherwise, please take discussions re availability and pricing to PMs, please.
  14. I’ve just checked back though the Service Notes for the Evora (same DPM system) and Arun is correct. The EDL is a DPM feature so when the DPM is off, so is the EDL.
  15. FYI, the windows won’t throw up the spanner symbol. That particular spanner must have been pointing to another issue. Unfortunately, only Lotus Techcentre can interrogate the spanner codes (but they are always minor).
  16. If you've already got some Sonos stuff, the Sonos Playbar (with additional Play 1s and the sub) can be worth it. However, I wouldn't buy them all at once - the total price would be eye watering! Otherwise, I think that Yamaha are generally regarded as the best soundbar manufacturer. I can dig out some recommended model numbers, if you'd like.
  17. Nice. If you haven’t found it yet, you might want to go through this thread (from the beginning): It might give you an idea or two for your new car.
  18. Welcome to TLF. Look forward to hearing about what you’ve ordered.
  19. This. (Which is also why all of the OEM Lotus cars have the (generally derided) cats in the headers).
  20. Personally, I would be looking for a Ginetta specialist who is based in, or near, Hampshire. You could try asking here: Otherwise, this operation seem to be based in Hampshire and have previous Ginetta experience: (They might be too 'modern' for your requirements though). This lot might be able to help as well (and aren't very far away in West Sussex): Good luck.
  21. Absolutely. Don’t forget that those pressures are for the OEM Pirellis. Michelins seem to work better with lower pressures, regardless of the size. (I use 1.8 & 2.0bar for 19/20s which, annoyingly, is below the TPMS threshold. Which is why I got it switched off!)
  22. I would so love to be able to commit to this right now. But, alas...
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