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  1. Gravel

    Evora Sport 410

    I was amazed to see it turn up in Moneyweek last week: They had the 540C in a week or two earlier...
  2. I'm still on my first set on my 18's - wear rates seem better than the Perellis and they have been pretty great for road use IMO. They are down to 4mm at the rear and yesterday's drive to work had a couple of twitchy moments coming out of junctions but I'd put that down to my heavy right foot - it's 8C and drizzly so not ideal for summer tyres.
  3. Yes indeedy - I did the full NC500 at the start of August - I'll do a proper write up soon, but I think that's about the only pic I have with the car in it! That bridge is also about the only place i saw any other interesting cars on the entire trip!
  4. Thanks - I think they'd both look better in Motorsports Green though
  5. Well, ironically I may have to sell the car to help pay for a garage to put the car into, so I'm unlikely to be buying again soon.
  6. Sorry if this has been answered before, but does anyone have a feel for what the spread between price paid by the dealer and price sold by the dealer is? I may need to sell my car next year, and I'd like to get a feel for what it's worth without formally approaching a dealer or listing it.
  7. Many thanks to everyone who replied earlier. Car made it safely home after 1700 miles driving in 8 days. I couldn't find my scanner so got another from Amazon - apparently it haa thrown a P0171 which I believe is bank 1 lean. Any ideas why it might do that? It's either too little fuel going in or too much (unmetered) air but I can't see how that would behave like it's heat related unless something is cracked somewhere.
  8. Sorry - Ian I was really trying to ask if it seemed tough enough to live on a wheel and get covered in grime and brake dust but I guess that's a lot to ask from body paint,
  9. Well as I discovered mid overtake, the limp is back but without the light. I have been trying to do more rolling around at low revs but I guess the poor girl can't do endless hour's of hill climbing without a lunchbreak!
  10. Ta - it'll probably go away before I can scan it unless it happens again. Just bought some spanners and a socket set just in case!
  11. The CEL is still illuminated but I discovered by accident that limp mode is gone all by itself. Hooray!
  12. Gravel


    It's a bloody brilliant driver's car which is why we forgive the rest. I just bought a terrible drivers car with great cupholders auto windscreen wipers and climate control.that just works. I'm NOT driving that car on my road trip -I'm in my Evora
  13. Interesting - I was doing a lot of slow speed hill climbs in 2nd and 3rd - I'm pretty sure the exhaust would have been.toasty! There were certainly lots of pops.and bangs of contracting metal when I pulled over for a quick stop.
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