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  1. Does anyone have a spare / left over clutch carier cage that would fit a 1996 V8 that had the retro fit twin plate installation.
  2. Hi Neal. Thanks for the info. Have send emal to GTO / Kevin and we shall see what happens. I see your a Top Gear, so am I
  3. Dear Paul I remember reading another thread on thissue some time back. The air con matrix is situated deep inside the dash, that in turn is in a plastic casing which is tilted. As a consquence the condensate drain outlet is more or level with the join in the casing which has had only minimal calking applied to the joint. Any distortion in the joint of plastic casing can result in condensate leaking into the footwells. For more info suggest you back track on earlier threads on this issue as I remember there was one which also had pictures of the enormous task which could ensue. Hope I've remembered all this correctly Regards Apple
  4. Dear All I have researched the various threads relating to clutch issues and I fear I may know the answer already, but its worth a try. My 1996 V8 is being rebuilt and we have discovered that the clutch carrier plate is cracked. The item in question is a cast metal ring with rectangular buttress's on one face. No doubt my vehicle has been retro fitted with the twin plate installation. 1. has anyone else suffered from this item being cracked? 2. Has anyone who has replaced there clutch happen to have a spare clutch carrier cage left over? if so I am very interested to aquire. Thanks, in advance
  5. To all who responded to my request a big thankyou for all the information given. I shall follow up in particular the infromation about colorcote as I like originality if possible. All the other suggestions I shall keep in reserve. Thanks again Apple
  6. Does anyone know or recomend a company that can re-finish to engine covers with red crackle finish? Thanks in advance - Apple
  7. Esprit V8 Turbo 04/04/1996 Chassis# SCC082918THA15032 Engine# LL918960329272 body colour BRG Apple Kingsland Herefordshire UK
  8. Well it seems the warnings that L.O.T.U.S. really does mean Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious. Anyway, as a seasoned classic car owner, expensive problems should be expected. My recent purchase, sure enough has problems, and a complete engine strip down and re-build is required. This was planned as part of a complete restoration over the winter months. So what I would like is a complete, "Workshop Manual" for a 96 V8 Suggestions on resources please
  9. Dear Carl Thanks for the video, I tried, and on the third attempt I mastered it and got the roof panel in. Thankfully, on the first try I managed to get the panel out of the boot. Clearly some young wipper snappers thought this problem awfully amusing. Well Im 6' tall and 54 yrs old, so now I LOL at the youngsters, and more often than not, leave them behind in my trail of dust! Regards Apple
  10. I have recently acquired an Esprit V8 which hase a removable glass roof panel. I have seen the photographic report for stowage of this panel on th e main site. However try as I might I cannot get the panel into the boot. The boot aperture is about 25mm too narrow to clear the edge of the panel and allow it to drop in. Can anyone give me more detailed instruction to succeed, and/or does anyone else experience a similar problem?
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