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  1. having now spoken to someone in ASO, it seems they have the code but not willing to share? “Yes I believe the ports are there butt eh functionality isn’t. Apologies I am not in a position to supply an access code” so, aim can’t help as they’ve clearly a contract that says it must go via Lotus and Lotus won’t help as it’s now an abandoned platform. From everything I’ve had from AiM it certainly seems it could/would but Lotus have chosen to hamstring it.
  2. So I spoke to AIM Support. it’s called MXLotus, not mx2e. they won’t share the Wi-Fi password as it’s “fully supported by lotus not AIM”. trying to find someone to help in Lotus? Difficult. just seems lotus hamstrung the device due to type approval and now trying to get back some of the great aim functionality will be difficult.
  3. Yep, we were told by Jamie it was 2023… then by Scott it was categorically 2022. Who knows 🤷‍♂️
  4. They’ve probably been running Evora mules alongside Emira preprods. Don’t forget, they did the Evora 414e or whatever it was called as a tech demo.
  5. Looks like AIM won’t support the dash fitted to FE cars. “If it is, then i am afraid you cannot connect a rear view camera or a GPS module. I am unsure of the Wifi question, i would recommend contacting Lotus directly as it is technically a Lotus dash in your car and not an AiM.” “Okay, as i said unfortunately the dashes supplied direct from Lotus are inherently different to the AiM MX2E dash that we can supply. A lot of the features are locked as per Lotus specification. I cannot help with the WiFi password, you'll have to contact Lotus directly to get some more information on this.”
  6. Pretty much what @PR35H has said! 👍
  7. Full front clam, access panel (whale tail under screen), front splitter, barge boards, leading edge of rear spoiler, headlights, mirrors. And you’re definitely right about how the light changes the colour! can’t wait to see it in the sunlight once it’s been ceramic coated and shines!
  8. Collected after having PPF applied, then dropped off for detailing and ceramic coat.
  9. If you ever want to drive trackdays with soft top or no roof, you’ll need full face. open face helmets are only for cars with fixed roof or hard top. I bought an Arai SK6 as my first lid, a karting helmet without the fire protection. Did me well for trackdays and karting. I recently upgraded to a GP6, which is the full rated version. your heras may also suit a certain brand. The shells and inners are different shape. I tried Bell when I bought my first Arai and my head didn’t fit comfortably.
  10. Collection day! straight onto trailer and off for PPF, detailed Tuesday. Doesn’t it look superb though!?
  11. OnTime… were early… so into the PDI bay, then off to sleep until September 1st…
  12. I had quote for body coloured spoiler only… spoiler blade £600 spoiler endplates £600 didnt enquire about any other of the aero kit to be painted. £1200 for spoiler meant I used man maths and paid for full carbon aero kit
  13. Yes, I asked for body coloured mirrors and plinths. They were a no cost option.
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