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  1. I got a great price recently from the forum offer, AIB. ( However, their policy offered 5 track days (which is what I wanted).
  2. Bravo73

    Lotus Evora 400

    From the internet and/or car magazines primarily. I'm sure that you will start to receive both in Australia at some point...
  3. I went to an evening session at Snetterton a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the weather was diabolically bad so I didn't bother hanging around for many laps. However, I'm always up for other run outs (if I'm available).
  4. Fair enough. I'd feel the same way. I am about to contact them to get a quote to get a steering wheel retrimmed. I'll see how I get on! re the seats, have you been in contact with Paul (brusselsangel) yet? He had his seats retrimmed by 'Dave':
  5. These might interest you: From
  6. Bravo73

    Lotus Evora 400

    Don't forget that the £72k price includes taxes. I wouldn't be surprised if the $ price is roughly $72k. (That is generally how UK/US prices work when things from here are sold over there).
  7. If it's of any interest to anyone, there are currently a couple of the GTE cars sitting in Lotus Motorsports. The black carbon car (No 9) and a red and carbon car (LHD) which still needs to be converted. I'm guessing that is 17, 19 or even 20.
  8. I've been playing it a bit more and the game is good. Really good. Graphics & sound on the PS4 are great and the car dynamics are really good. If you like your racing games to be more 'simmy' than not, I can highly recommend it.
  9. I also received it yesterday for my PS4. I've only had a chance to race a couple of races (primarily in a Renault Clio Cup) but I'm liking it so far. Lots.
  10. I heard (and saw) the 400 testing this evening. The noise is awesome.
  11. "Hooning", h'officer? We were just, er, making rapid progress. PS He couldn't keep up though.
  12. I am after a MY12 Evora steering wheel. I am thinking of getting it re-covered so secondhand (and tatty) would be fine.
  13. It's a bit late to respond to this but my Evora S had Michelin PSS fitted when I collected it recently. I have had PSS on previous cars and they are, without a doubt, the best road tyres currently on the market. I can highly recommend them. I bought the car off a member on here (brusselsangel) so I'm sure that Paul can also tell you why he fitted them originally.
  14. Would you mind taking lots of photos as you go along, please? A user guide for this would be very handy.
  15. Aha, that's a pretty good reason. Nearly half the RRP of the F77DAB.
  16. Do you mind me asking why you went for the F970DAB (and not the F77DAB or F70DAB)? (I'm going through a similar decision process with my new Evora).
  17. (Nice edit!) No, I wasn't just 'told that'. My assessment has come from multiple threads on multiple car forums. The site often produces unfeasibly high or low numbers for certain models of cars. Hence the reputation for being 'notoriously inaccurate'. Anyway, unless someone knows different, it would appear that there are only about 500 Evoras in the UK. Which, like you said, makes it a very rare car.
  18. Absolutely. I wasn't really aware of just how rare they were before I bought mine.
  19. They aren't 'official' DVLA stats. The website is run by a guy who extracts his information from DVLA records. Hence the notorious inaccuracies.
  20. Does anybody know roughly how many Evoras have been sold in the UK? is putting the number at 543 ( but those stats are notoriously inaccurate.
  21. (Not the car that I was originally looking at but so much better in practically every way). The car might be familiar to a few members on here, particularly Paul. Thanks, Paul. I'll look after it.
  22. Thanks for the heads-up, Bibs. Now got it on pre-order for my PS4. Particuarly because it has so many of the UK tracks.
  23. I would recommend that you contact Duncan at Genesis Watchmaking: I've got a number of niceish watches and they all go to Duncan for servicing. A large number of us over on use Duncan for our servicing.
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