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  1. Have you got a 2+2? If so, how about attaching the harness to the Isofix hoops some how?
  2. Is the only reason you want a cage is to fit harnesses? If you're looking for structural strength, are you aware that the only really discernable structure in the Evora roof is effectively a roll bar (admittably without the triangulation though)? Here is a cutaway of a Evora hybrid. The roof bar is very clear: (I presume that the standard Evora is the same).
  3. Pretty punchy pricing: €890!
  4. Likewise. I've not been around Hethel yet but I generally always sign up for tuition whenever I go on a trackday. Every day is a training day!
  5. Judging from Bedford a couple of weeks ago, I should be able to pass you on the straights. But you'll regain it all in the corners. (And I'll still be on road tyres). See you at the brief.
  6. I'm also going this Saturday. From the L-o-T website, it looks like there are still 4 slots available.
  7. Bravo73

    Summer Roadtrips

    If you're driving through France, have you got yourself a Liber-t tag yet? Even if you're not planning on going on too many autoroutes, it is highly, highly recommended.
  8. Pretty much. I'll send you a PM with some updated details.
  9. Ask Cocopops. After market warranties generally aren't worth the paper that they are written on.
  10. Out of interest, is this the car that Caterham were involved with at one point?
  11. Is this a MY12 'feature'? I can't remember mine doing it.
  12. Ah, of course, sorry. I was presuming that you were picking it up from the factory.
  13. There is a Lotus on Track trackday at Hethel on the 20th June. Make sure that you bring your new ride over and say hello.
  14. 1. CocoPops - 1 set - Anthracite Gloss 2. LotusMiles - 1 set - Gold Gloss 3. Bravo73 - 1 set - Black Satin 4. Is anybody else interested in this group buy? (I need a set for Hethel on the 20th June so I'm looking to order these ASAP).
  15. Aha. I hadn't made the connection (until now). If you do a Google Images for 'Evora Sports Racer', every other image is of your car!
  16. Gilchrist?
  17. Bravo73

    Lotus Evora 400

    FWIW, you got it the wrong way around. Lotus offer 3 years manufacturer's warranty, Porsche offer 2 years. The additional years from Porsche are an 'insured warranty'. The T&Cs are different and like you said, lots of items aren't covered beyond the first 2 years.
  18. Bravo73

    Lotus Evora 400

    It would appear as if you don't. The manufacturer's warranty (2 years in the case of Porsche, 3 years in the case of Lotus) is directly backed by the manufacturer. They cover the bill for labour and parts. The approved used warranty is actually an insurance policy, backed by an insurance company. (In the case of Porsche, it is "This insurance Policy is underwritten by XL Insurance Company Limited"). The T&Cs between the two will be different. This is a very subtle, but important, difference. Primarily becau
  19. Bravo73

    Lotus Evora 400

    Are you aware of the differences between (any) initial manufacturer's warranty and (any) subsequent 'approved/OEM' used warranty?
  20. Looking at the photo, it looks like the knob sits a bit high on the stick. I presume that this is because I've still got the original MY11 shaft. My next job will be to order and fit the MY12 shaft and a suedetex gaitor.
  21. . . . Thanks, gents (especially Paul!) I need to have another conversation with Dave @ ES before I start committing serious funds to engine mods.
  22. To complement the wheel, today I went from this: this: The parts cost £40.75 (don't forget the grub screw!) and fitting took about 10 mins max. I never really liked the feel of the original knob (phnar, phnar!) and the updated knob continues the SR 'theme'.
  23. x2. Double de-clutch on a synchromesh gearbox? A waste of time!
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