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  1. Still for sale, price dropped to AU$65,000
  2. Hi Rolls, in the main it was to the sealer coat to avoid exposing the grp and air bubbles.
  3. iainskea


  4. Hi Kez, big job - but lots if fun. I think the black is a filler product, I had the same on my S2 strip down in various places. There are some good pics in the resto topics to compare. Sealant coats are commonly yellow and are not sanded before applying filler/primer coats. The sealer coat is to seperate the grp from your paint system. The big watch-out-for with GRP is to avoid sanding back to the glass as it exposes pinholes which are very hard to fill and will leave 'frog eye' bubbles in your top coat if untreated.
  5. Good discussion, I'm experiencing the same issues. I think the manual might have a point in process, fit the frame to make a good seal, then adjust carriage rail, then fit motor. I've never disconnected the motor. I'll give it go this weekend and post results. Iain
  6. I'd be checking the fuel pump as the symptoms sound familiar. A tip to removing the pump is drain the tanks using the pump by disconnecting the fuel line at the filter. It beats getting fuel all over yourself under the car with buckets etc (did this once before told this obvious tip) Iain
  7. Welcome, visit Canberra Dan! For no tourist reason whatsoever compared to Sydney, but see a Lotus or two
  8. Geez, just catching up on this - wow. I'm really gutted looking at the damage.
  9. Oh yes Simon, very nice! In the process of settling into the new house in Canberra and I got allocated a hobby room - very happy I have plans for a 1/4 scale decathlon up next! Iain
  10. RC aircraft building and flying, more of a builder than a flier - love balsa wing assembly, have been into this since I was 12!
  11. With the fans, I fitted individual fuses per fan to avoid one faulty fan taking down the whole system. Iain
  12. It's all about sharing, one for me & one for you! Merry Christmas Iain
  13. Great storyline, I'm following your efforts in 2015 - thanks for posting Iain
  14. Nice work Phil. Many cracks or old repairs to deal with?
  15. After several weeks of +35 deg and virtually no rain - it poured!
  16. Well done, tremendous restoration
  17. Mine is held by stainless lockwire.
  18. Progress is very impressive, nice work. Assembly is supposed to be the best part!
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