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  1. Looks like an ant eater or proboscis monkey.
  2. CocoPops


    Good to see everyone, sorry we had to leave early, had to get home and changed for birthday lunch for my wife... would have been in dog house for weeks if I was late!
  3. £25 is quite high for a burger... I’m kinda on the fence currently.
  4. knowing how they didn’t notice a car had been extensively repaired.... I wouldn’t trust them to provide a report on any car.... I certainly wouldn’t pay £90 for it.
  5. CocoPops

    Repairing pst files - Any IT gurus?

    Does he/she have a backup? Pre-issue? Tried copying the PST to a different Outlook instance (another machine) to see if it opens there?
  6. @MARTIN_S is the King (Queen?) of add on stuff Ask him about his pillow cover seat covers? Or his bathmat suspension mat.
  7. Oooh does it do CarPlay or android only? Alpine Halo9 is similar but bigger I think.
  8. I agree, it’s more lotus than a Carlton imo. But a bike on a mondeo/Astra/xc90.... got to draw the line somewhere.
  9. I assume that they want Lotus cars parked, rather than sheds with bikes. so they will probably park you at snetteryon and ask you cycle or bus.
  10. So, looks like 1pm could work quite well. At chievely.
  11. Squeaks are normal... TADTS Some lightly applied silicone grease will help. It may be that the seals have dried since removing.
  12. The Elise/Exige manual does say (even for normal battery) that you should lock the car with key not central locking, if away for 2weeks or more.
  13. Great post! Hopefully that solves Andy’s issue. Certainly seems feasible.
  14. @dapinky I’ll be joining M4 at Newbury (j13) on the Friday afternoon.