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  1. Bit of a ding to the passenger front bumper and scoop - I wonder if there is any cracking in the main tub. All of that awful paint has to come off, opportunity for a new colour!
  2. Which model did the little pocket appear, or is that a mod? Nice
  3. Hmmm, current famous owners of my Esprit I imagined (dreamed) would be old rock stars, but then again, their knees and backs are not Esprit-friendly, somewhat like mine!
  4. Sigh. A topic I will not be reading anymore about, a shame cos I was interested in the title. There must be a setting to view only technical posts. Iain
  5. Very nice car Graeme!
  6. Hi Simon, lots of questions there. Some answers: Water pump impeller can't separate. when it dies the seal gives in and water goes everywhere, or it cavitates the water and frothy bubbles appear everywhere. Misfire & total loss of power and coolant are most likely not related unless the engine was super-fuming hot, which you said it wasn't. Low oil level also won't cause misfire and yes it takes forever for cool oil to creep up the dipstick. A little bit of mayo is no big deal. Slow reduction with fans on and soft hoses is symptomatic of air in the system - and burping the car should get it out, steep driveway, jacking etc. Coolant at the ready! Chocs under the front wheels for safety!!! Misfire sounds like a loose connection somewhere, maybe at the coil (agree with jonwat) So, burp the cooling system till you are happy (good ref by Davey), then zoom in on a possible electrical issue that should be easy to fix. Iain
  7. Keen to see what's inside Brian, can you take a pic when you pop it open?
  8. Looks great Simon, please talk through your suspension as you go, fascinating.
  9. That's super cool Hyteck! What a car
  10. What sort of show tent - what's it look like? Sounds interesting
  11. I'm fairly sure the pretty boys on in stairs won't know the right end of a screwdriver to keep the car going!
  12. I don't share this view, for the record.
  13. A State perspective Vs a Religious one can dull down things like 'right & wrong' vs 'good & evil' fair vs just, true vs believe. I think religion more encourages a moral dimension to the conduct of our lives than merely as law-abiding citizens. Iain
  14. I watched the debate after seeing a news headline 'pro-Scottish independence representative flunks in debate'. Have to say I didn't see any flunking, just the usual debate grandstanding. Both stuck to their points and both sidestepped each others questions. So I question the headline which was from the "BBC", funnily enough.
  15. I recently removed a tank to fix a leak. The bolt through the inside of the body to tank sheered. It wouldn't easy-out either, so I had to drill another hole. This would be near impossible with the tank in place. Check your fixing bolt comes out first. Iain
  16. G'day Larry, nice car!
  17. I have served in a number of war zones, so ill comment from the perspective of religious thoughts by people in a war, rather than religion starting wars. It's a perspective. I have observed that people with faith in religion have had a couple of advantages. One is that when the whole FUBAR of war doesn't make sense by our leaders, Gov etc, it can be rationalised that it is (their) God's will - fate, as such. This allows people to function, to do their important role in combat. Without this, we are lost. Secondly, the ability to rationalise the horrors of conflict in you own head has been shown to directly reduce PDST. Having seen so much of this affect so many, maybe those with faith are better protected, maybe their faith is actually working? I would presume emergency services people would have similar. I have however met some people who war has destroyed their faith, but less numbers. Just thoughts. Iain.
  18. What does the 'not well done' pic look like? I bet it's the same!
  19. Hi Pete, The tachometer is fed from a wire off the coil (not sure about lum). It could he just dirty. Otherwise, a jumpy tach means failing HT from the coil, thus the miss fire. Hot coil as above is a sign of coil on its way out. Two mins to swap with another on the shelf... Another tool is a timing light. Check the RPM needle on the strobe, see if it does the same as car tach. Also, the strobe light will not be regular if it's misfiring. Iain
  20. It is a massive undertaking. I must admit that I suffer from wishing I dug deeper on each part of the resto. Feel a bit of a hack really, but onlookers are gobsmacked, weird... Iain
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