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  1. Which Scottish part are you going to attach it to?
  2. Karting doesn’t need to be fire retardant but race does. often the helmets are the same outer shell, but race helmets have nomex linings and meet higher standards.
  3. Yep, I chased for a while after mine was delivered. it never came to anything. shame, as it was a limited run edition, so would have been nice to have. never mind.
  4. Yup and we were on Good Morning Britain today with Piers and Susanna. all video’s on my Facebook page
  5. Was a bit wet Saturday at Bedford!!
  6. 2017 was the crossover for a Facelift, so be aware of that. Some minor changes and some larger ones, better gear shift being a major improvement on the "MY17.5" cars for example.
  7. Yup, it's the VX220 National Day I'll be there, as will @C8RKH, @JG220, @Foxy and several others
  8. Was thinking this. It's a bit of an odd competition, because don't you have to declare odds? Or maximum tickets to be sold?
  9. My request is simple, the last of the current generation Elise Cup cars please. Thats the one to have I think.
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