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  1. are much better placed for the USofA.
  2. Only the Lotus software will read that data from the ECU.
  3. 👉 😉 I suspect that ‘Storm Arwen’ will say otherwise.
  4. Bravo73


    That doesn’t say much about your home made oxtail soup. 😉😂
  5. That is the one & only photo on that listing. Hmmm, I suspect that the seller might need a few more if he/she wants to persuade someone to part with £25k. @p4cks, is that your car?
  6. It has already been announced that the Emira will be the last ICE car that Lotus will produce. So, last V6, last i4, end of an era.
  7. I nearly wet myself watching them eating those chillies. 🤣
  8. I saw a ‘plate today which was scraping that particular barrel. It was BO65 which then needed a ‘strategically placed bolt’ to look like BO55… 🤦‍♂️ Viz called from 1993. It would like it’s joke back, please… 😉
  9. “Having failed his A-Level Maths and hence unable to get into Loughborough University to study automotive engineering, Metcalfe decided to study agriculture at Shuttleworth agricultural college, graduating in 1980 with an HND. Deciding he wanted to become a farmer, he took a series of agricultural related jobs to build up his capital funds, whilst also farming on rented land to build his experience. On graduation he became a grain trader, whilst also raising sheep on rented land. Deciding that animals needed too much daily care, he has since focused on arable farming, initially renting land in the Harpenden area”
  10. I don’t know what effect that will have on their TechCentre subscription.
  11. The garage will need to use the OEM Lotus Techcentre software/system to access the settings. This is only available to authorised Lotus service centres.
  12. Except that Chris Harris will just point out that the Emira isn’t really a new car. Which is really his point about Lotus over the past few years/decades. Maybe he will change his mind when the next generation of Lotus cars is released.
  13. That is @jerzybondov’s car and was linked a few posts above.
  14. There is also the ‘Chris Harris’ factor to consider.
  15. A great start to the new series. Especially the bit about Mr Kidd.
  16. Wot, you surrounded by money? 😉😂
  17. 👆Link doesn’t seem to be working.
  18. I’m not sure how much aero matters on a 2.5t SUV…
  19. Ah. The 'money shot'.
  20. Those are some frankly insane graphics! (On my ‘phone screen, at least).
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