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  1. Bravo73

    Emira GT4

    If the Emira GT4 is a continuation of the Evora GT4, then there is little to no chance of ‘upgrading’ a road-going Emira. The Evora GT4 engine was in a different place, for starters!
  2. Bravo73

    TLF GT430 Club

    Not enough (to the seller) and too much (to the buyer).
  3. Bravo73

    Type 132

    I’m pretty sure that someone from over in Emiraland has. Was it @TomE?
  4. I’m pretty sure that previous Lotus warranties used to specify ‘timed runs’ on track which would invalidate them (ie racing). Other track use (ie track days) are otherwise positively encouraged.
  5. "Someone told me Great Yarmouth from the air could almost pass for Dubai - it's true," he said. Yes, from 400ft away.
  6. Out of interest, why are you so hung up about having exactly the same as OEM sizes? A small variation in width or sidewall is going to have virtually no effect on tyre performance or speedometer accuracy.
  7. Interesting. Is Motul the OEM oil for the Exige?
  8. Bravo73

    Type 132

    I imagine that is highly unlikely. The Emira is struggling to be available by 2022 and that is effectively already designed and built.
  9. Bravo73

    TLF GT430 Club

    I don’t think that anywhere near 60 cars were produced. 24/25 ended up in the UK and about 15 elsewhere, IIRC. The actual answer will be on TLF somewhere. Regarding the plaques, ‘1 of 60’ is not the same as ‘Number 1 of 60’. Or so the marketing department might tell you.
  10. Bravo73


    Can you imagine being in that cockpit, at 200ft over the North Sea at night, heading towards the Bismarck at 80kts, in a hail of flak? I can’t. My mind boggles. They were amazing.
  11. How about a black Hethel Edition?
  12. Bravo73

    Type 133

    You might want an ID3 then.
  13. Bravo73

    Emira GT4

    Is @Evotion going to move to Oz now?
  14. If you upgrade your account, you will get considerably more storage space: Otherwise, you can host the images elsewhere and link to them from here. (Great work on the renders, btw).
  15. are much better placed for the USofA.
  16. Only the Lotus software will read that data from the ECU.
  17. 👉 😉 I suspect that ‘Storm Arwen’ will say otherwise.
  18. Bravo73


    That doesn’t say much about your home made oxtail soup. 😉😂
  19. That is the one & only photo on that listing. Hmmm, I suspect that the seller might need a few more if he/she wants to persuade someone to part with £25k. @p4cks, is that your car?
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