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  1. Which Scottish part are you going to attach it to?
  2. Karting doesn’t need to be fire retardant but race does. often the helmets are the same outer shell, but race helmets have nomex linings and meet higher standards.
  3. Yep, I chased for a while after mine was delivered. it never came to anything. shame, as it was a limited run edition, so would have been nice to have. never mind.
  4. Yup and we were on Good Morning Britain today with Piers and Susanna. all video’s on my Facebook page
  5. Was a bit wet Saturday at Bedford!!
  6. 2017 was the crossover for a Facelift, so be aware of that. Some minor changes and some larger ones, better gear shift being a major improvement on the "MY17.5" cars for example.
  7. Yup, it's the VX220 National Day I'll be there, as will @C8RKH, @JG220, @Foxy and several others
  8. Was thinking this. It's a bit of an odd competition, because don't you have to declare odds? Or maximum tickets to be sold?
  9. My request is simple, the last of the current generation Elise Cup cars please. Thats the one to have I think.
  10. Thank you. Story was put together by the charity. I’m glad our story has been told, help raise awareness.
  11. Sadly now for sale at Leven... £99k
  12. Sadly the Elise has been a little unloved recently (tucked up in the garage on a C-Tek tho). Usage will take a little more planning, for child care.
  13. Hey, we're doing ok, muddling through. Thank you for asking. Funeral was 1st Feb, the day of the HEAVY snow.. the irony as it was the weather Alex hated most. Girls are good, trying to carry on as normal as we can, work are being good and allowing me flexibility around school times etc. I started a blog so people can follow our progress there. I also revisited BBC Radio Berkshire, where they did an interview piece where they linked an old interview with Alex and I, with a new piece I recorded with the host last week (about 20mins long);
  14. I’ve used Steve for 3 cars now. @JG220 has used him for several cars too.
  15. 10/08/78 - 10/01/19 It is with deepest sadness that I have to share that OUR Alex passed at 12:20 today. She fought so very valiantly against her brain tumour. Diagnosed in Feb 2014, Alex underwent several brain operations, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Never giving up, never asking why her. At the time of diagnosis, Alex set herself several objectives, all of which she achieved. Alex finished her OU degree with honours. Alex saw our children go to school, they completed the first 3yrs under her guidance. Alex saw and celebrated her 40th birthday. Alex taught us so many things, to laugh, to fight, to love. We will miss her, but know we are better for having her in our lives.
  16. What a painful night, Alex continues to fight. We sat up with her right the way through the night. We thought she was leaving us at 1am, 3am and 4am, each time rallying back from the very edge. It is truly heartbreaking to watch and be so very powerless to act. What makes it worse, we wouldn’t put a dog or cat through what Alex is suffering with. They cannot give anything other than pain relief, which is dreadful as there truly is no recovery yet we have to wait for her heart to fail Her heart is only 40 and so very strong hence it doesn’t want to give up just yet.
  17. Another long night, she just woke and was very confused, almost hallucinating about taking girls to school. Had to sit and calm her by saying it was in hand and that we would have a duvet day. Then proceeded to tell her that we would imagine a holiday to San Francisco. Was a wonderful moment of escapism, explaining what we would do, what we would see. We were lucky enough to travel to SF before the girls arrived, was her favourite place we travelled together. Calmed her down, and she’s now exhausted and sleeping. Breathing is noisy, irregular and a huge effort. She won’t/can’t give up. It’s exhausting just watching, being there in case she wakes, point proven earlier etc. Not much happens on here at 3am
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