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  1. Your TD insurance doesn’t cover Cadwell? How very specific & slightly bizarre.
  2. Sounds like something else to leak, to me. 😬😂😜
  3. Go to ExpressVPN. Pay the subscription fee and download a bit of software (to multiple devices, if you want). Click ‘on’ (depending on where you want your computer to be from). Done.
  4. Er, isn’t that the V8 Cygnet? (Now that is an iQ that I wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen in…)
  5. If in doubt, use your VPN. 😉
  6. Komotec & Jubu both produce DCT gearboxes for the GR-FE V6.
  7. You may, or may not, also be aware that the car which appeared in the film is the rarest of all - 1 of 1. It’s the only ‘convertible’. They had to chop the roof off so that Mr Connery would fit in it!
  8. How old is your NA? Lotus started encrypting their ECU code around 2013/4, IIRC. If your car is newer than that (or has been to a Lotus dealer for servicing since then), then your ECU will be encrypted. And Superchips won’t be able to access it.
  9. As great as that would be, the world has moved on since the 1970s. I can’t imagine Geely wanting to outbid Aston Martin for the contract.
  10. (There’s no such thing as a stupid question etc etc) But, if I was going to guess, I’d have a look at current Volvo key fobs/cards/tabs.
  11. Try going back through this thread. We discovered that there is a difference between US & Euro spec cars. (Greg developed the lights on his US spec Evora, IIRC).
  12. Hello @scottedavis1972, I’ve merged your post into the main GRP lights thread. Yes, I had a similar problem with my V1 lights. You also need a resistor in the brake circuit. Either have a look through some of the previous posts in this thread or contact Greg @GRPand he will sort you out.
  13. Bravo73

    Emira GT4

    The Emira GT4 won’t be a road car (as you know!). The Lotus road equivalent won’t be branded ‘GT4’ because Porsche now own that trademark. The Emira version will be branded GT4X0 (just like the Evora was). And it won’t bear many similarities to the actual GT4 race car.
  14. FYI, just type ‘@‘ followed by the first few letters of their username. Then select them from the dropdown list.
  15. Bravo73

    Formula One
  16. Oh dear. ‘The Clubhouse’ is really slumming it these days.
  17. Have you asked ES yet? And no, not just looked at their eBay listings but actually called up and asked?
  18. The issue will be with Channel 4 and/or the programme maker. They will want people to watch it via their own streaming platform.
  19. Highly, highly unlikely. (ie no!)
  20. @chumaxa, was that post meant to be in an Emira thread?
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