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  1. I’m not sure if my excess is that high. I’ve just had a quick skim read through my documents and I can’t find any obvious mention of that. Your best bet would be to give Classicline a quick call.
  2. Have you already bought an insurance policy for the car, John? The cheapest way to get trackday insurance is to get it included with your policy. My policy with ClassicLine includes 5 trackdays (and unlimited cover if the day is organised by a club, ie Lotus On Track). Otherwise, insuring the car on a day by day basis can get very expensive, very quickly.
  3. His recollection is also very confused. It must be his age, or something.
  4. Nah, don’t worry. The Evora club will always be very small and exclusive. Even ex-owners are welcome. Sometimes. 😜
  5. The Supra? It’s got a BMW straight 6 (from the Z4), hasn’t it?
  6. I suspect that your window regulator is goosed, I’m afraid. Here are other examples of weird window behaviour:
  7. Erm, there are plenty of electronics between the driver and the road on the Evora: ABS, TC, DSC, e-diff. Not all of them can be turned off.
  8. I’m not sure where you’ve been looking but there are a few options to get the power up to 500bhp (in stages). Anything over that and you’ll need to start changing internals. Have a look at Komotec (in Germany) and SSC (in Australia). The manual gearbox isn’t quite as weak as the internet might have you believe. But if you would like to change it, there are now a couple of DCT options. No doubt these will be adapted to work in the Emira.
  9. AKA ‘hyperflashing’. You need a resistor in the circuit. Contact Greg @GRPand he’ll tell you which one & where it needs to go.
  10. Welcome to TLF. 👋 What a great (re)introduction to Lotus. Are you going to be tracking it?
  11. Whilst we are on the subject of forum mechanics, @Bibswould prefer it if users didn’t just always quote the previous reply: Thanks. 😉
  12. Rather than drag this thread too far away from its topic, bike chat is probably best had over here:
  13. Yes. The Lotus encryption on the current ECUs makes it very hard to tune the OEM ECU. However, I’m sure that if you fitted a Brabus ECU to your AMG Emira then you could have eleventy bazillion HPs… 😉
  14. Hang on a sec. ‘Supercar’ parking??!? You appear to be parked next to Audi, Merc and Bimmer saloons. Coupes, at an absolute stretch. And maybe a hatchback at the end. Hmmm, Goodwood aren’t very discerning these days, are they? 🤦‍♂️
  15. Bravo73

    Lotus Emira

    The GT4 is going to be a race car, not a road car.
  16. They are going to get plenty of coverage on Chinese TV. 👍
  17. The Pork Taycan seems to. 🤦‍♂️
  18. Are you planning on fitting the carbon roof? If so, are you aware that it is very difficult to de-bond the existing roof without doing considerable damage.
  19. I used a set of Goodyear F1s on an M3 years ago (because of good reviews & price). The Michelin PS2s that were on the car before and after the F1s were a better tyre.
  20. From the Emira picture thread (via Goodwood): So to answer: yes, no.
  21. It will be pretty similar/identical to the current 2+0 Evora. The wheelbase is the same between the 2 cars.
  22. A35 or A45 hatchback, isn’t it? (Its an 8 speed DCT, anyway).
  23. At €3.5k + taxes + delivery + fitting, I suspect that Komotec probably haven’t sold very many of the kits so far. Have you tried contacting KT themselves to see if they are willing to put you in touch with any existing customers for their feedback?
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