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  2. Oh dear. ‘The Clubhouse’ is really slumming it these days.
  3. Have you asked ES yet? And no, not just looked at their eBay listings but actually called up and asked?
  4. The issue will be with Channel 4 and/or the programme maker. They will want people to watch it via their own streaming platform.
  5. Highly, highly unlikely. (ie no!)
  6. @chumaxa, was that post meant to be in an Emira thread?
  7. ^^^^This^^^^. They have already stated that they are going to go straight from ICE to EVs.
  8. I suspect that it will be exactly the same engine, with exactly the same gearbox and exactly the same adaptor plate between the two of them. Whether or not the NVH padding/damping/sealing has been improved remains to be seen. But I also suspect that they are working very hard to improve it.
  9. How about @Karl M Roberts? Isn't he first in the queue?
  10. I bet that you end up buying an Evora (whilst you wait for your Emira). 😉
  11. There wasn’t much point penalising him once his car was buried in the barrier. That was penalty enough.
  12. Bravo73

    Lotus Emira

    That particular internet ‘fact’ has already been proved wrong. If it wasn’t in this thread, it was in one of the other Emira threads on here.
  13. Apart from the tub, front subframe and interior, of course. 😉
  14. Bravo73

    Lotus Emira

    As sure as we can be. Seeing as it came directly from Matt Windle. There were also several engineering issues which stopped an Evora convertible from ever being released. I imagine that those issues still apply to the Emira.
  15. A TV program dedicated to the new factory (and car) is a little different to a(nother) Youtube video.
  16. That depends on how the Kenwood h/u was installed. If they decided to splice in the ISO connectors, you’re in luck.
  17. Exactly. It’s just the Alpine (ie sporty) version of the new Renault 5 EV:
  18. ‘Tis easy peasy. As simple as installing a bit of software (or downloading an app) and then remembering to turn it on. If in doubt, ask your IT support (aka children/grandchildren). 😉 FWIW, I use ExpressVPN.
  19. 86,000 apparently. It’s going to be a full house over the next 2 days, with a lot of sunburnt faces. 🥵
  20. You’ll be able to watch it via But you might need a VPN to fool your computer/device into thinking that it is in the UK.
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