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  1. Guy that looks bloody fantastic! The intakes and mirrors look a million times better than the plastic Lotus ones and really finish the car off. Can I ask what’s been done to the front splitter? Have you changed the whole thing or just added the rubber strip? Ballpark costs on this (as long as your wife isn’t looking!)? Looking forward to seeing it again soon, well, once we’re all allowed out again! 🙂
  2. Had to buy the switch from Lotus - part number A138M0088F (number 18 in this diagram) £48.94 + VAT No need to go to dealer (Sorry, back on topic now!)
  3. TPMS on mine just flashes up a warning symbol on the dash, no way of seeing pressure readings as far as I know (and nothing in the handbook either)
  4. I only thought about photos afterwards, sorry! It’s only 6 screws to take it off anyway
  5. I’ve seen it mentioned a few times on the FB group but not seen any figures - out of interest anyone have any idea on 410 numbers in the U.K. and worldwide? I know there’s a red one very near me in East Sussex owned by @GuyT but that’s about it!
  6. Just to add to the discussion about the exhaust switch, I fitted mine at the weekend. The wiring loom is already in place (I had checked beforehand) so I just bought a switch from Deroure (no wait, arrived quickly). It works perfectly in all modes and displays when open or closed on the dash. Took me about 15 minutes to fit so in all very pleased Back on topic, @redlancer are you buying new or used? What’s the spec in either instance? When is it arriving? Worth the upgrade for the noise alone, you’ll love it😃👍🏻
  7. I know other 410 owners that have fitted the switch and it works.
  8. Lol. It’s a one way valve, you can’t put it in the wrong way around. It worked initially but then worked intermittently so I can only assume the cheap fish tank valve doesn’t seal fully when shut so there’s enough vacuum to activate the exhaust valve. I’ve taken it off and will join the hose back together. Ive also taken the steering column shroud off and the wiring loom is there (and labelled) so the switch will work, it’s not rocket science 🙄
  9. I tried this mod and sadly it didn’t work for me, exhaust kept going back to quiet mode so I’ve ordered the override switch from Lotus.
  10. As per FB post, I’ll subscribe to this thread and wait for any 410 kit updates👍🏻
  11. Unless you mean the canisters are actually inside the carpeted boot storage space? That makes more sense! Still sound like a pain in the arse to adjust them...
  12. Not sure I understand. How is the 360 completely different to the ones we’re talking about that you also access from the boot and are at the extremity of either side?
  13. @AndyHamp First pic is o/s second and third are n/s. Hope this helps Looks like taking the top off the air box will help access
  14. Exactly the same on my 410. Drivers side is easy to reach but passenger side is a pain 🙁
  15. Don’t forget it’s the uprights and brackets which add up to almost £1k inc the VAT then you have fitting costs....🙁
  16. To answer your questions- Service plan: This is prepaid (was included free by Lotus I believe) so no cost to you, you just get 3 free services from date of purchase (servicing is every 12 months) Any Lotus dealer including B&C will carry out warranty or servicing works Recovery is free and included in the 3 year warranty with the car from new The 380/410 rear spoiler is listed here: Looking at that you’re not going to get any change from £3k once you add the uprights, end plates and brackets 😳 Might be worth looking at aftermarket...
  17. To be honest I couldn’t tell if he was talking about a car in France or about that actual car in the comment above?? Contact the seller and ask the usual questions (any crash damage, any repairs, is the chassis ok etc) and see what response you get. You can make it a condition of sale that the car gets inspected by a specialist prior to purchase. Chat to the seller and see how open they are to inspection and about the car’s history. That normally sets the tone for me, if they’re cagey and don’t give much information then walk away. There’s a white 380 at Strattons for another £3k with a dealer warranty...
  18. Tread very carefully with anyone that says they can crack the Lotus ECU, I’ve never seen any decent reliable results in 11 years of owning various models. Friends have tried and had loads of problems, even with going to aftermarket ECUs. There’s a reason why you don’t see many companies advertising this service... Why not try an Alias23 induction kit? A good friend has just fitted one with good results.
  19. Thank you - my car appears to be missing this booklet so if anyone would be kind enough to take a photo of the relevant page and post it up/DM me it’d be massively appreciated 👍🏻
  20. Does anyone know the standard factory settings for the bump, rebound, compression etc on the Exige 410 Nitrons? Can’t seem to find any info anywhere. Cheers
  21. Here’s my new (to me) 410 in Elise Grey with carbon roof and yellow accents It’s my 5th Lotus in a row over the course of 11 years, it’s absolutely bloody fantastic and my favourite car of all. Love it!
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