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  1. As Andy points out, I’ve gone from Evora to Evora 400 to Elise Sport 220 to Elise Cup 250 Final Edition. I miss the v6 for sure. The Evora was 2+2 which suited life at the time. On most tracks I’d take any kind of Elise… except Spa and similar where the long track needs the power of an Evora. running costs for the Elise are half that of the Evora, tyres, pads, fuel etc. unsurprising when the Evora is almost 2x the weight of an Elise… don’t get me wrong, the Evora hides it’s weight well but it can’t hide it in tyre or brake wear. I swapped the 400 for sport 220, to free up some money but stay in the lotus community due to a dying wife… best thing I did as the community has been the one constant through widowhood and now a new marriage.
  2. After I sold my sector111 micro mirror back in 2015… regretted it ever since… managed to grab one recently, so have it in my Cup250FE!! Whoop!!!
  3. Conveniently, reference has been removed form lotuscars website… there are various entries around tho, like this one: under driver conscience, it references track data logger… Another one that references data logger “The new TFT screen features two selectable driver screen display styles: an analog style with a circular tachometer and a digital style with a linear bar tachometer. These and other menu options are controlled via buttons on the side of the instrument binnacle. A high RPM shift light is included to assist the driver in selecting the optimum gear for the engine speed. A GPS based track data system can be optioned with your Lotus dealer.” The Elise is focussed on performance driving. Optional on selected models and standard on the Final Edition range is the digital dashboard. The optional GPS upgrade lets you switch from daily driving info to track mode. Lap timing and data recording is built in, perfect for analysis after your track driving session.
  4. The original specs included reverse camera and track gps. We just want the features we were told we’d have.
  5. Like I said, I’ve only spoken to support. And said “it seems…”
  6. I’ve only used the support email address in the website. [email protected] Basically, it seems AIM don’t want to do anything for fear of upsetting lotus… lotus don’t want to do anything because they can’t be arsed. If we could get lotus to sign the rights over to AIM, I’m sure we could pay them to support it.
  7. Sorry, but I knew that would be the case. lotus couldn’t give a monkeys. Equally, they have no desire to allow AIM to support the customers.
  8. Fully agree. That’s what I tried to say to Matt Windle, who simply responded and said “if it’s any help, the Emira includes those features” 🙄
  9. I fully agree 👍 I think it's out of order that they've abandoned Elise/Exige already and they've not even got a production Emira/Eletre in a a customers hands yet.
  10. I’ve had emails from Matt Windle saying they won’t do anything about it. so I can’t see a retail director changing that.
  11. CocoPops

    Goodwood FoS 2022

    Thursday and Sunday for me.
  12. I wasn't sure I was allowed to suggest what you'd offered! Seeing as you've given half the game away... Dave has proposed a method of 'part exchanging' the MXLotus as a part payment towards an MX2E, which comes in price wise as above. It's a one way street though, once MXLotus is part exchanged, there is no going back.
  13. Agreed. I'm sure it's that simple. The hardware is there for the camera, it's just the fact they don't want to step on Lotus' toes.
  14. Looks like it's "buy the mx2e or stick with what you've got"
  15. “Just in time” stock delivery obvs it has been shocking, and no “sorry about this” letter. Just a soft top in a packing box.
  16. After having the same (exact copy and paste) reply as @stevensr34 I have sent the following reply: --------- So can Lotus sign over the rights to AIM on the MXLotus? It seems that AIM can and will develop for it, but not whilst their hands are tied by Lotus. It’s incredibly disappointing that Lotus are no longer interested in the Elise/Exige now the Emira/Electre are on the roadmap. It’s things like this, that even after 3 brand new Lotus’ in my ownership, that I’m considering cancelling my Emira deposit. Yes, I’m only one small deposit in a sea of many, but I do feel abandoned in Cup ownership after less than 8 months! If we can work with AIM directly, maybe even paying a ’small update fee’ then that’s something many FE owners would consider. I welcome your thoughts, Regards, Lee.
  17. That's bullshit and he knows it! I get the "not priority" that is the the main point. They've sold the cars and couldn't care less about the Elise/Exige any more. 1. We know that, that's fine. 2. New software to be written - AiM have said they can do this, but someone needs to pay. 3. Type Approval - Would not need to be redone for "aftermarket" update. How else do other car companies enable/disable features OTA. 4. Not in Lotus priorities, that's clear to see. It can be done, just Lotus can't be arsed to support customers. We know the GPS works if you get a versionA gps unit (now out of production) but the versionB needs software update to work... Overall, very disappointed with Lotus' attitude. I'd rather they told AIM that AIM have permission to do whatever they want to the unit. That would then allow us to pay AIM to develop the firmware. I'd happily pay a small fee to enable the GPS/Reverse Camera, not to mention the additional features that can be coded in. Interestingly, I've just had the same copy/pasted email as above.
  18. I emailed Matt Windle too. I got a reply!!! 😛 ”Sorry, I’m out of the office on a business trip to Australia…”
  19. I have this: ease of use and wiring. The receiver is already in place, connected to the dash. Which is why I want the software update to enable. Then I’ll connect the rear end.
  20. I sent the following, to [email protected] on Monday. No reply yet. Good Morning, I wonder if you can help. I own an Elise Cup 250 FE with the AIM dash and I’m disappointed that I cannot use a gps unit or reverse camera. AIM say the MXLotus needs software update but it is not their device it is a Lotus device. Lotus after sales say it’s an AIM device and there’s nothing they can do. So, as a customer of Lotus (3rd new Lotus) and have an Emira on order, I am disappointed that us Final Edition owners have been left out in the cold with an unsupported product. Please advise. Regards,
  21. Perfect!! grrrr now I really want AIM/Lotus to sort their shit out and support it.
  22. That's exactly where I intend to mount mine.... IF/When AIM sort the MXLotus to work with the camera. Can you share what the view looks like from there?
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