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  1. Those idiots up at 1500ft make my blood run cold.
  2. Hmmm. A slightly different type of drone to the ones being discussed in this thread.
  3. ISTR that all Ev400s came like that. FWIW, that particular car used to belong to a TLFer (who has now gone over to t’other side). It is definitely a UK spec car.
  4. I guess that his ‘hunt’ continues...
  5. Unfortunately, there would appear to be a bit more history to the situation:
  6. Erm, a quick straw poll on carandclassic show the spread of asking prices for Mk1 Escorts is £11k to £25k. Elan +2 spread is £12k to £36k. (And has already been pointed out, this won’t actually be a Mk1 Escort. It would be a franken-kit car thing).
  7. Why on earth would you want to? Isn’t an Elan more valuable than a Mk1 Escort?
  8. Ferrari made a couple - 308 GT4 & Mondial. But they are both a bit older than an Evora. The obvious ‘4 seats with the engine in the back’ equivalent is a Beetle. AKA 911.
  9. Er, your car has got two. RTFM.
  10. It has already sold (via Hoffman’s).
  11. A low/poor battery can lead to the alarm going off. (Also at night, in my case).
  12. Maybe try calling the Parts Department at Bell & Colvill? They are the same company. Ortherwise, for Lotus parts, try asking @Bibs. He has got the same access, and can give you the same discount, as B&C/Deroure.
  13. Bravo73


    I wouldn’t be so sure:
  14. Is it actually a catalyser? I was under the impression that it is actually a resonator.
  15. IIRC, that’s not the price of the Mechatronics controller. That’s the price of Ohlins AND Mechatronics. I think that the Mechatronics bit is £1-2k, IIRC. You are best asking either @TheKevlarKid or, ideally, Russ @ MGR. He’s the gent who specced and tested your suspension in the first place.
  16. Erm, that thread that you’ve just resurrected is over 10 years old. The advice in it is also just as old.
  17. Have a search through some of @DickBush’s previous posts.
  18. I can’t recall (off the top of my head) any significant issues with the IPS gearbox. Bear in mind that it is a Toyota gearbox that is designed to be mated directly to the V6 engine (unlike it’s manual cousin). You obviously won’t have any issues with clutch replacements or wear etc. The primary comment is often about the speed of the gear changes (but most owners get used to that). Are you already aware of that particular car’s photographic past?
  19. Have you asked Komotec themselves if they have any US suppliers?
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