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  1. The ‘Sonic rings’? Yep, that is a feature. If you are only seeing them when the car is stationary then you obviously aren’t trying hard enough. 😂😉
  2. PS4S are definitely a road tyre (which can go pretty well on track). Wouldn't you be better off with Cup 2s? However, I suspect that you might still struggle with the 'need to grip immediately from cold' requirement from any UHP tyre. It might be slightly left field but how about an 'all season' performance tyre? I'm guessing that they might give you lots of initial grip but the trade off might be less grip higher up the hill. Otherwise, which tyres do your competitors use? They might be the best source of info. (PS I've never done a hillclimb so please take all of that with a very heavy pinch of salt).
  3. Personally, I find that water out of the cold tap is more than enough. Unless the ambient temperature is really low (ie -5 or below), then the temperature differential is more than enough to melt the ice.
  4. Hello Lise, Be aware that you will need a very specific OBD reader to clear the Airbag light. I doubt that $39 one would manage it. The details of the OBD reader that you will need are in this thread here: Personally, I bought one a few months ago and it has been a worthwhile investment. If you don't have that particular Autel ODB reader, clearing the light requires a visit to a Lotus Service centre (which costs me about £60 a time, not including the time that it takes to get there and back). Unfortunately, I'm still trying to track down what the circular warning light means. My Evora manual doesn't have it listed. Edited to add: Found it. Your's must be an IPS car (which mine isn't). This is from the Service Manual: "Transmission Malfunction Indicator (amber) (IPS versions only) The transmission warning light is illuminated if a fault is detected within the transmission, an associated control component or if the transmission oil exceeds its recommended maximum temperature. A bulb check will light the lamp for about 3 seconds following ignition switch on. If the temperature of the transmission becomes too high the vehicle will default to a limited power mode and the Transmission Malfunction Indicator lamp will illuminate. If a fault is detected within the transmission, an associated component or if transmission oil temperature continues to rise, then the Transmission Malfunction Indicator lamp will illuminate continuously. Reduce speed immediately and adopt a moderate driving style. If a fault is detected within a transmission component which could affect the vehicles emissions, then the engine Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) will also illuminate continuously. Reduce speed immediately and adopt a moderate driving style. See page 55 of the main handbook for further information regarding the driving style that should be adopted if the MIL lamp is illuminated or flashing. Even if the Transmission Malfunction Indicator lamp extinguishes, proceed with caution and seek dealer advice without delay and avoid all unnecessary journeys."
  5. Bravo73

    TLF GT430 Club

  6. Out of interest, when you close your doors, are the windows closing the final 2mm on their own?
  7. Is that one of those Ineos (🤮) things or a cheap Chinese Defender knock-off? 🤷‍♂️
  8. Bravo73

    Type 132

    That has got to be one of the most ridiculous doodles that I have seen recently. A real Hotwheels/YTS effort.
  9. I think that you might be assuming too much about how Lotus develop their cars and fix ongoing issues. I’m pretty sure that I’ve read reports on here about this issue occurring to more modern Evoras. That was just the first thread that I found about the issue. You might also be assuming too much about the experience level at the ‘main dealer’. You haven’t said who the particular dealer is. There have been quite a few new franchises awarded recently so the experience level within a particular service department might not extend much beyond what the service manuals tell them.
  10. The water might not actually be coming in via the door seals. This previous thread covers an alternative source of moisture:
  11. I imagine that is the 'post facelift' model that @R300XXXis referring to.
  12. I'm glad that you've said that. I've never been 100% convinced that mine were installed correctly. Now I can put it down to 'TADTS'.
  13. If the part is coming from the USA, you are aware of the additional taxes, duties and delivery costs that you’re going to have to pay, aren’t you?
  14. You seemed to have missed the first part of my post: “Fundamentally, no”. Seeing as Imran isn’t listing any Evora parts on his website, I’m guessing that he didn’t try to get it to work. If you look in the back of an Exige V6 then look in the back of your Evora, the major issue is very obvious.
  15. Fundamentally, no. However, I think that @alias23might have tried to get his version to fit. I don’t know how he got on in the end.
  16. Bravo73

    Type 132

    BMW started it with the X6 back in 2007. Now they all do it. And if you think that is bad, how about the ‘convertible SUV’? I’m looking at you, Evoque. 🤮
  17. Er, I think that the clue is right in front…?
  18. Maybe try contacting Russ Walton at MGR? He probably had a hand in developing and/or installing the Ohlins on your car
  19. “Colin, you don’t happen to have a suitcase that I can borrow, do you?”
  20. Bravo73

    Emira GT4

    Are you comparing a race car (GT4) with a road car (570s)?
  21. That doesn’t look like a Canadian backdrop to me. 🤷‍♂️😉
  22. It might even be easier & quicker than that: 🤔 (Paging @MC2021)
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