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  1. Bravo73

    Wanted Evora 400

    It’s not mine, btw. It appeared today on Now that you’ve found one, I’ll lock this thread.
  2. Bravo73

    Wanted Evora 400

    @a7esk, are you still looking?
  3. Any £20 OBDII scanner will be able to read EML fault codes and clear the light. However, for the Evora, it’s worth spending a little bit more and getting this reader: It allows you to interrogate the airbag module and clear the airbag light. Otherwise, this is a £50-60 trip to a dealer.
  4. Yes, it is a fairly serious issues. Particularly for hybrid (the cat doesn’t see as much use as a pure ICE vehicle) SUVs (easier access).
  5. Your Exige will be fine with E10: (It is much older engines which might struggle).
  6. Bravo73

    Emira GT4

    It also really helped in the (very hot summer) Lotus Cup last year. The Evora GT4s romped away from the Exige V6s (which suffered dramatically from heatsoak).
  7. Plato covers that night in detail in this interview: (Skip to 22:55 if you want to get straight to the Schumacher night).
  8. I always go to for a quote. Never been let down yet.
  9. Apologies for the delay. My wheels above (which were an identical size to the ‘OEM’ TD1.3 wheels) were: 8.5x18 e45 5x114.3-68.1 10.0x18 e60 5x114.3-68.1
  10. The Avon ZZRs (the Lotus Cup tyre) were only available in 18”.
  11. Bravo73

    Formula One

    There is a better one:
  12. Whereabouts in the world are you based? If you’re in the UK, try asking ES Motorsports. 01508 498899. They have lots of Evora secondhand parts.
  13. How about a Tesla Model 3? It seems to meet most (if not all) of your criteria.
  14. ‘Another’ sports car would be part of the crowd. ‘The other’ sports car stands out from the crowd. Maybe? 🤷‍♂️
  15. do a pair of decent front discs for €158: (I imagine with anything coming from the UK, you will get clobbered with tax & duty etc etc).
  16. Hello and welcome to TLF. 👋 I am 6’3” (6’4 in heels) and easily fit in an Evora. Even with a helmet on. Judging by interior shots of the Emira (and the external roofline), I would guess that there will be more room in the Emira.
  17. Not necessarily. Different Netflix regions have different content. Unless you have a VPN. 😉
  18. Sounds like an Evora 400 to me. 🤷‍♂️
  19. Your TD insurance doesn’t cover Cadwell? How very specific & slightly bizarre.
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