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    2013 Lotus Elise S, 2000 BMW Z8, 1991 BMW 850i, 1978 Corvette 25th Anniversary, 2007 Porsche 911 Targa 4S, 2011 Smart ForTwo Carlsson.
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  2. yes thank you. My screw was missing, bibs sent me a knew knob and i used the allen key to tighten it... It took some time though for me to figure it out, the screw was soooo tiny?
  3. Thank you both for your cmments. Will check and keep you posted. happy new year!
  4. My 2013 Elise S has 6,500kms on the counter, i have the feeling that the brake pads are warn out as there is a hissing sound from the wheels (when driving in a closed parking lot at low speeds) as if metal is hitting the discs.... Could that be possible only after 6,500 kms? I dont track the car! Also, arent i supposed to have a red warning light in the dashboard informing that pads need to be replaced? thanks!
  5. I had the Larini club sport on my elise s. Had to remove it as it was too loud and i felt my ears were bleeding everytime i drove it. due to the Elise's small size, you are parctically sitting very close to the exhaust. Add to the lack of proper sound insulation doesnt make things any better. i was told that Larini did not modify the exhaust when Lotus switched from 2zz engine to 2zr-fe and since the 2zr-fe has different charactiristics/rev levels than the 2zz, the exhaust sound is not at its best and might get annoying on the long run. 2bular apparently make customised exhausts and could be the best solution, i have contacted them but Jim Valentine seems very busy and is not returning my emails....
  6. Thanks Bibs, cant use paypal from here, but will try to look for them on other sites that accept credit cards.
  7. 2013 Elise S. Driver's seatbelt continuously squeaks when warn. The top part of the seatbelt is in continuos friction with the seat's top left part, just above the left shoulder. This produces a continuous and annoying squeaking sound. Has anyone faced the same problem? What's the remedy apart from wrapping part of the seatbelt (the part that is touching the seat) with a spongy cloth?
  8. Thank you Bibs! Greatly appreciated!Can you please send me your email address?
  9. Dealer doesn't have it where I live. Is there a website you recommend where I can buy it? Thanks
  10. 2013 Elise S AC fan knob keeps falling off! I dont see how i can get it to hold, unless i glue it or something.... It is still operational, its just that its very annoying... Any ideas?
  11. Thanks Bibs! It worked. Did not even have to replace the fuse, i just unplugged it and plugged it back again .... NB: is there an IOS app for this forum?
  12. 2013 Elise S For some reason my dashboard suddenly died, as if no power is reaching to it. Neither the speedometer nor the information display (fuel, temperature, mileage,etc...) works, its just one dark panel where nothing happens, as if ignition is off. Has anyone faced a similar problem? Could it be some plug that went loose? If so, where do i need to look for it? Thanks guys!
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