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  1. Does anybody know roughly how many Evoras have been sold in the UK? is putting the number at 543 ( but those stats are notoriously inaccurate.
  2. (Not the car that I was originally looking at but so much better in practically every way). The car might be familiar to a few members on here, particularly Paul. Thanks, Paul. I'll look after it.
  3. Thanks for the heads-up, Bibs. Now got it on pre-order for my PS4. Particuarly because it has so many of the UK tracks.
  4. I would recommend that you contact Duncan at Genesis Watchmaking: I've got a number of niceish watches and they all go to Duncan for servicing. A large number of us over on use Duncan for our servicing.
  5. IMHO, the base colour needs to be white for it to work.
  6. Before you commit to the S730, Thomas, I'd be happy to give you a detailed assessment of how I'm getting on with the S700. Like I said, it looks great 'on paper' and in their YouTube vids but in reality, it's a bit frustrating. I'm going away for a few days but when I get back, drop me a PM and I will reply in detail.
  7. It's not going to be any time soon. My guess would be the end of the year at the earliest. --------------------------------------------------------------- As much as it would pain me to buy something from Halfrauds, that is very useful to know. Thanks.
  8. No news on a price or release date though, unfortunately. I went through a similar decision process last year on a different car because I was looking for a double din unit which could play apps and have DAB radio. I discounted the (original) Parrot unit due to the very old version of Android it uses and the appalling customer feedback on their forum. I ended up finding this unit from Germany: Would I recommend it? Not really, unfortunately. It is essentially a double din Android unit, which is good, but it is still a bit buggy. When I get my Evora, I think that I am going to install the newest, top of the range Pioneer unit, the AVIC-F77DAB:
  9. Bravo73


    Nope. Norwich Airport. The heliport at North Denes is in the process of closing. The company which owns it (CHC) lost all of their contracts (although they have now won some back).
  10. Apologies, that came across wrong (and I can't seem to edit my orginal post). The 'nope' was a response to the inital point (double clutch?), not the subsequent question (is it a good box?)
  11. I'm also in a similar position to yourself - looking for an Evora S for £35 - 40k. However, slightly bucking the trend, I'm not keen on the MY2012 interior (particularly the thick red piping). So, ideally, I was looking for a MY2011 car with as many of the MY2012 mechanical improvements as possible. Especially the updated gear cables. I'm very glad to say that I found one. I should be picking it up next week. I can't wait.
  12. 1. CocoPops - 1 set - Anthracite Gloss 2. LotusMiles - 1 set - Gold Gloss 3. Bravo73 - definitely, maybe - I need to buy the car first! 4.
  13. I imagine that Rimstock will be able to ship to the USA. It might be worth contacting them directly for a price: Worldwide Sales Enquiries Tel: +44 (0) 121 525 6500Email: [email protected]
  14. There should, theoretically, be a number of advantages. The wheels themselves should be lighter. Lighter wheels = less rotating mass so better performance for turn in, braking and acceleration. ie less gyroscopic force (and precession) to overcome. Next, there should be a greater selection of tyres in 18" sizes, particularly track-orientated tyres. 18" tyres are also generally cheaper than 19"s and, especially, 20"s. If all 4 wheels and tyres are the same size, then they can be swapped front to rear to equal out wear. Front tyres tend to wear quickest on the edges, particularly with high camber. That's just a couple of advantages off the top of my head but please take everything that I say with a pinch of salt. I am just a keen amateur. The pros might have a different take on things.
  15. Taking it one step further, does anyone know if the 10" wide wheels will fit on the front of an Evora? Has anyone tried it? If they do fit, I'm aware that it will effect the handling. But the front grip should be phenomenal. It was a trick that some of the CSL crew use.
  16. I'm also very interested in this conversation (pending closing the deal on a car!) For track day wheels/tyres, wouldn't it make more sense to have the same size wheels front and rear? (The aesthetics would suffer slightly though).
  17. Ah. (Rats!) I read it in the May 2012 version of the parts catalog (sic): "Transmission (S only): sports ratio gearbox fitted as standard, lightweight low inertia flywheel and heavy duty clutch (S only)." Page 4. Edited to add: Acutally, am I getting my wires slightly crossed? Does the S have the 'lightweight low inertia flywheel and heavy duty clutch' when compared against a N/A?
  18. It's an AP clutch, isn't it? Also, don't the MY12 cars come with an uprated clutch and a lightened flywheel. Have you thought about upgrading to those?
  19. You know Dave at ES Motorsports, don't you? Have you asked him about it yet?
  20. According to the SELOC wiki , the subwoofers are wired to the rear speakers channel: "Sub-Woofer (Tech Pack only)Fitted behind a panel below the B-pillar on the right hand side of the car, powered by an Alpine M-150 amplifier and wired to the rear channel on the headunit."
  21. Bravo73


    Hello, everyone. Can I join in, please? I fly offshore helicopters.
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