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  1. CocoPops

    Cup 250 Specification and Colour

    Went to Bird in Hand, didn’t quite get the fuss about it but it was local to Hethel I guess.
  2. CocoPops

    Evora 450... ++??

    That part has only been on back order since 21st June (for me)... so I suppose one month isn’t ... bad
  3. CocoPops

    Evora 450... ++??

  4. CocoPops

    Lotus Festival 2018

    This is why @Bibs said to wait. Dunston Hall has availability on their own website but at £380 for Fri/Sat night it’s twice as expensive as Norwich Holiday Inn for example.
  5. CocoPops

    Evora 450... ++??

    450 run out model I reckon.... before the Esprit comes along.
  6. Lovely transformation. Look at the paint and wheels in the sunshine!
  7. CocoPops

    Lotus Festival 2018

    Interested to see room rates then @Bibs 👍Dummy booking was about £380 for the two nights.
  8. CocoPops

    Lotus Festival 2018

    Booked into Norwich Holiday Inn, cancellable for £171 Friday and Saturday night.
  9. CocoPops

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

    Will be there tomorrow. With a spare ticket if anyone needs it.
  10. CocoPops

    Blip question

    Interesting... I think my brake switch is too sensitive in the Elise. you only have to breath on the brake pedal to get cruise to disengage (I think it uses the brake switch). i also get traction light a few times and also lack of pedal response a few extra times (with no codes or lights). sounds like it needs clicking in one or two clicks.
  11. CocoPops

    New 410 musings - Ex Cayman

    Not quite the same analogy... I hear what you're saying... but... at what point is it acceptable? If they painted the root (in situ but fully stripped back) and gave you £1k for example and a car as loan in mean time? Or painted it plus £2k, £3k.... Where is your "red line"? Or is it simply "I want a new roof or I'm done"? (Not saying any answer is wrong btw, I'm just interested) I think I'd accept a painted roof plus some recompense.
  12. Surely komotec can update your map to code out the light?
  13. CocoPops

    What made you happy today?

    Hehe! Bit like that other “exclusive colour” Voodo blue... there are lots. Exclusive colours are almost as popular as regular colours... good marketing and sales Lotus!
  14. CocoPops

    What made you happy today?

    Pffft fire red is common as!