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  1. Volvo, shirley? (Aren't the steering wheel controls straight off a Volvo?)
  2. I was surprised to see that the stock tyre will be a Goodyear Eagle F1 (the performance pack will have Michelin Pilot Cup 2s). I wonder why they didn't go with PS4S (especially in the fancy M3-only spec)? @rallyesax, are you allowed to comment?
  3. Bravo73


    Welcome to TLF. 👋 Hopefully you will be one of the first of many who have been won over by the Emira.
  4. Bravo73

    Lotus Emira

    Welcome to TLF, IwantOne. 👋
  5. The first Emiras aren't going to be available for another year or so. If I was a dealer with an Evora to sell, I would be thinking about persuading a potential Emira customer to 'try' an Evora for the next year or so and to offer a guaranteed part-ex price against a new Emira in 12-18 months time.
  6. Small world time - we were northbound on the M40 at the same time (not in my Evora, though). Grandma was playing 'spot the red and green cars' game with my 3yo son. Imagine my surprise when one of the (very few) green cars was an Evora 400!
  7. Bravo73

    Lotus Emira

    That wasn't the reason. But please don't let me get in the way of your conspiracy theories.
  8. Don't forget that most Evoras offer something that the Emira can't: +2.
  9. Bravo73

    Lotus Emira

    My interpretation of 'extras' from that particular interview were the comfort type things - heavy, electric seats, multiple screens, cupholders, extra interior trim etc. All of which would be stripped out for the track(ier) version. YMMV, of course.
  10. Ouch. Personally, at £175+VAT + fitting, I wouldn't bother with the Lotus option. I would take my car to a (local) PPF specialist. I suspect that you would get a better job done at a much keener price. Are you sure that the paint or top coat hasn't been damaged underneath? That looks like pretty hefty damage for just the ppf to take. (Incidentally, were you going southbound on the M40 yesterday afternoon?)
  11. Bravo73

    Lotus Emira

    The way that I see it is that this particular 'version' of the Emira is heavier, more comfortable, less powerful that the current Evoras/Exiges. However, in one of his interviews, Matt Windle said that if you take away all of the 'extras', the new car is actually lighter than the equivalent Evora. So I would expect a stripped out, more expensive GT/Track version down the line somewhere.
  12. Bravo73

    Lotus Emira

    Evora production has finished (a few months ago). No Final Edition.
  13. I would be very surprised if it didn’t have a tub that is very similar to the current Evora one. (ie thicker sills with no central section). However, having a central structure would mean thinner sills which, in turn, would improve entry/egress.
  14. Click on the bottom link to take you to the actual advert. (Where you will find photos and an asking price!) 😉
  15. Bravo73

    LOT 82T

    I don't normally go in for these threads (☺️) but then I don't normally see black S3(?) Esprits rumbling through my village. Are you local?
  16. Just a reminder: if current owners are looking to advertise their car(s) for sale, please list them on the (free) classified site, Thanks.
  17. This one? €3.5k.
  18. They are very easy to fake though. The NHS App (and subsequent letters) are linked to the recipient's medical records (so are much, much harder to forge/fake).
  19. ...please just PM me. (Ideally with a link to the thread(s) that you would like either moved or merged together).
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