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  1. Collected after having PPF applied, then dropped off for detailing and ceramic coat.
  2. If you ever want to drive trackdays with soft top or no roof, you’ll need full face. open face helmets are only for cars with fixed roof or hard top. I bought an Arai SK6 as my first lid, a karting helmet without the fire protection. Did me well for trackdays and karting. I recently upgraded to a GP6, which is the full rated version. your heras may also suit a certain brand. The shells and inners are different shape. I tried Bell when I bought my first Arai and my head didn’t fit comfortably.
  3. Collection day! straight onto trailer and off for PPF, detailed Tuesday. Doesn’t it look superb though!?
  4. OnTime… were early… so into the PDI bay, then off to sleep until September 1st…
  5. I had quote for body coloured spoiler only… spoiler blade £600 spoiler endplates £600 didnt enquire about any other of the aero kit to be painted. £1200 for spoiler meant I used man maths and paid for full carbon aero kit
  6. Yes, I asked for body coloured mirrors and plinths. They were a no cost option.
  7. Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be a pain @Bibs I went and googled tyre savers. I didn’t come across race ramps etc but deffo too rich for me when a £50 solution exists, albeit without the Lotus badge.
  8. Yeh, about 10x too much @Bibs Milenco Stacka Tyre Saver Twinpack | Leisure Outlet Tyre Savers Pair ( Tyre Flat Spot Protectors - Pair (
  9. Correct. Carbon Aero and Black interior.
  10. Sounds about right. mine was week 23, it’s now missed the summer shutdown and should be start/middle of September.
  11. Out of bounds due to covid and factory move (ready for Emira)
  12. Really? Hadn’t guessed How many Emira threads have you started? 😛
  13. Sneak peak… still at factory, looking like an late august departure from factory to dealer.
  14. specs listed there?
  15. I don’t have a car to fit it to yet. Cup250FE still being built.
  16. CocoPops

    Lotus Emira

    I looked at the wells vertige…. It’s erm.., interesting… reminds me of a half finished kit car.
  17. Good to see you this morning.
  18. Absolutely. It’s the engine/gearbox combo for me.
  19. Was interesting chatting to the team at FoS today. They’ve been massively surprised by the interest in the i4 engine. Massively over and above how they thought it would go.
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