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  1. Does the manual Emira come with an LSD? If so, the LSD isn’t part of the standard Toyota gearbox so would have to be added afterwards.
  2. Oh. There was a Lotus there as well… 🤗
  3. They just need some spinners. Then they would be absolutely perfect.
  4. Nice truck. (That is why it’s in this thread, isn’t it?) 😉 Now, Conkordski. What a resounding success, that was! 😂
  5. I drove back from north Italy recently (to the Eurotunnel at Calais) and beat the Google maps time by a good couple of hours. No speeding, just cruise control all of the way. Coincidentally, the autoroute tag probably saved me over an hour over the journey (with no queuing at toll booths).
  6. If you go blue and gold, don’t forget the stickers: 😉😂
  7. Bravo73


    You can try before you buy here, @Bibs:
  8. Get an electronic tag for the autoroutes. Either (if you are going to stay in France, Spain and/or Portugal) or (if you might go into Italy as well).
  9. Bravo73


    Cheating. (Unless you are old and/or knackered, apparently). 😜
  10. A bike designer who helped Great Britain win gold at the 1992 Olympics has died. Mike Burrows, from Thorpe St Andrew, Norfolk, was best known for designing what became the Lotus Type 108 bike, ridden by Chris Boardman at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. The married father-of-one died on Monday, aged 79. Boardman, who won the 4,000m individual pursuit in 1992, described Mr Burrows as the "godfather" of his craft. He tweeted: "Very sad to hear Mike Burrows, the designer of the Lotus bike, passed away today. "He was the godfather of modern bicycle design and my life would not have been the same without his influence." IMAGE SOURCE, CONTRIBUTED Image caption, Chris Boardman, who won the 4,000m individual pursuit in Barcelona in 1992, described Mr Burrows (pictured) as the "godfather" of his craft IMAGE SOURCE, LOTUS CARS Image caption, Boardman won gold at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona on the Lotus Type 108 bike Boardman's success in Spain was the first British medal in cycling for more than 70 years. Cycle revolution: The most beautiful British bike designs Mr Burrows came up with the original monocoque design for Boardman's winning bike, and Lotus said it remained an "icon" three decades on and was "arguably one of the most recognisable two-wheelers ever made". Its design and shape incorporated a single rear stay, a fork with just one blade and an aerofoiled profile frame. It also led to the Lotus 110, which Boardman rode to win on the first day of the Tour de France in Lille in 1994. IMAGE SOURCE, LOTUS CARS Image caption, Lotus said the 108 bike was "arguably one of the most recognisable two-wheelers ever made" Lotus Cars, which is based at Hethel near Norwich, said: "Everyone at Lotus is saddened to hear of the death of Mike Burrows, the Norfolk-based bike designer best known for his pioneering work on what became the Lotus Type 108. "To this day it remains the most recognisable bike ever built, an iconic design which rewrote the rule book on what was possible on two wheels."
  11. Yes. I’ve been using cf versions of the Exige covers for years:
  12. Bravo73

    Formula One

    Because they are available? 🤷‍♂️
  13. A gentle reminder: if TLFers want to advertise their own cars, please use (and not this thread, please).
  14. So, not a gathering of performance vehicles then? 😂
  15. Exactly. And, IMHO, it’s not always very good at that either.
  16. Respect. It appears as if he has managed to persuade/con D&C Plod to bankroll his petrolhead endeavours. 👏
  17. It will be the brakes then. 😉 Probably older pads catching or rubbing against the discs. Or maybe one of the ‘anti-vib/squeal’ springs has failed. Have you had the pads out for a look yet?
  18. “Drive faster, you old fool”.
  19. Also a heavy reliance on the ESP whilst exiting junctions… 😉😘
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