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  1. There's no drama when you lift off, no pops, cracks or gurgles..
  2. I've got a little video of it here.. sports or standard?
  3. Hmmm it's not "really "quiet.. not to my ears anyway I'll have a look tonight see if I can find Janspeed on it, fingers crossed!
  4. Okay, thanks for the info Pretty sure I've just got the standard exhaust so a decat pipe isn't worth it from what I've read here
  5. Hi all, Recently picked up my NA 2010 LE Evora, very happy boy! Want to give it a tad more noise and I'm a little confused as to which exhaust I have and which decat pipe I need/if it's worth it 2010 NA LE Evora, twin pipe exhaust It has the twin pipe exhaust (included with the sports pack) , how do I tell if this is the sports exhaust? Is it if the tips are burnt or not? I've read that doing the 3rd CAT decat on the standard exhaust isn't worth it but noticeable on the sports exhaust
  6. I am a member, have been since my Elise! I'll be coming to some meetings too, want to see what options I've got for stereos, this one must be the standard one everyone moans about as its rubbish! Typical... day 2 of ownership and its snowing!!!
  7. Off to see it tomorrow, I'll report back! He sent me a video on it, looks smart
  8. So location aside... Thoughts on the car? Decent for the money with low mileage?
  9. I've never heard of the place... I'm a Midlands boy!
  10. Not the best write up.. Tech Pack Sports Pack Does the interior look like premium to you guys? I don't know what I'm looking for between standard and premium :S Nice looking one though!
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