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  1. Thanks all Sounds like it might not be a problem if I am sensible and don’t leave it too long i will probably change the rears as soon as they are getting anywhere near needing changing but think they have a bit too much life left in them to change at the same time. I have read the other posts around tyre choice and seems MPS4S is the way to go in the long term. The tramlining has been pretty bad the last few months so think the fronts really need changing to see if this helps
  2. Hi all, I will soon be replacing the front tyres on my Evora SR and putting Michelin PS4S on My Pirelli Corsas on the rear are probably still ok for a few thousand miles so was wondering if it would be an issue running this combination for a while it will only be for road use and not too much driving in the winter Thanks Rich
  3. Hi all, I joined the sports racer club today! I picked up this 2014 NA this morning and loving it so far. I have been driving an Elise S for the past 4 years but having a 3 year old and 6 year old means I need some rear seats. I guess I need to start reading all the old threads on which car seats fit the best.... I have been looking for a while and found all the info on here really useful so finally pleased to have joined the club! cheers Rich
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