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  1. Yes that was me, and thanks. Filling my bucket in the mercedes Benz world toilets got a few funny looks :0)
  2. Ah more for standard cars then, what with only the seat belts in mine being standard, I think I will have to give it a miss this year :0( jaws, I did my treads last year, along with the inner arches, inside of exhaust etc. Isn't that what you alway do at these things :0P
  3. Will this be on a similar judging criteria as previous years?
  4. Orange Flare, I forgot that is what I called the colour, people do read my spec sheets :0)
  5. You were really just saving some go go juice weren't you, the belt was actually in your back pocket ;0P
  6. Thank you, at least it is not just me who can't complete a simple task ;0P
  7. Hi Laura, thanks, I will try and get one printed but if not I will pinch a spare :0)
  8. Bugger, forgot to print this off but have 2 copies of the one detailing the car etc in your first post, will that do or do I have to sort someone printing me this extra one off tomorrow. Sorry for bing a numpty
  9. 9th time in 11 years, but first time taking the lotus in to the field The pagent is said to be very good but it always seems to clash
  10. I would love to attend but am stuck in France :0( Le Mans :0)
  11. Ah, I though I had posted it but then assumed when it was not on the thread I must not have clicked 'post' and deleted it instead. I posted it here as, I am doing the concours and did not want to be late, looking on the other thread it all sounds good so nothing to worry about :0)
  12. TomE, how bad is the damage to the armourfend, if it is just a slice/tiny hole then get some clear nail varnish over it to seal it so it does not go yellow (I did that a couple of times and it worked very well)
  13. What is it like getting in, do I need to take into account an hours wait in a queue of lotus, I've never been to brooklands so do not know what to expect
  14. What will the traffic like getting in, do I need to allow for an hours tailback (not been to brooklands before so do not know what to expect)
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