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  1. That's actually a very logical thought!
  2. Interesting, how everyone is different. I wanted a body coloured spoiler, but it was £600 for spoiler paint, £600 for end plates paint... So £1200 was a sufficient chunk of the carbon aero imo. Luckily, the option list means everyone can choose what they want.
  3. Yeh, it seemed that lotus didn’t really want “deviations”. rear spoiler painted? £600 please oh, you want spoiler end plates painted too? £600 please. leather vent covers? Standard on 240sport… £300 on Cup250.
  4. Yup, “black pack” (roof (if you have hardtop), roll hoop, transom, front access panel, boot, mirrors) is £400, transom only is £600.
  5. I think the chance is slimmer than winning the lottery. Most Cup250FE are spec'd and locked in now for build.
  6. Shit advert isn’t it!? Half arsed sale. Wonder what else is half arsed about that car.
  7. Love the OEM+ badging Very nice touch.
  8. You always do the first 1k miles quickly... so it can have the running in service before using it properly
  9. funny old world. If I had £50k, I’d be on the phone to @Gashead1105without a doubt... why? Because it’s my old car and at just under £50k is a flipping bargain.
  10. Agree with everything said. Thought it was really well done, only absence was Chris Evans. Naming a corner will surely happen.
  11. Will have to keep eye out for that one.
  12. Yes it is lighter and it has 2 oval grills instead of the standard 3 on the GRP lid.
  13. Beautiful isn't it! Who's gonna drive it first? Why not ask Mansell back, make a big thing of it?
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