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  1. Check it out guys, its on putfile so I dont know how long it will be up. The first clip is crap but the second shows how much faster the esprit is. Even racing the american way (i.e. no corners) the SS still has no show. Camaro 1 Camaro v Esprit
  2. Hi guys I recent read some where on the net about a guy in the US installing a 6 speed box into his esprit. Does anyone know where the box was sourced and what sort of work is involved in the upgrade? After watching the 5th Gear disasters I really have my doubts in the standard box. Cheers
  3. You boys are old school No ones gone for Halle Berry
  4. I think they sold one of the spykers to Busta Rhymes. They could have given Sharon and Exige and use the screen of her getting out to replace the infamous leg crossing scene from the first movie.
  5. Sharon Stone will be driving a Spyker instead of an Esprit for Basic Instinct 2...... The Spyker C8 Laviolette has been chosen for a pivotal role in Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction. Driven by the film
  6. Check this out! It turns out women do love fast cars Top review has a great title!
  7. Great shots! Love the neck and neck pic!
  8. Hi guys, Sorted! My damn pics are too large. Here is one in the mean time, I will try to reduce them later. Cheers
  9. At least I could afford that one
  10. This is a great site! Compare an Esprit Sport 350 to a Ferrari 360 Modena and get the following results: Nuerburgring - Esprit 350 - Ferrrari 360 Modena Round time - 8.13 min - 8.09 min Hockenheim - Esprit 350 - Ferrrari 360 Modena Round time - 1.15,3 min - 1.15,1 min Go the Esprit!!! There are tons or great cars on the site, I have spent hours running comparisons its really interesting. Have a look at the polls to vote for the Esprit!!!!
  11. Welcome Guy! Tell all your friends, this is the place to be!!
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