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  1. Not quite. First pole but 3rd Indy race.
  2. He is. On plenty of ‘shows’. As well as making the ‘next’ Lotus:
  3. Hello roarf, Welcome to TLF. 👋 I can remember clutch delay valves being an issue on M3s (e36, IIRC). However, I can’t recall anyone ever having any issues with the Toyota/Lotus setup. I certainly don’t remember any discussions about owners removing them. (I’ve personally never had any issues with clutch engagement, either on the road or on the track). What sort of feedback having you been getting over on LotusTalk? Have other US owners been removing them?
  4. See here:
  5. FWIW, it doesn't. It allows for a bit more slip but it is still definitely there. From the Service Notes: "In order to cater for the preferences of some sport oriented drivers, a Sport Mode selector button is provided to deliver quicker throttle response, increased wheel slippage thresholds, no throttle reduction on detection of understeer, and a maximum continuous engine speed raised from 6,600 to 7,000 rpm."
  6. Well, I guess that everyone’s “affordable” is relative: ”Instead its price could well still break into seven figures…” 🤣
  7. Hmmm, if only we had someone who correct all of those inaccuracies and then publish them somewhere… 🤔🧏
  8. It’s a GN plate though (Kent). A factory car would most likely be AU.
  9. Yep, I imagine that would have been Lepsons. They have changed hands since then though.
  10. Ahhh, the ‘Cadbury car’. Enjoy.
  11. £30k for an non-MY12 NA with nearly 50k miles? Hmmm, I’m not sure it’s that keen.
  12. I understand that this is regarded as the definitive tome on ACBC:
  13. Try asking ES Motorsports. They have probably taken plenty off old Evoras. (You’ll need to contact them directly. Don’t rely on their eBay listings to be the full list of their available parts).
  14. Definitely trying it on. Until it sells! (Is this Matt Becker’s old company car?)
  15. Ah, my mistake. I’m glad that you got me to check. That should be 2.0 front, 2.2 rear. (These were the ‘standard’ Evora 400 pressures for the PSS). But, 1.8/2.0 seemed to be working fine today on a brief ‘blast’.
  16. 1.8 front & 2.0 is what I use on PSS. However, the OEM TPMS might not be too happy with those values (and can’t be adjusted, BTW).
  17. No, that’s the Evija.
  18. Don’t worry, that reference wasn’t meant for you. It was a gentle dig elsewhere: 😉
  19. Paging @GTK. Your thread has arrived.
  20. Yes, please. I’d watch it. 🤓 You could always try asking @GTK. He’s our resident YouTube megastar. 😎
  21. Yes. @Doug Ashley (But it’s not actually an SR so shouldn’t really be in this thread).
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