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  1. I found that the BMW version of the MPSS was softer than the "standard" MPSS.
  2. Interested in your build. Not seen many folding screen or Halo9 builds.
  3. CocoPops

    Possible Cars & Coffee Event in Berkshire

  4. Keep badgering them for the fence banners too please @Bibs
  5. Yes, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. S1 (NA) on the 19/20 cast 400 wheels. Running Cup2 tyres.
  6. CocoPops

    Speed bumps and ramps

    Sooner Winace or HKfever get one developed...
  7. CocoPops

    Hofmann's Saturday Social - November 17th

    Will be there
  8. And the 4mm Allen key needed for the front panel (on the Elise) is store in the boot. So, in order to get to the boost pegs, you need to get into the boot.. the only way into the boot is via the cabin.. which if you've used central locking... is not possible Which is why, in the manual, Lotus suggest using manual locking (and no alarm) if leaving the car for 10days or more.
  9. CocoPops

    About To Join The Cup 250 Club

    Normally, it’s dark lettering on light colour cars and dark lettering on light colour cars.
  10. CocoPops

    Evora 4xx 'heel and toe'

    It worked wonderfully in my (now @Gashead1105) Evora 400.
  11. CocoPops

    2019 Bookings

    What have people got booked for 2019? May 7th - LoT - Zandvoort June 8th - LoT - Bedford Aug 19th - LoT - Paul Ricard Aug 21st - LoT - Le Luc Aug 23rd - LoT - Ledenon Need to squeeze a Spa trip in there really.
  12. CocoPops

    BHP. Evora 400 v Evora 410...

    @pete757 Biggest difference in those videos.... not the power... it’s the fact he’s wearing gloves in the 430 and not in the 410
  13. Needs moving to Elise section but it’s the trip button. Also cycles the trip/miles/KMH display, as well as the dash lighting. Oh and rtfm