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  1. Hardly. It’s not as if Lotus dealers have had anything really new to sell for the past few years anyway. If anything, this announcement will give the ‘wow, I’d better get my last Elise/Exige/Evora’ sales a shot in the arm. I suspect that the next wave of cars will attract more first time Lotus buyers than previous owners.
  2. NA Spark plugs (note the part number: A132E6281S): plug&SC=0&PBID=1089041 S Spark plugs (note the part number: A132E6503F): plug&SC=0&PBID=1089042 Incidentally, aren't Monkeywrench based in the US? Why are you buying your spark plugs from there??!?
  3. ISTR that was/is @Randy's own GTE.
  4. Yep, they seem to come in 2.5m & 5m lengths:
  6. Please list it (for free) on
  7. They are wrong then. The NA & FE engines use different types of plugs.
  8. You’ve probably hit your upload limit for a Basic account. You can either upgrade to Full Forum membership (if you fancy hanging around) or host your images with a 3rd party and link to them from here.
  9. Definitely. The entire factory is closed every Friday afternoon.
  10. Personally, for the future, I think that many service records are going to have an * in them for *COVID. Some buyers will obviously try to use it to knock down values but hopefully, the sensible buyers will realise that a car that has been sat for months doesn’t necessarily need the same service schedule as one that is used more regularly. There is a flip side to it though, of course: certain pipes, gaskets and/or unions might be more prone to perish through lack of use. Caveat emptor, as always.
  11. When new European noise regulations came into force. It can be reinstated easily enough though.
  12. It is Australian, not all Australians though. The English equivalent might be chavs. Just with V8 utes & VB.
  13. That’s commonly known as the ‘Sports Racer’ look. Roof, front bumper, lower sills, wing mirrors all in black.
  14. Personally, I would get a company to pick it up and deliver it. ( can give you plenty of options). This lockdown might not be over for another month (at least) so a couple of hundred quid extra can give you plenty of 'essential journeys' in your new Evora.
  15. Antiques Roadshow, Series 43: Christchurch Mansion 1: Starts at 35:05
  16. The seat brackets can also be bought from here: However, the major issue is that SSC are based in Sydney (Australia!) so postage can be prohibitive.
  17. Welcome to TLF. What a cracking first Lotus. If you’re finding the seats too upright, are you aware that you can buy some brackets to give some adjustability?
  18. Welcome to TLF. I’ve moved your post to a more relevant section. Also, how about saying ‘hello’ properly over in the Introduction section?
  19. A word of warning - a TLFer managed to detonate the engine in his new(ish) Exige but Lotus refused to pay out on the warranty. This is because the car had a ‘auto blipper’ fitted to it (aftermarket).
  20. Welcome to TLF. What a great choice for your first Lotus. I bet it’s not your last.
  21. Here is a link to the article (with a working video):
  22. Komotec might be a Lotus dealer but their ECU mapping has never been done with Lotus approval. They have had to use Russian hackers in the past to try to circumvent the encryption. I kid you not. That is also why their mapping can often be on the crude side.
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