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  1. Love the OEM+ badging Very nice touch.
  2. You always do the first 1k miles quickly... so it can have the running in service before using it properly
  3. funny old world. If I had £50k, I’d be on the phone to @Gashead1105without a doubt... why? Because it’s my old car and at just under £50k is a flipping bargain.
  4. Agree with everything said. Thought it was really well done, only absence was Chris Evans. Naming a corner will surely happen.
  5. Will have to keep eye out for that one.
  6. Yes it is lighter and it has 2 oval grills instead of the standard 3 on the GRP lid.
  7. Beautiful isn't it! Who's gonna drive it first? Why not ask Mansell back, make a big thing of it?
  8. Orange, no black pack: Just sold at Hofmanns, there really aren't many cars about now!
  9. Seems others have had the same issue....
  10. Ok, so from experience... my 2018 sport 220 has a glass screen.
  11. Shows a Glass and a Polycarbonate. £68+vat for glass £287+vat for Polycarbonate
  12. No, the Sport220 has glass rear screen.
  13. @JG220weighed his 2018 cup with full tank of fuel.
  14. Another "South East" sounds interesting @Bibs How south east? Down your way?
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