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  1. 17 hours ago, Mattmahope said:

    Komotec are an official Lotus dealer. They have always been able to access and adjust the mapping of the OEM ECU.

    Komotec might be a Lotus dealer but their ECU mapping has never been done with Lotus approval. 

    They have had to use Russian hackers in the past to try to circumvent the encryption. I kid you not. That is also why their mapping can often be on the crude side.


  2. I think that Lotus have a fair claim to no. 6 as well (first carbon F1 car):

    “on the 23rd February 1981, without any fanfare, Elio De Angelis changed F1 forever, by driving the latest in a long and illustrious line of Team Lotus innovation, which happened to be the first composite chassis F1 car to take to the track.”



    1 hour ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    What about the 2009 Brawn? Came from Honda.


    Honda spent huge amounts of money on that car before deciding to pull out of F1 at relatively short notice. Brawn’s major input was getting the Mercedes engine to work in place of the Honda powerplant. 

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  3. Personally, if I was going down the Mechatronics path (and I did consider it briefly in the past), I would ask MGR to do the work.

    They are, without a doubt, the stand-out experts in the field and for the price of a car transporter there and back, it would give me total piece of mind that the job was done properly.

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