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    Lotus Turbo Esprit (1988 Carb Model)
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    Surrey, United Kingdom
  1. I came across this supplier for replacement gas struts and thought they were well priced compared to the usual Lotus parts suppliers.
  2. Hi guys, Does anyone know where I can acquire a hard copy or download an owners manual for a 1988 Stevens Lotus Esprit Turbo (early carb model)? Thanks in advance. Paul
  3. Lotus Esprit Turbo (1988)<br /><br />Date Added: 07 March 2015 - 07:34 AM<br /><br />Owner: V8PBN<br /><br />Short Description: Early Carb Stevens’ style Esprit in Pacific Blue metallic with contrasting new magnolia leather trim in soft “Bentley” leather. Larger cabin by way of using sports seats and trimming. Full specification with factory “targa” full width glass sunroof and factory fitted air-conditioning. SE rear spoiler. S4 alloy wheels. Removable sports steering wheel. <br /><br />View Vehicle
  4. Very excited as my Turbo Esprit is being delivered this afternoon!

  5. Hi guys, I'm located in Surrey, UK and am seeking a really nice Turbo Esprit. Preference is a "G" car but also consider a later "S" car. Budget up to c£15k for the right car with the right paperwork and history. Many thanks Paul My email address is :[email protected]
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