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  1. Trust me, I want to love Lotus more than most. 2 vx220 (as well you know, yes Vauxhall, but more Lotus than other Lotus badged cars), 2 Evora (NA and 400) and now onto my second Elise (Sport220 and now Cup250FE). Have lotus learned and changed? No. Are they making people feel special? No. if it wasn’t for the love of the brand, I’m sure I’d have given up by now. I discussed buying the last of the Elise run within a week of my late wife passing, that’s why it’s important to me. They know that, it’s no secret. They mucked us about with #silvergate (interior) and inordinately high option prices (painted spoiler instead of black? £600. Painted spoiler end plates, instead of black? £600. Colour stitch? £600) and then they mucked us about with soft tops. I was promised they were to be sent out in delivery date order… imagine the frustration when cars were being delivered before Christmas with soft tops and yet still no news on mine!? Seriously, Lotus you have to change. For everyone’s sake, not least your own.
  2. I fully agree Andy… my brand new Cup250 was supplied in September, delivered August. it had no soft top, that arrived today. No apology, just a soft top in a box with some bubble wrap. That didn’t order/pay for a hard top got given one free “to get the car out of the factory” those of us that did order a hardtop? Nothing. acceptable to supply a £60k+ car with bits missing? Imagine how that would go down with Porsche owners Oh and I paid my £2k the day after the big Emira launch… have I got any further with it? nope, still waiting for i4 information. Am I feeling warm and fuzzy about my Elise? Am I feeling warm and fuzzy about an Emira order? Also no.
  3. Correct, the cage that comes with head unit fits straight into that aperture. It has press tabs that then stop it from coming back out. I fitted a Pioneer EV64DAB to mine (that came with the standard Sony HU). I simply removed the OEM cage and refitted the Pioneer cage.
  4. The standard (only) colour was black. Then in Cup250FE they did an option of diamond cut. black is better for track work, with brake dust etc but I never really liked the black. yea, must get on and fit transom!
  5. Was about to post same pic… given it’s mine I never weighed the Ultralights vs Forged, but they are definitely lighter. I preferred the colour of the forged to the black ultralights. which is why I had a set of ultralights refurbed in anthracite for use on my Cup250FE.
  6. We all have stories as to why the FE matters. I decided that I’d have the last of the Elise, only a week after my wife died. So I got in touch with Lotus and said “I don’t know when but as soon as you do, I want one of the last Elise’s”. Feb 8th when they were announced, I was straight on the phone.
  7. Thierry Verheist by any chance? He had bucket loads of FE cars!
  8. Almost certainly UK delivered, RHD, Sport 240. Rather than "Elise FE"
  9. So, after testing: We can confirm, We have the Wi-Fi password. The GPS works. RaceStudio works. camera not detected, or at least I can’t find a way of engaging rear camera view.
  10. @Seriouslylotus can you get a batch of Gps09 in then for group buy please.
  11. CocoPops

    Lotus Emira

    You're right, we both know you are. Especially if they are targeting Porsche owners... as they have been for a long time.
  12. CocoPops

    Lotus Emira

    Meh, it's delayed, it's Lotus. Still waiting for my Elise soft top from September... I'm used to waiting.
  13. Difficult choice, personal preference really. I'd rather have the newer 17.5 as I think the front clam (and rear lights) look better from outside. The gearshift is nice to have. Pre17.5 can have driving lights added, post17.5 cannot, how much night driving will it do?
  14. I guess, things to log... Country (UK, France, Australia, etc) Car (Elise, Exige) Model (Cup 250, Sport 240, Sport 390, Sport 410, Cup 430 etc) Ext Colour (Isotope Green, Azure Blue, etc) Int Colour (Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Black etc) Options? VIN? What else would we want to log?
  15. Probably something @Bibs could sort? Final Editon registry for all cars? 390, 410,420,250,240
  16. So I've managed to connect to the WiFi on my Final Edition Dash... loaded RaceStudio3 and it can talk to the Dash... but settings are very thin on the ground... I'm not entirely sure what I should be seeing...
  17. @Bibs Are we allowed to upload the PDFs then? I thought there might be a copyright issue? If not, I have the full Elise PDF collection, that I paid for using the VSIC page.
  18. Have you tried you may need to buy an hour of subscription to download the pdf files.
  19. TRD is the official, lotus supported, way of adding charger whine. it’s a bit more of an open air intake than the standard one. if you swap the TRD paper filter for a K&N or ITG, it will be louder still.
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