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  1. In which case, more often than not, it’s better to add to the old thread than start a new one. That way, everyone can keep track of how the gen develops.
  2. Have you contacted ES Motorsports yet?
  3. Could you not just do up the seatbelt on the empty seat, then sit on top of the seatbelt? Or, ask SWLC if they’ve got an old buckle off a scrap ‘belt. Then just clip that in when you’re using the harness?
  4. Good point. It says ‘ENDED’ not ‘Sold’. So, bearing in mind that the previous ad was asking for £34k, I’m guessing that maybe it didn’t meet the reserve.
  5. Don’t forget the 5%+VAT ‘Buyer’s Fee’. So £1740 on top of the £29k.
  6. It’s doubly ironic because Mr Bahar (in)famously tried to kill off the Evora early.
  7. We now know that Jenson might have had an ulterior motive at the time.
  8. (67k miles, £24k asking price FWIW - in case the ad disappears).
  9. I used to love those, ‘back in the day’. What’s it like to drive?
  10. Aha. Is that the BOE or OEM version? If you don’t mind me asking, how much did it cost you (in total), please?
  11. Also, ideally, try and get a couple of heat cycles into the new tyres before you use them in anger for the first time. Their performance and life will be significantly improved if you do.
  12. FYI, the 19/20" wheels are forged as well. Personally, I think that the larger wheels look best in a diamond cut finish (with darker spokes). However, it is very tricky to get right (especially aftermarket) and it can only be done so many times to a set of wheels (due to removing material).
  13. It has been discussed, at length, in the other main Emira thread:
  14. Rookie. Wahoo. I’m going places, me. 🤪🤣
  15. @Hangar 111 is probably the best placed to answer this.
  16. You’re right. From the horse’s mouth (😞 ”The new Exige Sport 390 replaces the outgoing Exige Sport 350. The power increase of 47bhp comes from a revised calibration linked to the Edelbrock supercharger with chargecooling, to produce 397bhp and 420Nm.”
  17. That sounds like a very sensible life choice. Good luck with your hunt. Out of interest, does the 390 have the charge-cooled Edelbrook SC (from the Ev4x0) or the original Harrop SC?
  18. I’m pretty sure that vacuum reservoir is a VAG part. You can certainly find them much cheaper (especially secondhand) if you do some digging. Edited to add: I’ve done some further digging. (I went through a similar, but different, issue in 2017). I ended up with a vacuum reservoir from a 2006 onwards Ford Galaxy 2.0 TDCI. It cost me £7.
  19. It sounds like he really need 😂
  20. Don't worry, @Bibs is also a 'Newbie'. 🤣
  21. Maybe when you get a proper licence and become a proper pilot. Rather than playing around with the little toys. 😜🤣😗😉
  22. Hmmm, looks like they call you 'flyers': Flyer ID The flyer is the person who flies the drone or model aircraft. 🤣
  23. **cough, cough** a drone operator… 😜😉 Please, please, please tell me that you’ve still got to keep it under 400ft AGL? 😳
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