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  1. Correct. Carbon Aero and Black interior.
  2. Sounds about right. mine was week 23, it’s now missed the summer shutdown and should be start/middle of September.
  3. Out of bounds due to covid and factory move (ready for Emira)
  4. Really? Hadn’t guessed How many Emira threads have you started? 😛
  5. Sneak peak… still at factory, looking like an late august departure from factory to dealer.
  6. specs listed there?
  7. I don’t have a car to fit it to yet. Cup250FE still being built.
  8. CocoPops

    Lotus Emira

    I looked at the wells vertige…. It’s erm.., interesting… reminds me of a half finished kit car.
  9. Good to see you this morning.
  10. Absolutely. It’s the engine/gearbox combo for me.
  11. Was interesting chatting to the team at FoS today. They’ve been massively surprised by the interest in the i4 engine. Massively over and above how they thought it would go.
  12. The fact I’ve placed a deposit to buy an Emira ALONGSIDE my Cup250FE (still delayed) is an indication that it’s an every day sports car, not the track toy the Elise is.
  13. Yes but went to junk folder.
  14. CocoPops

    Lotus Emira

    4pot auto is my desired car (as long as it is the lower price point) as I want it for daily driving, will keep Elise for track/fun.
  15. clutch bearing whirr included?
  16. CocoPops

    Lotus Emira

    Shadow Grey, Black Gloss Wheels, Red Calipers, Black Alcantara with Red Accents (or Red Leather, undecided). 4pot AMG. You're spot on Will, the clutch noise etc will be the same with the v6.
  17. It's almost certainly an interim configurator. There are no stereo options, seat options (4way vs 12way mentioned), Driver Pack, Touring Pack etc. It's currently nothing more than a visual vanity configurator.
  18. CocoPops

    Lotus Emira

    A lot of confusion in the media. Pricing, spec, etc. None of which is overly clear, even from Lotus site. Where are you getting your £55/£75 info from?
  19. CocoPops

    Lotus Emira

    That's my theory Andy. Emira 4pot auto, standard wheels etc. Perfect for an every fun day car. I'll keep the Cup250FE for trackdays etc.
  20. Deposit placed with Lotus this morning.
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