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  1. Edited for accuracy. Slightly less 'headline grabbing' though.
  2. But definitely sporty, not sports. ‘Tis a hatchback, after all.
  3. ‘Connect the 12v red cable as well’? The splitter needs a power source, if that’s what you mean. You will need to splice or solder it into the power wire.
  4. I think that there is a difference between a sporty car and a ‘sports car’. RS Audis/Renaults, hot hatches, M cars etc etc are all certainly sporty. But alongside performance, something has to be styled properly to be regarded as a proper sports car.
  5. Bravo73

    TLF GT430 Club

    At least one GT430 owner must have a CoP for their car. Aren’t production numbers on that?
  6. Welcome back. Maybe @Bibscould dig out your old account details?
  7. Those idiots up at 1500ft make my blood run cold.
  8. Hmmm. A slightly different type of drone to the ones being discussed in this thread.
  9. ISTR that all Ev400s came like that. FWIW, that particular car used to belong to a TLFer (who has now gone over to t’other side). It is definitely a UK spec car.
  10. I guess that his ‘hunt’ continues...
  11. Unfortunately, there would appear to be a bit more history to the situation:
  12. Erm, a quick straw poll on carandclassic show the spread of asking prices for Mk1 Escorts is £11k to £25k. Elan +2 spread is £12k to £36k. (And has already been pointed out, this won’t actually be a Mk1 Escort. It would be a franken-kit car thing).
  13. Why on earth would you want to? Isn’t an Elan more valuable than a Mk1 Escort?
  14. Ferrari made a couple - 308 GT4 & Mondial. But they are both a bit older than an Evora. The obvious ‘4 seats with the engine in the back’ equivalent is a Beetle. AKA 911.
  15. Er, your car has got two. RTFM.
  16. It has already sold (via Hoffman’s).
  17. A low/poor battery can lead to the alarm going off. (Also at night, in my case).
  18. Maybe try calling the Parts Department at Bell & Colvill? They are the same company. Ortherwise, for Lotus parts, try asking @Bibs. He has got the same access, and can give you the same discount, as B&C/Deroure.
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