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  1. It's normal for the fans to lick in after the engine has ran. When you switch the engine off, the engine temp will rise and the fans kick in again. I had a problem with constant battery drain and slow cranking. This was due to corrosion inside the starter motor. Once I changed it, she was fine after. It made such a difference whilst starting to. I believe Johnnathon had the same problem. John
  2. Ooh we like it shiny I had straight through pipes but no muffler. It came direct from the 200 cell cats. She sounded awesome. Although, on cold start she was a little noisy and then idled with a nice rumble. The mufflers may stop the cold start volume. What cell cats are they? John
  3. Cheers mate, I really appreciate that and all the best wishes from some of you. I'm all over the place, so next time, I defo pop in to say hi. John
  4. You're right about the wearing of pads DB. But 20,000miles is about what the pads will last as an average. Just as they did on the 4 different Luxus models I owned. Two of which weighed two tons. If the service manual says oil every two years, then that is what she will get. Don't forget these are modern day cars with amazing engineering, so it's not beyond reason that a car today can be driven with the same oil for two years. This is not just sales blurb. This is also after speaking to other owners who are more than happy. Kimbers is right about Italian flare and beauty in their cars. But then again, they are not built as well or as reliable. As I I've said before, the Cayman is perfect for me and what I need it for. John
  5. WOW She is a beauty! Well done for finding her John
  6. Some interesting points made and some stupid points thrown in as well. Lets see, my V8 Esprit was always serviced by a garage and at times the bill was over
  7. The only reason I didn't pay a bit extra and get a 911 is because I only like the look of the 911 turbo and the Cayman. The 911 turbo works out to be 102k on the road. Well beyond my limit. Maybe next time lol. So the Cayman was it. It's a fantastic car and at a great price. Thanks for all the nice words. It's nice to be able to stick around. John
  8. Thanks all.............. Except Kimbers............ [email protected]! At least it's mid engined John
  9. Oh man, the Esprit performance is amazing and the Cayman has no chance. The Cayman is not slow. The 0-60 is 6secs but the Esprit is another level. Super car V's Sports car. The handling and driveability is awsome though. Porsche really have nailed the balancing and driver feel. John LOL, no Charlie, it doesn't have remote start. I was missing that today. I wanted to be sat inside the office and remote start the car so the air con could cool it down before I get in. That was a great feature. John
  10. Yep, I know I'm a trator but as some of you know I sold my Esprit to get a new car for more every day driving. I was thinking about a car for every day over the next 3 years. Some of you asked me to post pics once I picked her up. I'm really pleased with the end result. I was very worried because I chose atlas grey with aluminium trim as an option. I had no idea what thend product would look like really. Here it is............... John
  11. Red Escort XR3i was called Redbull White MR2 turbo was called Snow White Black MR2 turbo was called Black Death Silver Lexus is200 was called Alexus Red Mitsubishi GTO twin turbo was called Red Devil My blue Esprit V8 GT was called Lightnin. No idea what to call the Cayman yet. Yeah I know I'm sad! John
  12. LOL, That must be like sleeping with an old girlfriend. Hope she was worth it. John
  13. Hi all, It's not the 911. I don't like them. Except for the turbo It's the Porsche Cayman. It will not be here until the first week of June now. So I don't even have that to cheer me up! Boo hoo. John
  14. I didn't pay for it over the phone. I'll wait until they send the final bill in writing an then complain. Especially as it was a continuation. Not a new policy. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. If ever there was an industry run by the devil, it would be the insurance industry. Churchill were not exactly cheap anyway. As I said, they were just over the
  15. Yep, I got my pants pulled down and stuffed like a piston block. My insurance is due to finish on the 14th July but I called today to cancel it. I thought I may have a small admin charge but that was fair. Instead, I got a charge of
  16. Hi all, On the Friday just gone, I took a 100mile drive to cambridge so a prospective buyer could view my car. Well he bought it! As Nick kindly drove me to the nearest train station, I suddenly realised I had driven that beauty for the last time ever. It was a gutting feeling. I'm really sad that she is gone now but I'm sure Nick will look after her. Anyway, I wanted to say goodbye as an Esprit owner and wish Nick all the best. You bought a good car there mate. I'll no doubt have a nosey look every so often, I'm sure. All the best everyone, John
  17. Congrats mate, but spill the beans and don't forget the pics!!! John
  18. Good stuff Dave. That's nice bit of advertising! John
  19. I just checked it out. The supercharged model is
  20. It's stunning. How much are they? John
  21. I've just sat here and read the whole thing. That is simply priceless. One of the funniest reads ever! Well done and thanks for brightening up my Sunday. Best regards, Face
  22. I've notbhing new to add or anything more I can say. But I am also very sorry to hear this. Fingers crossed she is repairable and will be as new soon. John
  23. If it's only whilst the starter is engaged, could it be worn teeth or maybe something to do with the mechanism? John
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