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  1. Yep, 60's for you on LEW . I can't see your profile info on my phone, I rarely go on the home PC Suspension setup appears to be more art than science! I'm keen to see how your springs go.
  2. There are two holes on my lower link, about 20mm apart vertically. When I fitted the 195/70 tires they scrubbed a little on bumps etc. I moved the bottom of the damper up to the higher hole and all sorted.
  3. Maybe some things to look at from my own investigations, noting I have an 1979 S2. Some obvious (could be even embarrassing lol), but a tip shared... I found that my front tires were undersized when checked on LEW's site. I had 195/60 instead of 195/70. Can't blame PO as I probably did this. That accounts for 20mm ride height. Next, my pro tech shocks were fitted to the lower hole, and when changed to the upper hole I got another 20mm. Ride height is perfect at just over 15cm. Car looks and feels great. Back to spec, who would have thought! No springs req'd. Iain
  4. Hi Paul, have you had the radiator checked? I recently had mine done and it was up to 80% blocked, but easily cleared by 'coring'. The radiator shape is not friendly to preventing blocking. Job cost my $70 and runs cool always
  5. My wife would kill me if I took apart my car like this! I have to work on her...
  6. A post from hilly:
  7. Pete, why is you car parked surrounded by bins and skips? Diamond in the rough
  8. I'm following your topic Andy as I'm also interested in raising my front somewhat. I have unmodified Pro-tech shocks, set to mid range. I suspect I will need new springs, but very interested in your research. Since my shock are adjustable, I'm happy to run any tests like weighted, unweighted etc if it helps. Iain
  9. Nice work Charlie, How did you seal the material edge of the sun visor after you slid them on? Thanks, Iain
  10. terrible shame, but glad no one hurt.
  11. Water pump replacement, took three goes, lots of scratches all over my chest
  12. iainskea

    Corner Balance

    Interesting test, so I will be watching Question: what is it supposed to be? I would assume even, but I know in the early Esprits the engine lays over on its side which with the addition of a driver in the Federal side the car sags on the LHS. On the domestic model, the car sits level with the drivers weight. Iain
  13. Yep Mind you, when I mentioned trim, we spent the next 30 seconds needlessly upside down! Ha ha.
  14. Hi Adrian. Stitch & Glue technique with copper wire is popular with small boat building. Some research online about that might help. Preserving the surface profile is the biggest challenge in all this. I wouldn't be happy with the integrity of the joint if it was just glued, unless under some kind of vac system and heat-cured epoxy. So stitching is the way for me... Iain
  15. Me and my son last year at his pilot's graduation, damn uncomfortable kit to wear in the Esprit!
  16. So, has the joint opened up? And therefore will it need to be pulled together at all? How are you planning to do that? Iain
  17. Nice picture! Having an Esprit in the 80's must have been a thrill.
  18. Ha ha ha, oh to be 25! I do get a laugh watching my wife's girlfriends sit in the car and 'drift' away to a time before kids and houses and responsibilities - good fun There are quite a few esprit's in Australia, but given the vastness of the place it feels like I am the only one - never seen another g-car in the flesh Every time I take her out it draws stares and wows, people come over and talk, chicks love it! A great ownership experience
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